Tuesday, 24 July 2012

That went well....

Having a scan through the newspaper websites, I came across this story in the Mail :

"When a police force decided to embrace social networking and set up a Facebook page, they probably didn't anticipate such an enthusiastic response.
But instead of reporting crimes and asking questions about public order, 'friends' have begun inundating Northamptonshire Police with irrelevant questions and joke comments.
One informed officers that Superman had found a lost sock, while another asked if the force had its own hovercraft."

Now i am not on facebook, in fact most people i talk to about it says its rubbish, But seriously what were the police thinking, if they had any idea of how the internet/social media works they would have known that certain elements would play pranks on them.

However, i would like to know if Superman ever did find his lost sock?

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