Monday, 16 July 2012

Oh dear Nick

According to BigPolitics Liberal Democrat membership is down to around 52,000, To put this into context that would not even fill Old Trafford (Manchester United not the Cricket ground).

Thats right, out of 60 odd million people in the UK the Liberal Democrats can`t muster enough to fill a football stadium. Ok, enough of the piss taking for now.

I actually have some sympathy for Nick Clegg and his mob, I mean he leads a centre left party that joined a supposed centre right party ( the Tories) and whatever happened the Liberals were going to take a hammering.

But this again actually highlights how out of touch all our leaders are, First we have Ed Miliband bringing back Tony Blair then ruling out a EU referendum (even tho his policy advisor wants one) and then we had a friend of David Cameron admitting what all Tories most feared.

Don`t worry Mr Clegg am sure Prime Minister Miliband will find you a nice job in Brussels after the next general election.


  1. Don't forget the LibDems were a coalition themselves of uncomfortable bedfellows. The old Liberals were not really left wing at all in many of their policies but they were joined by the Social Democratic Party, itself a breakaway from Labour in the time of Michael Foot, another illustrious no-good who was almost as unpopular as Gordon Brown. That was at the time that the Conservatives had their best ever leader. Three guesses are not required...

  2. The Lib-Dems only LOOK dead17 July 2012 at 02:20

    But Billy, till the Coalition, the Liberal Democrats were UKIP for lefties; i.e., "I may be really L-D at heart, but vote for them and you elect the Tories." Labour have had the better of the argument of "Only WE can block the Tories from tearing this country to shreds" for so long, that many people who are disenchanted with them still view a vote for the Lib-Dems as a wasted vote, and do what Tom Watson said to do about Ken Livingstone, "Hold your nose but vote Labour." There are probably a lot of people, a LOT more than you think, who would not be too perturbed if somehow a Lib-Dem Government ever got in. You might know about this better than I, Billy, but sometimes people might be a bit reluctant to reveal who and what they really are, for fear of it being held against them, and so they stay "in the closet."I don't know how many "undeclared Lib-Dems"there might be out there, but I'm sure it well more than doubles the stated official figure. Probably it's nowhere near Labour or Tory numbers, but I'm sure the official number is the tip of an iceberg; how much is below the waterline, who knows?