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Tories show their hand in Corby!

update i believe this is the said candidate >

Yes i made a error in first posting, i was happily corrected by IKEdmonds

 There we go then!

Added bonus, I think someone needs a map.

" Conservative candidate for Corby and North East Hants"

Is it North or not?

Spotted by the lovely IainDale


This is just amazing :

Via bigrig480

Silly Season not quite over!

Earlier today Guido Fawkes claimed this :

"And with that silly season comes to a close…"

Hold your horses Guido, one came in late.

This post by michaelmeacher made I chuckle :

A noble cry i hear you say, maybe. 

But as with Politicians it doesn't take long to find a spot of hypocrisy. In this post i wrote a while i mentioned this about Mr Meacher : 

So i take it Mr Meacher is happy for people to squat in one of his 12 properties then?

Shapps on Lib Dems

Toms dinner problem

Who is going to tell Mr Watson?

Greens avoidance hypocrisy

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Thats from someone fairly high up in the Green party, i don't agree but he sounds consistent

Well thats is until we have a little look in (Yep you guessed it) Brighton and Hove council, If you look at Mays spending you find an odd entry.

Just a few months later they paid Vodafone out of public funds despite this :

" Companies such as the mobile phone giant Vodafone contribute low or even zero corporation tax payments to the Exchequer. This may appear justified, given that they pay hundreds of millions in National Insurance, VAT, business rates and myriad other charges that are to all intents and purposes unavoidable.*

And there is this from UKuncut:

" When this government let Vodafone get away with not paying a £6bn tax bill earlier this year they sent a very clear message to UK citizens: we are not all in this together. Ordinary people must accept savage public spending cuts, whilst rich corporations can avoid paying billions and billions in tax.

It was not a one off. Rich corporations and individuals collectively get away with dodging £95bn every single year. We are told that there is no alternative to drastic cuts to public services but collecting the tax dodged by the super-rich would render the vast majority of the government’s spending cuts unnecessary."

I would like you all to remember why i am having a look at Brighton and Hove Council, It is for their sub-human treatment of an 80 year old pensioner. 

If the Greens were serious about tax avoidance then they would not have used the services of Vodafone right? 

Caption Contest

Pic Via MrHarryCole

Maybe i am missing something here.

Back in Brighton and i came across this :

This is on a list of "Payments over £500" .

Why are Unison paid out of taxpayers money for "fees and charges" ?

Value for money at the seaside?

As some readers will know i have been taking an interest in Brighton and Hove Council since i heard about this story , We know that they locked up an 80 year old pensioner for ten days for non payment of 3k council tax from a decade ago.

Anyway, i thought i would have a look at what the council spends its money on. So i had look here and came across this :

Now Experain list these as Business services :

Anyway there was nothing for June but there was for May :

Thats roughly 27k in two months.

I am not saying they have done anything illegal here, but when you see these figures remember they locked up a Pensioner for non payment of 3K from her deceased husband a decade ago. Were they really that desperate for that 3K?

I have a feeling that we may be seeing more of Brighton and Hove Councils spending soon.

Gordon Cameron

Con home is changing its comments policy :

Now, to be fair i don't visit Con Home that much, not because of the comment policy but because after coming to power, the party and some of the right wing/right of centre/ Cameron fans have morphed into the last labour government.

I do fully agree with the statement *set up own blogs* , In fact i would recommend it, I have found the experience so liberating.

But is this also a sign that the Tories are sticking their fingers in their ears? dissent not tolerated?   Pushing those on the edge of the party further away?

It is not for me to tell Con Home how to run their site, yet i can still offer an opinion.

Con Home (like the tory party) need to start listening and the Tory party need to stop acting like the labour rabble opposite. There is only so much *not being labour* will carry the current Government.

I like many celebrated with a drink when Gordon Brown resigned on the steps of number 10 :

But apart from change of person and sides on which they sit in parliament you cant really notice the difference in policy. Our debt is going to be double what it was when the coalition came to power by the time the next election arrives.

Some on the right say *oh its those pesky Lib Dems* or *voters dont understand* etc. sorry, your wrong, what this voter sees is the same type of waste, cronyism and general piss-taking by the state of the taxpayer.

Since getting to understand politics better (using inter-web) a few years ago, i have gone from wanting Labour out (10p tax rate one main reason) to losing all faith in any of the parties. Maybe the Tories and Labour were once noble  parties ( even if misguided depending on your point of view) but now they are just used by careerist politician types to enrich themselves at taxpayers expense.

Some on the right mock the Americans by saying *Hows that hope and change thing workin out for you* ( and yes i have used that) but are we really in a better position?

Which brings me to this, Remember when (in oppo) the Tories and Lib Dems made faux outrage and noise about civil libs, we should have guessed it was bullshit just after the election when a fresh faced MP suggested this :

"Louise Mensch the Conservative MP and one of parliament's more active Twitter users, has backed David Cameron's call for social networking services to be shut down temporarily during civil disorder.
Mensch, the MP for Corby and East Northamptonshire and a novelist, used Twitter to call for a "brief temporary shutdown" of Twitter and Facebook to stop unfounded rumours being spread, as she said had occurred in Northamptonshire last week during the riots that spread from London to several cities across England.
"Common sense. If riot info and fear is spreading by Facebook & Twitter, shut them off for an hour or two, then restore. World won't implode," she said."

Of course the fact she was backing David Cameron ( the one who claims to be a Conservative) should not surprise anyone. It just showed that we have bandwagon jumping MPs instead of those with conviction (not that type of conviction)  and beliefs.


Thursday, 30 August 2012

Salute for Harry (USA)

The Salute for Harry has truly gone International

Hows that hope and change thing going?

Sod playing Sam at poker!

All football fans i know love transfer deadline day, deals can change by the hour. (Yes i know deadline day is tomorrow) , anyway check this from Sky Sports (updated on August 30, 2012 4:48pm)

 But just a few hours later:

Come on you Irons!

Link Via dcsWHUFC

And by 9pm :

Welcome to the greatest club in the world Andy :)

Aussie Green party video

OK this is from 2 years ago, but it is funny :)

Video Via gbentley1


Just seen this, just looks great :

Pic Via philipjcowley 

Thursday thoughts ( sort off)

Reading this blog i was struck by a paragraph :

"Ryan lied uncontrollably, but that’s not terribly important. It undermines our democracy and the basic norms of the American political system, but no one seems to care anymore. Ryan thinks we’re idiots, but his cynicism matters less than the electoral implications."

You could change the names and country to anywhere in the world and it would fit in well.

Politicians do think we are idiots and gullible, well they are right. a large proportion of my fellow citizens still endorse them at the ballot box ( i actually include myself in that). Time after time it has been shown that the state usually causes more problems than it solve, it has also been shown that they cannot be trusted with your rights and freedom. But we all want someone to blame i guess, i mean it is easier to blame them instead of taking your own responsibility.

The blame culture will stay with us a long time until we stand up one by one and say *my life is a mess because of mistakes i myself made*, and boy have i made shit loads of mistakes along the way, the point is they are mistakes that i made not anyone else.

Politicians will always lie, cheat and steal, for some reason it is in the genes. The media will always be biased (left/right etc) to its own side, it is down to us as individual citizens to hold them to account ourselves.

I am reminded of this tune from a few years ago :


About a decade after i first heard it i finally get it.

No matter what happens around the world we all find a way of coping with events placed in front of us, sometimes its luck/fate and sometimes its because you have good people round you.

I have talked before how twitter opened my eyes up to a whole new world i found their was a world out there that i hadn't known existed, i felt i had got closer to a glass ceiling that i never would have dreamed of. I also got frustrated because i haven't smashed tho yet, then i reliesed that i should only get frustrated if i stop trying to break it.

As you know ( and i have said before) i have zero educational qualifications and have been in the odd spot of bother before, i aint gonna ever be a CEO or a Politician or anything special but i aint looking for that ( to be honest i dont know what i am looking for) i want to explore, learn and find out what stuff is out there.

Anyway the one thing i have learnt is that you never give up. 

He may be a buffoon

Via theJeremyVine

Compare and contrast with how another politician dealt with a heckler

Someone said Boris is a buffoon, that he might be, but he is Londons buffoon!

Plus any excuse to run this clip again :

Things not to say near a mic episode 196730

"David Chalian, Yahoo's Washington bureau chief, says Mitt Romney is 'happy to have a party with black people drowning'.

He has now been sacked!

Via The Guardian

We all got it wrong on Straussy

Pic Via VaughanCricket

Guido Fawkes  said he might stand in Corby, I suggested he might end up at the Sun. But it seems Straussy had other ideas.

Thats a lot of our money!

Reading some blogs from around the country i came across Brighton Politics who wrote about Councillors and their expenses , now while i disagree with giving them more money i was struck by this claim :

620K , Thats a lot of money as it is, But it also reminded me of  this story from a few weeks ago :

That person was banged up for non payment of 3K tax from over a decade ago.

And then you see that they claim 620k in expenses, kinda make me feels proper sick!

Keepin it real!

Rest in peace Sir Rhodes Boyson .

Video via Old_Holborn

Calm down dears

Still catching up with last nights news and gossip. It seems someone else has been offended by a tweet.

The tweet in question is this :

Well, I am not Italian nor do i use a wheelchair ( so in some quarters this means i cannot comment) but even i can see that this tweet was meant in a positive/ jovial way.

Also is it a shock that some people only watch sport ( whatever sport) to see some eye candy, even tho i am a West Ham fan i can never get tired of watching footage of Jamie Redknapp in his pomp playing for Liverpool. I also remember someone i follow tweet about rugby and almost always mention their "thighs" ( which then prompted me to google something like naked rugby players).

Some people don't watch sport for the sport. Get over it!    

Naughty Aunty

This story just trundled down my timeline :

It goes on to say :

And they wonder why some accuse the BBC of bias?

Via HappySlayerUK

Labor MP against same sex marriage

Browsing through the ABC website i came across this story about same sex marriage. what caught my eye was this part :

Its a strange old world eh?

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Labour MP sticks to script instead of facts!

Sorry Karl, you talking tosh!

"Shadow chancellor Ed Balls has been mocked by Tories and members of other parties, after he and the vast majority of Labour MPs couldn't be bothered to vote on a motion in the Commons on Monday night on a motion relating to the scrapping of the 50p tax rate.
Speaking at the start of four days of Budget debate in the Commons last Thursday, Balls said: "There will be a vote next week, we will vote against the 50p. It's the wrong tax cut at the wrong time."
But when SNP and Plaid Cymru MPs forced a surprise late-night vote on the proposed new income tax rates on Monday night, no more than a couple of Labour MPs were among the 22 registering their opposition.
That meant a Government victory by a majority of 297, sparking taunts from Tory and nationalist MPs that Labour had capitulated in its opposition to reducing the rate to 45p for £150,000-plus salaries."

Back to school!

Pussycat says Sorry

George says sorry :

George is saying sorry about this story that was here before even the Guardian .

Sorry George, but you are the moron!

Video via thelewisbell

Did we miss hear that Gove interview?

Video via IKEdmonds


Pic via mattletiss

Thankyou Straussy

Forget the hundreds, the captaincy and the great catches, this is my favorite clip of Andrew Strauss on a cricket field


Thankyou Andrew :)

Strauss to spend time in the Sun?

Guido Fawkes  thinks Andrew Strauss should chuck his hat in the ring for Corby, I think tho Andrew has other ideas ;)


This is the Newsnight debate on eugenics last evening.

Video Via liarpoliticians

I have heard about re-writing history, but

Via LeeBinding

ECB react to KP retiring from ODI cricket.

While we are on the subject of interns.

Remember this :

"Nick Clegg says he no longer wants people to get internships in Westminster just because their parents "whisper in the ear" of the right person at their golf or tennis club.
The deputy prime minister, a former intern himself, also says that in future - although not until next year at the earliest - "proper remuneration" will be paid to anyone who secures a work placement with his party."

Well since then nothing has changed :

 No wonder people don't take any notice of Politicians eh!

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Labour double speak

Browsing thro the interweb earlier today something caught my eye, so i went down the pub to have a think.

Anyway it all starts here :

( I had never heard of this Parliamentary group myself)

As you can see they are advertising for a unpaid intern, so i thought i would have a look at who sits on this group :

Obviously all committees have members from all parties, but i was reminded about a pledge that Ed Miliband made a while ago :

 That quote was taken from 2010, yet Ed Miliband still allows his MPs to use the labour of unpaid interns.

Bob Crow on his council house

Does it pass the smell test?

Bullying in the Labour party? Say it aint so?

Bullying in Parliament, From a Labour PM? I am shocked! Shocked!

Only in America.

According to irishcentral things are going to get a bit hot a this years Republican convention, it says :

"A Sarah Palin impersonator and star of "Who’s Nailin Palin" will be heating up the Republican convention in Tampa this week."

And goes onto say:

" Now Lisa Ann will be joining the masses who are descending on Tampa for the convention to impersonate Palin at the DollHouse strip club. However, the real Sarah Palin has not been offered a speaking role at the RNC."

Via igeldard

Joey, Think before you tweet!

Now Joey is not a stupid bloke but, calling them *Taliban* ?

"KANDAHAR, Afghanistan — The Taliban beheaded seventeen party-goers, including two women dancers, in Afghanistan’s volatile Helmand province as punishment, recalling the darkest days of rule by the ultra-conservative Islamist insurgents before their ouster in 2001.
The bodies were found on Monday in a house near the Musa Qala district where a party was held on Sunday night with music and mixed-sex dancing, said district governor Nimatullah. Men and women do not usually mingle in Afghanistan unless they are related, and parties involving both genders are rare and kept secret."

That is from here .

So Joey, how many people have your teammates beheaded? 

Well done Justine

In today's Telegraph they carry a story about Justine Greening and the 3rd runway at Heathrow.

"Justine Greening has put her own political future on the line by effectively ruling out a third runway at Heathrow and saying it would be “difficult” for her to stay in the Cabinet if it went ahead.
As senior Tories heaped pressure on David Cameron to reverse the aviation policy, Ms Greening conceded her position would become untenable.
Ms Greening, the MP for Putney, Roehampton and Southfields who ran a local campaign against a third runway at the last election, also hinted she was in favour of more expansion at Stansted or a new airport in the Thames estuary.
Asked on Radio Four’s Today programme whether she would remain in the Cabinet if the Government backed plans for expanding Heathrow, she replied: “I think it would be very difficult for me to do that.”

Indeed Justine, lets go back a few years.

I would suggest Justine Greening has more of a spine than the Prime minister and that in the end the PM will back down/kick it into long grass.

Whatever your view is on the 3rd runway Justine Greening would be breaking her word to her constituents were she to back it.

So well done for keeping your word on this Justine :)

Do keep up at the back!

I see the Guardian are running the Galloway/window licker story :

If you seem the time and date it says 27 August at 21.19 BST

However, had you checked this site you would have seen the story nearly 20 hours earlier.

And they wonder why it is nicknamed *Dead tree press* ?

Monday, 27 August 2012

President Obama follows Osbornes lead

Where George Osborne leads President Obama follows, tho i don't think the Guardian will go after President Obama like they did with George.

  " So maybe Osborne really can give the economy 110% – but only if he's been seriously half-arsing it up until now."

Still at least they are both giving "110%"..........


Pic Via alastairsloan

Its great to have grown up politicians


Via A_Liberty_Rebel

Paws for thought George

Not content with making himself look like a idiot over rape, George "pussy cat" Galloway comes up with a way to piss off another group of people :

I think he means *window-licker*.


Sunday, 26 August 2012

Someones had a good day

That is from the Guido Fawkes website, if you notice the two pieces are to the same blog piece from TheCommentator .

Well it is a Sunday and if it wasnt for Guido i would never have started a blog, and for that i am grateful :) 

Salute for Harry!

Pic Via GeorgeMorrall

I cannot disagree with the views of  D squadron the Kings Royal Hussars :)

I wonder who he means?

More cheese Gromit?

I fully agree!

Via HappySlayerUK

The Belarus Embassy under attack.......By teddy bears

Via MShapland

One is late for ones gin!

Pic Via eljmayes

Keep on Moo-vin

Via obotheclown

Saturday, 25 August 2012

This weeks football "fan".

Today a so-called West Ham fan decided to give the West Ham players his opinion after the 3-0 defeat to Swansea, well when i say opinion i actually mean moronic and immature.

Here is what he sent to Carlton Cole :

 As you can guess this has caused people to be outraged and demanding he be banned from twitter.

Let me make it clear i find his words idiotic, moronic and brainless and i personally would not use those words in that order and direct them at someone. I don't think he should be banned by twitter, I would advise that West Ham players block him personally from their twitter feeds ( yes, twitter has a block option), i would also advise West Ham Untied to ban him from the ground. I do not want to see him arrested by the police nor have to face charges, but he may end up doing so.

Why not? Because the freedom of speech means the freedom to offend and the freedom to make yourself look like a total moron. And this is what @owliehammer has done, he has made himself look like a sad and pathetic young man, indeed if you look further down his timeline you find lots of examples :


This the the level of his intelligence.

Yes he is an idiot and writes stuff i would NEVER dream of! But even mindless moronic idiots deserve the freedom of speech.

I thought about whether to write about this or not, by writing it i am giving him the publicity he seeks yet by not writing it we will see this happen again and again.

See if we give in to the mob mentality and ban all of those that "offend" someone else then eventually we wont be able to criticize the Government of the day. This for me is why freedom of speech is so important to me and i will continue to blog about it.

I have also blogged before about bloggers getting death threats and the fact some people seem surprised that it happens.

           "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it"

I try and mention this quote on most blogs about free speech because it hits the nail on the head, as i have said before i have even supported the freedom of speech when it would be easier to stay silent.

The freedom of speech is easy to support when you agree with what is said, the test comes when you don't agree with what is said.

Fergie meets with prospective new signing!

Pic Via Hanleyontheball

Some good news for Mitt

After Mitts gaffe the other day you would think his team could do with any piece of good news or crumb of comfort.

Well, If President Obama has the spirit of Gordon, The United States may just have a chance. ;)

Friday, 24 August 2012

Dont go there Mitt!

Video Via BuzzFeedAndrew

What a dildo!

This story from thisiscroydontoday is just bizarre;

" A THIEVING drug addict who stole a £49 sex toy while shopping with his pregnant girlfriend blamed the welfare state for his crime of passion."

"The prosecution said: "Mr Friend-Huggett went to Ann Summers with his girlfriend when he proceeded to the vibrator section of the store. He then put a vibrator up his jumper and left the shop with no intention to pay for it.
"He was arrested and told police he wasn't at Ann Summers at the time and was, instead, at a drug rehabilitation programme.
"He then insisted that it was not him that was in the shop, but his twin brother."
Friend-Huggett, however, pleaded guilty to the offence on Monday.
His defence explained: "The reason he committed this offence is because he and his girlfriend were not receiving their benefits at the time and they have no money.
"His girlfriend is nine weeks pregnant and this crime was not drug-motivated."
Friend-Huggett was sentenced to a 12-month community order as well as a six-month drug rehabilitation programme."

 I would have had some sympathy had he been stealing a loaf of bread or some fruit, but a vibrator? I know Ann Summers are good, but to steal from them?

The reason i said sympathy is that i have been without money, homeless and have had battles with drugs ( i won that one). I am not saying it is acceptable ever, just saying i have been without money before ( long time ago) , and i have written about it before on the blog.

Then again maybe he thought he could sell it second hand. 

Link Via Vanessa_Gold

Gay People Compared to Racists

 Video via

The World T20 is not cricket, but i will be keeping a close eye on it!

Regular readers will know i am not a fan of the T20 format, i avoid watching it unless nothing else is on.

However, there is one reason i will be keeping a close eye on this years World T20 competition, according to WisdenIndia and their post it could be very worth listening to:

"Kevin Pietersen is not travelling with the England team for the World T20, but he will be watching them defend the title he helped them win in 2010 from close quarters. ESPN STAR Sports (ESS) confirmed that Pietersen will join their commentary team for presentation and analysis during the tournament in Sri Lanka that starts on September 18."

KP is quoted :

  “I am very excited about working with ESPN STAR Sports covering the ICC World Twenty20 watching England defend their title,”

It goes on :

"Peter Hutton, the Managing Director of ESS, expressed his delight at securing Pietersen’s services.
“We’re delighted that one of the world games biggest names is part of our team, and look forward to hearing the insights of someone who knows the format and knows the current stars inside out,” said Hutton."

What could possibly go wrong?

Guardian Style!

This is a good one, some people accuse those in Guardian towers are being out of touch, some even say they live on another planet.

Anyway, the people at Guardian Style Guide sent this tweet out earlier and it got quite a quick comeback :

Well, according to Urban Dictionary a Subbookkeeper is :

 "a person who works underneath the main bookkeeper"

Ah! thats why they may not have heard about it then!

 Via nby83

News blackout in South Shields?

Over at the much loved Guido Fawkes website they are running a story about David  Miliband MP and his earnings, it says :

   " The banana-brandishing former Foreign Secretary has raked in half a million quid over the last year"

Now nobody as far as i know are accusing Mr Miliband of doing anything wrong/illegal. However it does seem he has taken his eye of the ball, lets look at his website :

In case you cant make it here :

It appears that the site has not been updated since before Christmas.

Still some might say that is a good thing ;)

Your sexuality will be used against you!

I see that Scrapbook are running this story today :

Now i agree that the Tories should repay the money.

But look at the quote from Tim Montgomerie and the piece below, it goes back to story i heard about on the Guido Fawkes website

 A few years ago i had a job as a salesman, we were driven all round the country and put up in hotels and b&b up, a lot of the time we shared rooms because is was cheaper for the firm and that some places didn't have enough single rooms.

Did it mean we were all shagging the people we were sharing rooms with? no, of course not.

But of course facts and the like are not allowed in politics.

Since the Hauge *story* broke the mud has stuck, you only have to look at some blogs and comment threads to see the Foreign sec being mocked for being supposedly gay. This despite him still being married to his wife.

Anyway it seems politically your sexuality WILL be used against you, unless you are straight of course.

So i can fully understands why some are nervous about sharing a room, they wouldn't be able to sleep for fear of being accused on a website for being gay.

As of today i am still yet to see evidence that confirms that Mr Hauge is gay or had a gay relationship.

So why would Scrapbook, a left leaning blog play the sexuality card, i thought the left was the party of equality?

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Oh do fuck off!

We have seen the pictures and the video. You sold your soul to the the establishment, you the dead tree press paid coppers and hacked phones, you corrupted our politicians ( not that they needed much help). YOU FAILED YOUR READERS!

Back to school Labour

Does no-one check their tweets before sending?

Sisters are doin it for themselves!


How hard is Umpiring?

​​​​​ ​​​​​

This is fantastic!

Video via IKEdmonds 

Future PM?

He does sound more human than Ed, that i will admit.

Send him an ASBO!

His twitter profile says

"Ex Police Officer (Met DCI), Policing Services Consultant and commentator on UK police-related issues #PFTP"

I wonder how he would feel if someone called his colleagues "bastards" or is it one rule for one and one rule for others?

He also runs this  consultancy

   I do hope he is much more polite when working with clients!


This was shared on twitter by TheCommentator itself.

Maybe technology does have some sort of twisted sense of humor?

Lazy Lib Dems

A day of joy or disappointment greeted many young people today as they got their results.

So step forward two MPs  to offer their wishes Alan Beith and Tim Farron

and then Tim :

Spotted by oitimesthree


This video is doing the rounds on twitter today.

It features UKIP who claim to be a "libertarian" party.

The reason i put Libertarian in quote marks was becasue of this a while ago :


Surely you cannot be libertarian if you dictate what other people can wear?

Dont sit on the fence

This is a clip from Upworthy and features Michael D. Higgins and a Tea party supporter from 2010.

Link Via joncstone

Out of touch!

This was from my trip to Parliament a few months ago.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Undercover Boss

Video Via Vanessa_Gold

Freedom of press and Prince Harry

 While this blog brought you the video last evening I would like to say how pleased i was that Guido Fawkes chose to publish these pics.

The freedom of the press means they do have the right to choose the news they bring us.

The problem comes when one person can send a letter and then the whole media obey the wishes that one person ( even if they represent maybe more than one person). Prince Harry and his family do get taxpayers money so i think they are *fair play*, we need a free press, we also need one that publishes without fear or favor.

Without Lord Leveson reporting the main stream media is now shit scared.

When i wrote this about anon blogging this is one of the reasons why, i want to make my own judgement on stories, i want my readers to judge whether I have overstepped the mark.

My fear is that soon the internet and all media are regulated by the state.

We can stop that, we , as individual bloggers/tweeters have a voice/space to speak. I might be Anon (i do this through choice) , you don't have to be if you want.

This is what this about, its about how you make your own choices, stop relying on the state to do it for you. If you don't like a publication the best thing you can do is not to buy it.

Lets put the media on a fair footing, lets put it to the test.

Let the market decide.

Just for the record i thought Prince Harry looked quite hot in those pictures :)

Video via liarpoliticians

Red on Red!

Was about to go for a pint, but then something i saw interested me.

Left Futures posted that story just now:

It goes on to say :

No offence, but if your neighbors kept sending rockets over you might be a tad concerned.

Anyway i then remembered this 

Micheal  Meacher is a lead contributor and backer of the site :

"Michael Meacher has been a Labour MP for Oldham since 1970 and a Minister both in the 1970s and, from 1997 to 2003, for the Environment. Since then, he has been a leading critic of New Labour policy on the economy, outspoken on climate change and parliamentary reform and blogs daily here."

 Yes, he tries and label himself as *Old Labour*, someone different to the Blairs.

So imagine my shock when i came across this :

"According to documents deposited in the Land Registry and Companies House, the Meachers are the owners of at least nine properties - from third-floor luxury flats to more modest ground floor properties - many acquired after Mr Meacher became environment minister in Tony Blair's government. He has told friends that he now owns 12 properties, and he now takes rent from five tenants.
The family property portfolio is worth around £2m in total.
After the furore over "Two Jags"' Prescott, the epithet "12 homes Meacher" could become a fresh embarrassment for Labour - not helped by the fact that Mr Meacher does not want to come clean on exactly how many homes he owns. His entry in the register of members' interests says tersely "Flats let in London."
He declined to tell the Guardian how many properties he had acquired since he became environment minister in Tony Blair's government in 1997 but does admit to putting his surplus cash since his second marriage to Lucianne Sawyer into property investment."

Now that Guardian post in over ten years old i admit, but now that Tony Blair has long since gone and the nightmare of Gordons leadership gone i think it is time that he tells us how many houses a good socialist should have?

If you are going to lecture people on morals then shouldn't get your own houses in order first?

Get a sense of humour!

This just came down my timeline and i read it just to believe it, but here it is :

"While it was clear that watching a Mark Waugh ad about dandruff could kill you, he never said it outright.
The Indian cricketers have.
And it’s creepy and brilliant.
Based on the performances of Sachin, Yuvraj and especially Viru, I am now writing a horror script for them to star in."

It goes on to say :

" Apparently the players and BCCI want the ad banned."

Have they got no sense of humour?

Still its a lot better than this advert :

Link Via ajarrodkimber 

Its so exciting being an MP

and this was the picture that accompanied it 

I can feel the enthusiasm from here ;)

Romney spanked

Seeming as naked men are the topic today the wonderful people at pinknews brought my attention to this video

Any excuse to run a video of fit blokes :)

Ditched Respect

Well, it had to happen at some stage. A statement from Holyrood say this :

"George Galloway is no longer a columnist for Holyrood magazine and the reasons for that, I would have thought, are fairly obvious. Galloway has always courted controversy and while I have not always agreed with some of his views, I have admired him for staying true to his original political beliefs and particularly for his stance over Iraq. I had always felt that in an increasingly bland and corporate political world, he added some colour and was often an effective thorn in the side of the establishment. If nothing else, he provoked debate which is healthy. However, his recent outpourings about definitions of rape have left me, frankly gobsmacked. There is no excuse, ever, for sex without consent and regardless of the details of the Assange case, Galloway’s comments and inappropriate language about rape per se are alarming. I had hoped he might have taken the last 24 hours to reflect on his judgement and perhaps make some kind of public apology but that has not been apparent, far from it. So, it is with some very genuine regret that I have asked him to no longer write his column for the magazine."

Well said, Now i hope the voters in Mr Galloways constituency do the same at the next election!