Sunday, 15 July 2012

The Tories can no longer hide the truth.

According to a post on TNT Magazine in April Actress Helena Bonham Carter (who is a friend of David Cameron) claims the that David Cameron is "Not a Conservative actually" and says :

"I mean, he's not a right-wing person. If he was in America, he'd be a Democrat, and he's got a hilarious sense of humour, which nobody really knows about."

So, we have three centre-left/left wing leaders of parties in our parliament (main parties), going in roughly the same direction and then trying to point out how they are different. The point is all off them want more of your money!

This also shows how our politicians have been hijacked by the political class to further their own interests. You can forget AV, PR or House of Lords reforms, Our politics is broken because the political parties have broken it., How else can a man win an all woman short list?

And we have allowed them to do it.

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  1. Hang on. If I was an American, I'd be a Democrat. Still consider myself a Tory though.

    1. Well, you couldn't be a Republican at the moment, not with those miserable excuses for candidates. But really the Americans are in the same boat as us, except that they have only two parties no sane person would vote for, and we have three.

  2. You are correct. Politics, democracy & the system of government in the UK is broken; falling apart through targetting marginal seats with middle of the road policies to obtain a majority. Sold out to the corporations, who are now more powerful than governments.

    Time for radical, radical change.