Friday, 24 August 2012

Gay People Compared to Racists

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  1. OMFG !!!

    Gay ppl is luvly , ain't they tho ?? x

    All my best friends is bent , I spose :

    Genevieve - v . classy . Puts the 'bi' into 'lesan' , don't she ?? *blows big kisses*

    Becky Pippins - Demure but opens up when she trusts ya . Luvly bottoom x .

    Vicious Jenny - bitta a handful ; likes to squat on faces an has a 'adventurous' streak in her . Adores gerbils . *waves*

    We tooo busy enjoyin the parts wot God designed into us to listen to no 'marriage is the best thingy since sliced stuff' nut-nut , ain't we petal ???

    Quite diggin ur funny blog btw , Billy Botty , babes x x .

    E x x