Sunday, 29 July 2012

Another Labour own goal!

You will have read about this story on the interweb other day, But it has been picked up in the Daily Mail today :

"John Prescott has become caught up in a bizarre Twitter row after accusing Tory Minister Grant Shapps of advertising ‘Thai brides’ on his website.
The former Deputy Prime Minister made the astonishing claim when he told his followers on Friday: ‘NEW – Tory minister advertises Thai brides on his website... another @grantshapps internet fail.’

"Mr Shapps then heaped embarrassment on Lord Prescott by pointing out that the pictures he had seen had been generated by advertising software that had tracked previous internet searches on the peer’s computer.
Mr Shapps messaged back: ‘Ads are rendered based on previous browser use – found a bride yet John? Wouldn’t mention to your Mrs.’

But the best bit is this:

"However, a Labour source stressed that Lord Prescott had merely forwarded an internet link to a story making the claim without knowing whether it was factually accurate."
 Its a good thing Lord Prescott is not running for anything important like Police commissioner where facts are important.
The other question to be asked is why would Scrapbook run that story? Anyone who has basic knowledge of blogs and ads knows that they are generated by software that track the users (in this case Scrapbook/Prezza) browsing history.
Anyway am sure Scrapbook are now setting up a judge led inquiry into how this happened.


  1. What amuses me is that anyone still continues to take any notice of the stupid philanderer that is John Prescott. Are the Hull electorate really so stupid as to put this fool in charge of the police?

  2. Steve,

    If the electorate has any smarts at all no-one would be voting. End of.

  3. Sadly thats the truth of it Elby.

  4. The Nov 15 election for Humberside PCC will involve all the region including Hull, Grimsby AND SCUNTHORPE! Trust me they don't come any more naive, apathetic and gullible than in this parochial, small minded backwater!!!

    1. I thought the town had been re-named Shorpe after they got rid of Elliot Morley.

    2. Lol I think they missed another 's' out somewhere along the way!? Trust me the place has quite a few more to be going on with!

  5. Lord Tiddler of Tinycock can still be sued for libel.