Thursday, 26 July 2012

Boris Rocks!

If you want to see Boris at his best then click here

"Mayor Boris Johnson has said that people coming to London for the Olympic Games will find it to be "the greatest city on earth".
Mr Johnson was speaking as the Olympic flame was used to light a cauldron in front of thousands of cheering spectators in Hyde Park.
The event marked the end of day 69 of the torch relay, which has travelled around the UK ahead of Friday's Opening Ceremony."

Well i think Boris has almost sold me :)

Link Via BBC

For those that don`t want to go via the BBC :

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  1. I would have preferred it if he'd been PM and was announcing that England was debt-free, that our enemies in Wales and Scotland had been annihilated and that the repatriation plan was complete.

    His policies don't live up to his rhetoric. London is just as enhanced as it was during the Ken Livingturd days.