Friday, 24 August 2012

Your sexuality will be used against you!

I see that Scrapbook are running this story today :

Now i agree that the Tories should repay the money.

But look at the quote from Tim Montgomerie and the piece below, it goes back to story i heard about on the Guido Fawkes website

 A few years ago i had a job as a salesman, we were driven all round the country and put up in hotels and b&b up, a lot of the time we shared rooms because is was cheaper for the firm and that some places didn't have enough single rooms.

Did it mean we were all shagging the people we were sharing rooms with? no, of course not.

But of course facts and the like are not allowed in politics.

Since the Hauge *story* broke the mud has stuck, you only have to look at some blogs and comment threads to see the Foreign sec being mocked for being supposedly gay. This despite him still being married to his wife.

Anyway it seems politically your sexuality WILL be used against you, unless you are straight of course.

So i can fully understands why some are nervous about sharing a room, they wouldn't be able to sleep for fear of being accused on a website for being gay.

As of today i am still yet to see evidence that confirms that Mr Hauge is gay or had a gay relationship.

So why would Scrapbook, a left leaning blog play the sexuality card, i thought the left was the party of equality?

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