Friday, 13 July 2012

Oh Ed!

After making one big mistake this week Ed Miliband has gone on to make another blunder in this piece in the Express, its starts :

"LABOUR leader Ed Miliband last night backed out of making a firm commitment to allow voters a say on Britain’s membership of the European Union."

He claims (like David Cameron) that it is "Not a priority", well to the political class it is not, its another trough they can milk. Ed claimed he was different, the beginning of a "new generation" , with new ideas and not going back to New Labour, we were told he would listen to people and be more in touch.

Just a month ago Jon Cruddas gave a hint that labour may offer us a referendum.Yet despite poll after poll saying the people want a referendum the politicians in Westminster stick their fingers in ears.I thought i would get a recent poll from the Guardian to see what their readers would do in the unlikely event of a referendum, this is the result .

Ed Miliband promised to be different, but in just the last few days he has shown that he is as out of touch as those he accuses of on the other side of the chamber.

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