Thursday, 26 July 2012

This is a joke right?

According to the never missed Romford recorder  residents are unhappy :

"The future of the Upminster Mini Golf Course is looking uncertain due to a lack of funding, according to the Leader of the Havering Residents’ Association.

"Cllr Clarence Barrett has hit out at the administration over their lack of investment in the golf course in Hall Lane, Upminster.
He said: “This is a great community asset which should be enjoyed by young and old alike. Without a moderate degree of investment it will become even more run down, attracting fewer users and placing its long term future as green and open space in jeopardy.”

He goes on to say :

"Cllr Barrett said: “Anyone passing the course would not know it was there because there is no decent signage, no promotion, no marketing and, if this carries on, no future.
“The facility includes a crazy golf course which is in an appalling condition, in fact it is difficult to know where the crazy golf ends and the mini golf begins!."

" Cabinet Member for Culture, Towns and Communities, Councillor Andrew Curtin, said: “As part of our efforts to save £40 million over the next two years, we looked for a partner to help us manage the golf course. Unfortunately this was not successful. Once this season is over we will look at other options.”

Just one question, since when has a golf course been a essential service? 

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  1. Your concrete mentality strikes again Billy.
    Open spaces for sport are an essential for all [if dog lovers will use the pooper scooper]. Not everybody enjoys their weekly fix at West Ham's ground to obtain a smattering of green.
    By minigolf I assume a par 3 course allowing for a 2-3K stroll while swinging your arms a bit. With the majority of new jobs being parttime today, sport can fill the void for those not fixated on computer enjoyment. 2016 olympics includes golf as one of the sports on offer and following Tour de France success and hopefully the same at the London Olympics there could be unprecedented enthousiasm