Monday, 23 July 2012

Count me in!

So, i was about to go out for some food and drink, just about to shut down the computer when i noticed i had a e-mail in inbox, this is what it said :


Please allow me to intimate you with a business transaction that would benefit both of us. My name is Ramond Adike, I am the director of the project and engineering division of company . I will want you to assist me in the claim and transfer of Seven Million Euros.

This amount was realized from over-invoiced contract amount awarded by us in 2009 to expatriate companies. The Contract's Amount was deliberately overestimated to read more than the actual cost of the project thus leaving a surplus of Seven Million Euros. However, as a staff of company I cannot claim this money without a foreign partner who will act as the contract beneficiary and as such, entitled to receive the funds as payment. This is why I am contacting you to allow this money to be transferred into your account and to be my custodian for the money.

If you are willing to assist me in this transaction please get back to me so I can give you further details about this transaction. I am willing to give you 25% of the total amount after the transfer, the rest will be held and released to me when I get to your country. I look forward to hear from you.


Ramond Adike.

And with that i am going to get some food and drink........

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  1. Why are 419 scam messages made so completely unbelievable, and often illiterate as well? There is a perfectly good reason for this. It is to discourage normally observant and suspicious people who would be difficult to draw further into the spam. If you send out a completely crap message, you know that the only people who answer it are nincompoops who will be very easily separated from their money.