Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Its that time again

I have tried to restrain myself lately from writing again on this topic, not because i have changed my mind, but because i have written about it at least 5/6 times before and i don't want to keep going on about one subject.

But it seems some people still don't get it, I am going to give a few examples of this.

The first is to do with football fans, every fortnight (more or less) i will see a tweet saying "RT and get this person of twitter", the tweet included will say something like "You cunt" or might mock someone after a recent tragedy, Now while i personally wouldn't do or say that (well i will call politicians cunts sometimes) it is not for me to demand that they are silenced.

The second is to do with politics and what happens when someone who maybe in same party as you holds different views on things for either religious or non religious reasons (Like pro EU/anti EU or Pro or anti same sex marriage or even in homosexuality itself). Now as a proud Gay man myself i wish some didn't hold those views, I would love it for everyone to agree on some issues, But people don't.

"I despise what you say, but i will defend to the death your right to say it"

People, that sentence is in plain English and i would have thought self explanatory , In fact i have used it before maybe two or three times on the blog, Now either some people don't read the blog (possible) or people cant understand a blog-post written by someone who hasn't got a degree nor education, well that say more about them that does about me ;).

"Offense can be taken but never given"

When i see sky fairy worshipers (Religious people) say that homosexuality is a sin and i will burn in hell someday i don't ask for them to be silenced or put in front of a judge, i laugh at them, yes at them. When we won the second world war it was for this reason, that the state will not censor people they don't agree with, nor slaughter them either. If you are offended then that is your problem not anyone else.

I have been called lots of things, only yesterday i got called a "retard" for defending the freedom of speech, i have also been called a "homophobic fuckwitt", after i pointed out that i myself was gay the other people then tried to have a reasoned debate.

Which brings me on to my final point "The LBGT community" and the certain people take it on themselves to speak for the whole community, sorry i am a person, i have my own individual thoughts on every subject, and while we on that subject, Sports reporters, stop saying the whole country will be proud of XYZ and is backing XYZ, do not speak on my behalf unless you have asked me my personal opinion.

Please, stop getting offended or speak on my behalf. I am a person and have my own voice.

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  1. I watched quietly as things boiled up yesterday and loved your balanced responses, this blog typifies that! and I couldn't agree more, keep an open mind, let it all seep in and accept others as you would wish to be accepted.. regardless ..thats my motto and clearly yours too :) well done x