Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Death threats and blogging, Par for the course?

I haven't been blogging long and have only been on twitter since just before Christmas.

You can guess by the headline what i am going to blog about. Guido Fawkes mentioned today that he gets death threats sometimes :

      "Incidentally, Guido gets regular online death threats and abuse. He doesn’t dial 999. He does sometimes find out the threatener’s phone number and call them. They never sound very brave in person…"   

 He was not the only one to say so , toadmeister tweeted : 

     " I also get plenty of death threats and the like on Twitter. But I never complain. I just block. Sticks and stones ..."

 Old_Holborn said : " If I had a pound for all the death threats I'd received on the web, I would now have £24,582.50"

I have also received death threats and have never even considered going to the Police over it, That is my own view and others may choose to go to the police (maybe it is also the luxury being anon affords me?).

But to some it seems shocking news that bloggers get this type of stuff, when i got my first death threat ( think it was someone who sympathized with the Occupy mob) I looked at it and just smiled, it was the first response to a tweet i had sent out, it wasn't even after a debate, i thought if that had lowered themselves to that level so early in a debate then it means they have nothing positive to say, no ideas promoted.

I probably get one every 4-6 weeks and each time i just smile and ignore, and i would hazard a guess that if every blogger/tweeter complained when they got a death threat then the Police would never have time to deal with anything else.

Anyway, thats just my thoughts on it.

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  1. I've never had a death threat yet. Reading my blog there must be plenty out there who'd like to have a go, though!