Monday, 23 July 2012

To Readers.

Things have got a bit crazy at moment, I am on the verge of quitting my job. It not because i am shit at it or hate it, its because i want more and have reached the highest point i can go.

That wont make complete sense and i understand that but please bare with me.

I have gone to the dark side and applied to have adverts posted on the blog, its purely to do with employment situation. Until i have found new employment i am going to stay as long as i can possible at my current place (its going to be hard to get job on current salary), My boss is a fantastic man and this is none of his fault.

I will take a job flipping burgers, making tea or almost anything to avoid claiming benefits( for my self respect).

Anyway, another thing i have done is to post an e-mail address for blog on top right hand side of homepage.

The one thing i will promise you is that if i am in any pressured to change content from people that do adverts then the advert app/thingy will be removed straight away. This is my space, my blog.

I am always open to feedback if you have any views/advice/suggestions :)

Sorry people, to be clear i am not quitting until other employment found, the wage/salary not important, i need a change.


  1. If you have never listened to one single thing I have ever said, just listen to this.

    Get another job first, then resign. Not the other way round, not in this economic climate.

    1. See update ( this to both of you), i didnt write it clear, am going to stay till find another job, i need change :)

  2. Infuriated of West Mids (@LeCreusetFiend)23 July 2012 at 21:52

    Well, the first nugget of advice should surely be to not quit your current job until you've got another one.

    I appreciate you want to better yourself, but until you've secured a job on the bottom rung of what you *do* want to do, then don't risk anything, mate.

    1. Fiend is being Friend here. Listen to him if not to me. It is sound and unbiased advice.