Saturday, 7 July 2012

Why i almost stopped blogging

A few weeks ago i was listening to radio 5live hosted by reporterboy when he hosted a debate between fleetstreetfox and Harry Cole , the debate was about anonymous blogging, whether or not it was a good idea.

Apart from the poor phone line that Harry had sometimes it was a fascinating and thought provoking debate ( well thought provoking for me) . When i started this blog i didn't really know what i was going to do with it, and to a degree i still dont, i guess the best way i could sum it up is its my "scribble pad", its my space for what i want to write about, it maybe be a bout politics or my past or it could even just be a tune i like or a cartoon or video-clip.

As normal i listened to the debate with open mind, Harry was saying it is better to be out in the open as you are a "brand" and that in the end people will find out who you are so there is no point hiding behind an "Anon" label and Ms Fox put the counter view.

The first point i would make that it was a very respectful and friendly debate, But after the debate finished i sat there on the sofa and thought maybe i should quit now, i don't want to be a "brand", this site makes zero money and pays absolutely nothing to anyone for who helps assist with sub- editing or providing clips(they just get a nice thank you and a smile :) ) .

The main reason that i want to stay anon is that i want to tell you guys things, stuff from my past which if i didn't write under anon i don't think i would write it, i wouldn't have the confidence to write it. My journey in life has many unpleasant parts, of which i have only told you guys tiny bits.

When i said "Lets see where it takes me" i had no idea that i would face such a question so soon.

It was only , when later that day or the day after i asked someone for advice/opinion on the matter and i got a very helpful reply. So i am going to try and stay anonymous and i am going to continue to blog, for it is the most liberating thing i have ever done.

In fact i would advise any of you that don't blog to do it, it is so rewarding, the self satisfaction you get is amazing.

PS I would put up a link to the original debate but apparently you have to get it within 7 days.


  1. What a lovely read.
    You almost inspired me to get scribbling, almost.

    Keep scribbling Billy Boy. x

  2. Sometimes you absolutely have to be anonymous. Think of Nightjack, the police blogger, who told the painful truth about policing and had a large following. When his real identity was exposed by a mean-spirited newspaper reporter, he lost his job. I think he has now quit the country and lives in Canada.

    As you say, someone will find out in the end. I blog under my own name, with a picture of my ugly mug on the profile, but on a completely uncontroversial and obscure subject so I have nothing to lose.

  3. Don't let the bastards grind you down,Billy.

    Keep on blogging