Sunday, 1 July 2012

Can we stop talking in riddles please

You know what gets me?

I see many people sledge teenagers (on twitter), they plead for justice (or vengeance, depending on your opinion) and complain that we let them off too lightly. While I see and understand the point they make. I also have concerns.

I am not a wishy-washy leftie, and I have been in trouble with the police many times in my past but I need to make a point (that may cause some interesting responses) . The last Labour Government passed over 3000 new offences. They promised to be "Tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime". Hey, politicians passing a law doesn’t eradicated crime, in fact, by giving someone a criminal record you will reduce their chances of gaining employment.

Can we not admit that we’ve done things when we were younger that would now give people a criminal record, can we say that maybe we have gone too far?

I know that being a victim of crime is tough and I wish that no one ever went through it (I myself have been a victim of crime), but have we got too many crimes? are we writing young people off by giving them a criminal record.

The most important question is this "where are the parents?" How can a parent let a child know that it is ok to go and rob someone or steal from a shop?

I have had my problems in the past, but I know right from wrong, what the bloody hell has changed?"

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  2. I agree with you, making more people criminals isn't an effective way to reduce crime. In fact, I'm sure you could argue that criminalising people for less could actually lead them into more "severe" crimes later. Has similarities to the whole "war on drugs mentality".

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