Thursday, 26 July 2012

This Nun is not a fan of politicians.

Reading the well loved Birmingham Mail this morning i came a cross this story :

"A BIRMINGHAM nun has been convicted of sending six envelopes containing white powder to politicians including Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg.
The letters were intercepted, three at a time on two separate occasions, at a mail screening centre and the powder was found to be non-hazardous, Harrow Crown Court in west London was told."

"One was addressed to Mr Clegg, the second was to Baroness Scotland and the third was to Baroness Kennedy.
The envelopes contained a gritty substance, but police found them to be non-hazardous.
On October 1, at the same place, three more envelopes were found, addressed to Mr Clegg, Lady Kennedy and MP Edward Leigh."

I don`t remember reading that in the Bible.

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