Sunday, 29 July 2012

Some Olympics news

Ok, i am trying to ignore the Olympics, however when i see something that makes me chuckle or something i would like to share with you i will bring it to you.

In Firstpost they bring us this story about the opening ceremony :

"The mystery lady who gatecrashed the Indian teams Olympics opening ceremony march in has been identified by the Deccan Chronicle newspaper as Madhura Honey, a post-graduate from Bengaluru."

“DC sources say that her friend from the college was also baffled seeing her with the Indian contingent. She has been living in London and before she went with the Indian team, she had displayed her Olympic passes on her Facebook account. But once this became an issue, she had deactivated her Facebook account”, the report said.
The appearance of the mystery woman gatecrashed India’s march past at the Olympic opening ceremony has caused the delegation to seek an apology from the London organizers, Times of India reported on Sunday.
Acting chef de mission PKM Raja was quoted as saying by the newspaper that the incident had “embarrassed us in front of the world”.

It goes onto say:

" Photographs show a woman in red and blue walking close to flag-bearing wrestler Sushil Kumar on Friday night, in complete contrast to female members of the contingent who were wearing yellow sarees and blue blazers."

 It ends with these quotes :

"“This was bizarre. We will ask for an apology,” added Raja. “The Indian contingent was shown for just 10 seconds and to think this lady hogged all the limelight.”

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  1. Mr Coe,stop covering for your mistakes, howcome there was no other cast member for other contingents at the Olympics, or is it only India representing at the Olympics?...I guess he had taken India for granted, hoping no one will raise an issue,your mistaken Mr. Coe, now India rules Britain and you will seen that soon.