Monday, 2 July 2012

Why not?

Just an idea, Robert Croft today suggested that if T20 games rained of they should try and come back another day and play.

While this idea seems silly on the face of it, I think it does have merit. Seeing as each summer seems wetter than the last then why give it a go? I admit that there are problems with fans/TV/Local burger vans in this, if a game between Essex and Lancashire was called of and played a few days the later the costs for fans would be to much. But the possibility of washed out fixtures is also a concern.

The paying public want to see the best quality cricket (either by attending or watching on Sky) on offer.

I understand that in international tournaments they have a reserve day for all matches (correct me if wrong) so why cant we do it in domestic cricket?

We need less cricket but better quality cricket.

This may seem as sitting on fence, but we have to choose between quality and quantity. As you know i have no love for T20 "cricket" , but if we are going to play it then at least give teams a fair crack of the whip.

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  1. Love Crofties idea - and don't forget, under the current format, they're regional groups in the group stages, so plenty of opportunities to rearrange. Finals day has a reserve day, I think