Tuesday, 17 July 2012

No Laughing Matter.

You know that moment when you see something and it immediately brings a smile to your face and a warm feeling in your belly? well this is one of them.

As readers will know I am a cricket and football fan, and i also live in London. Glancing tho the Daily Mail website tonight i come across this story :

"Crystal Palace have made the funniest signing of the summer after stand-up comedian and actor Eddie Izzard became an associate director of the Championship club.
Izzard has been a Palace fan for over 40 years and is relishing his new role at Selhurst Park.
'I am very happy to lend my support to Crystal Palace FC by becoming an associate director of the club,' said Izzard."

As i said i am a football fan ( Ok i support the mighty West Ham) but i did enjoy watch Crystal Palace when Simon Jordon owned the place. I was also glad when they got back on there feet a few years ago and seem to be stable now.

The only thing i would add is that Eddie is not that good at backing winners , Once would be unlucky, twice would be unfortunate, Lets hope its third time lucky (for Crystal Palace sake) ;)

Update : A Reader reminds me of these two other campaigns he backed , One for the Euro and the one backing Ken Livingstones Mayoral campaign . Not the best track record but am sure this time it will be different ;) 


  1. No doubt your headline 'No Laughing Matter' refers to Izzard himself, who is about as funny as having your leg sawn off without anaesthetic.

  2. Whatever next ?

    Russell Brand to become an associate director of West Ham ??