Monday, 16 July 2012


As readers know i mainly blog about me, politics,football,cricket and post the odd music video. So when i saw this i just knew i had to share it with you, it is slightly out of my comfort zone tho.

This story from the Daily Mail caught my eye because it reminded me of a current politician it starts :

A police chief and his wife were today charged with perverting the course of justice after she allegedly accepted speeding penalty points on his behalf.
Acting Deputy Chief Constable of Leicestershire Police, Gordon Fraser, 48, was alleged to have been behind the wheel of a car when it was registered as going over the speed limit in Scotland.
His wife Teresa, 42, is accused of accepting the penalty points on his behalf and claiming she was behind the wheel." 

Now for all those readers that don't follow politics (a few of you), allow me to fill in details.

This all goes back to a story that Guido Fawkes brought us :

" The Mail on Sunday has gone to the trouble of recreating the journey that Vicky Pryce would have had to have undertaken to have got the speeding ticket that she alleged Chris Huhne actually deserved. It was back in May that this blog revealed that Vicky Pryce was speaking at an event at the LSE on the night in question. Tracing the route she would have had to have driven it seems it is nigh on impossible for her to have done the journey in the time required. "

Who would have guessed that politicians accused of this sort of crime should be role models

Links Via GuidoFawkes and Daily Mail

And legal advice Via LeCreusetFiend