Sunday, 1 July 2012

A bit of house keeping

The twitter address for the blog has changed, Not because of ownership or any change in it, but for one simple reason.

I want to use a different account for blog and one for my personal use, and i am finding that i reach my tweet limit quite quickly now.

I hope you all like the "Blog list" up on the side, i did want to put up a couple of decent left blogs but wont put up people that have block me on either account.

The blog account is @Kebabtime2 and my personal account remains .

One other thing i am thinking about is having an e-mail address so you can send me stuff, i would welcome your feedback on that :)

Any Question feel free to ask :)

This also means if you only want to read the blog and miss the rubbish jokes and RT then you only have to follow @Kebabtime2.


  1. Hey Billy! My how we've come a long way :-) not that long ago you didnt even want to blog, now your the blog Prince! Said it before, say it again, I'm very proud of you . Gail aka TT :-) x

    1. Thanks, wouldnt have done with good mates tho :)