Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Plane out of touch

A follower on twitter alerted me to this story in the respected Daily Record :

"SCOTS council bosses flew business class to a children’s sports festival in Asia – while youngsters travelled economy at the back of the plane.
The three Labour councillors and a senior member of staff travelled to the International Children’s Games in South Korea with flights and expenses costing around £5000.
But the 18 young Scottish athletes competing in the games and their five coaches had to travel in economy – while the four council chiefs were treated to luxury in business class."

"And it’s claimed the youngsters slept in “poor conditions” in a university dorm on hard beds and were fed rice for breakfast – while the councillors stayed in a five-star hotel.
The bill for the week-long trip to the city of Deugu is expected to cost £60,000 – paid for by £20,000 from North Lanarkshire Council, £20,000 from South Lanarkshire Council and the rest from sponsorship.
The bosses on the trip were North Lanarkshire’s council leader Jim McCabe, leisure committee chair Councillor Jim Logue, chief leisure officer Blane Dodds and South Lanarkshire deputy leader Jackie Burns."

Next time you hear your local council whinge about cuts ask them how much they spend on jaunts like this.

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