Wednesday, 11 July 2012

We are so lucky

At midday today we had the last Prime ministers questions of the session, the weekly time when our members of parliament hold the Prime Minister to account. The thirty minute session is watched or broadcast all over the world, Showcasing our Parliament on the world stage.

Our chamber is packed with the brightest and best educated people in the country, So as i got ready with my cup of tea (yes i do drink hot drinks sometimes) i wondered what topics would be brought up. anyway it started with a somber tone with the PM leading to the Policeman that was killed in the line of duty.

Then it started, One side of millionaires shouting and jeering at the other side of millionaires, No effective attempt to hold the the Government to account, Just cheap soundbite news for the evening news programs, There are no manners shown nor respect, in fact if you watched it blindfolded you would think you was listening to teenagers debate (tho i admit that is harsh as i know some teenagers with better manners and respect). Yes taxpayers this is what you have representing you (well i say you, but i mean themselves) in Parliament, this is what backbenchers get paid 66k (plus expenses) do when the eyes of the world are watching.

Our Mps are so intellectual that they have to ask the whips what question to read out.

What a joke eh?

This leads my onto another point.

Are we surprised that with the political role models youngsters have, that they then copy that behavior (like they do with sporting role models) . I have noticed over time the eroding use of manners, no "please" or "thank you", no holding doors open for people and people just being a bit rude. I once got told "manners cost fuck all, OK i admit that is a blunt phrase and i could have re-worded it but it was how it was said to me and how i will always remember.

Which leaves me to end on this, if you are wrong it takes a bigger man to admit it than to be stubborn, and that please and thank you are small words but can mean a lot and take no time at all.

People themselves need to take a lead in this because, as we see our politicians are not capable nor interested in anything other than the Westminster bubble.

And they wonder why they are not liked that much in the real world?

Update: If you can bare it, this is PMQ`s.

Video Via liarpoliticians

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  1. I Could Tell You My Name, But Then I Would Have To Kill You11 July 2012 at 22:22

    Actually, on the one hand, you want to see the PM and Shadow Premier call each other everything but a white man, because (A) they deserve the abuse and (B) you know it's what you'd tell 'em if you ever had the chance; but on the other hand, it does engender the Rodney Dangerfield "Hey, no respect!"attitude you complain about. It may sound silly, but maybe they should put a disclaimer on, before showing PMQ's, like they do before those stunt shows; "Do NOT try this at home, kids! These are adults who are trained professionals at what they do! You could get seriously hurt if you do it!" (Albeit it will be someone else doing the hurting you, most likely!)