Monday, 23 July 2012

Foot in tweet?

Had some beers tonight as was dealing with job situation.

So was in a messing about mood and being cheeky and was asking people to follow me on twitter as a way of passing time.

I have an interest in politics and the Labour party (only because am staying in labour constituency at the moment) , anyway i thought i would ask alexsmith1982 (former editor of Labourlist ) if he would follow me This is the reply :

"Fraid not - you tweet too much and I like to keep my feed lean. Though I like interacting with you occasionally. :-)"

 ( you can view tweet here : here , it goes to Guido Fawkes website )

While it was a nice and polite reply ( and Alex has never been anything other than polite) something got my attention. 

Alex claimed i tweet too much, he may be right on that but for one little thing. He has never followed me. How would he know?

Kinda spooky don`t you think?

Update Alex gets in touch this morning and offered this reply :

" I looked at your profile and there are tens of thousands of tweets!"

1 comment:

  1. <<~~=There is no may about it these multi repeated groups of tweeting are really fucking annoying! I don't blame the guy for not following reckon might follow suit myself.