Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Always trust the people

Flicking through TV channels to see what was on and my ear caught half a headline, the headline was something like "The Mayor who likes his belly rubbed", It was a foreign news channel so i thought, have they got George Galloway mixed up with someone else? ( this is why for those that don't know). However i was wrong, a quick play with Google and i got the story.

This story in Business Insider is wonderful :

"Fifteen years ago, a few residents of Talkeetna, Alaska — a tiny town of 900 — didn't like the candidates who were running for mayor.

 As a joke, they told people to vote for Stubbs the cat as a write-up candidate. Somehow, he won, reports Jason Lamb at KTUU. So, they gave Stubbs the title of honorary mayor, and they've been re-electing him ever since."

Even tho it was 15 years ago when this first happened maybe they were onto to something, maybe they saw what some see now, career politicians in it for their own gain!

I bet Mayor Stubbs expenses are a lot cheaper than those on this side of the water.
"Mayor Stubbs has nearly 3,000 fans on Facebook now. That's far more than there are in the town where he lives."

Its almost tempting just to open a facebook account for this alone (tho would prefer it if the Mayor joined Twitter) .


  1. They were not the first to realise the advantages of being ruled by cats. In 1999, following the death of Screaming Lord Sutch, a ginger and white cat called Cat Mandu was elected leader of the Monster Raving Loony Party. Sadly, Cat Mandu was run over in 2002 and leadership reverted to a mere human.