Monday, 23 July 2012

Value for money?

To be honest i could not give a damn about the Eurovision song contest, however i do have an interest in how taxpayers money is wasted.

So imagine my suprise when i read this sotry in todays mail :

"BBC bosses have been accused of wasting taxpayers' money after spending £310,000 on entering another disastrous Eurovision Song Contest.

76-year-old veteran singer Engelbert Humperdinck opened the show in Baku, Azerbaijan on May 26, but gained a paltry 12 points and came in second last.
The BBC admitted today the failure cost them the equivalent of £45,000 an hour or 2,130 TV licences at £145.50 a pop, according to data released under the Freedom of Information act."

Yep! thats right, 300k of your money wasted on this.

This comes on the back of this story that says :

"The BBC has told thousands of workers to go ‘off the books’ to cut its tax bill.
Whistle-blowers claim stars are routinely ordered to set up personal service companies, or face the sack.
The arrangements – condemned as deplorable and unacceptable by MPs – reduce the tax and national insurance liabilities of the BBC and its big names.

Ministers have banned personal service companies in the public sector in all but exceptional circumstances and are now under pressure to do the same with the public broadcaster."

Don`t you just love Auntie?

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