Thursday, 12 July 2012

The Working class have been shaft-Ed

With a comfortable lead in the polls and a ever improving performance at PMQs i have to admit that Ed Miliband seems to have done a good job moving away from the Blair/Brown years and stamping his own ideas on the party.

That was until yesterday, Ed Miliband decided to hold a fundraiser with Tony Blair for the Labour party, Now apart from being £500 to go (how many hard-working families can afford that) and full of corporate people (Predators or producers?) , it was announced that Tony would become an adviser to the Labour party in a front line role. So, apart from bringing peace to the middle east and working for JP Morgan and raking in thousands of pounds per speech , Ed has decided that he needs Tony by his side to advise on the Olympics, The first question is *why*?  its a few weeks away and neither Ed or Labour are in power and Tony has no time to influence the Olympics (I wonder how Tessa Jowell feels)

The second question is this, What poll question came back with a Tony Blair in a positive sense?

I will admit that Tony Blair is Labours most successful PM in recent history, indeed 3 election wins is something that is to be admired and the only other PM that i know has done that is Baroness Thatcher.

But Tony comes with baggage, Not just Iraq, But his business interest and his relationship with some dodgy dictators. OK this is Eds call, and one i disagree with.

This is why i disagree with Ed, I am a white working class homosexual man, I come from a fairly poor area and from a staunch Labour area. In fact i should be one of the people who is a nailed on Labour voter, In fact i can remember watching the 97 election results come in (on a black and white tv)  and feeling inspired and hopeful for the future, Iraq and other things soon dispelled that hope.

But let us just go back a few years, say around 2005ish, It seems Ed Balls and Ed Miliband had other ideas :
A stash of leaked internal Labour documents, which provide documentary proof of the roles played by Ed Balls and Ed Miliband in the operation to unseat Tony Blair, has reopened bitter party wounds.
Balls, the shadow chancellor, will face renewed pressure over his involvement in unseating Labour's most popular prime minister after the documents showed he was the key figure in "Project Volvo" to prepare Brown for the premiership."

I had just started considering listening to the Labour party again, But bringing back Tony Blair destroys any credibility that Ed Miliband and Labour had built up. When Jon Cruddas was appointed to review policy i was interested (as his view on EU referendum i agree with), But Tony coming back?

This just goes to show how "out of touch" Ed Miliband and Labour are from the working class (not that the Tories any better, but they dont claim to be).

Yes Ed, that's why i wrote the headline i did, i am truly puzzled as to why you bring such a divisive person to your re-branded party.

Whatever has happened to the "New/next generation" ?

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Lets not forget Tony`s most famous moment

Update: Is this as bad for the Labour party as David Cameron hiring Andy Coulson?

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  1. Not just the "working class"
    Aren't you confusing great politicians with moviestars / thespians walking the boards Billy? Could Ronny Raygun unfortunately have influenced Blair into realising that just a great delivery and improved B movie filmstar aura was enough to milk ALL the gullible UK public. Like Reagan eventually reached POTUS of North America, Blairs actual push is to achieve the same in Europe via whatever means possible.
    A symbiotic relationship where a macroparasite and microparasite combine forces to overwhelm the host organism [UK] until each eventually reaches their individual goal. Recent command performances- the last at Leveson shows every actor would like to gain an Oscar be it leading man or best supporting.