Thursday, 26 July 2012

And now some news from Yorkshire

In the much loved Yorkshire Evening Post today, it reports a sad but predictable story :

"AN Olympic athlete has walked into a police station in Leeds and asked for asylum in the UK.
It is understood the male competitor turned up at the Bridewell Police Station, in the city centre.
The man is believed to have entered Britain as a legitimate member of the Olympic squad of an East African country and is having his application processed in the normal way after police passed the case to the UK Border Agency (UKBA)
A number of countries have training camps in Yorkshire, the largest being the Chinese team in Leeds."

It goes on to say:

"Chief executive of the Refugee Council Donna Covey said: “It’s a tragic fact that many people competing in the Olympics come from countries around the world where they are at risk of human rights abuses, conflict, and violence.
“Asylum is a human right, meaning that anyone can apply for asylum in a safe country if they are being persecuted in their own.
“The UK is a signatory to the UN Refugee Convention which means we will offer protection to people who are found to be in need of it.
“So, as we welcome the world to the UK for the Olympics, we must also uphold our proud tradition of offering safety to those fleeing persecution.”

Now i know i spend a lot of my time whinging about certain things , and while they are important things (freedom of speech) and things i will keep blogging about this does kind off put some things in to perspective. There are a hell of a lot of people in this world that are worse of by a million miles to life in the UK and those people don`t have the amount of freedom we have. I welcome genuine asylum seekers to this country with open arms.

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