Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Labour double speak

Browsing thro the interweb earlier today something caught my eye, so i went down the pub to have a think.

Anyway it all starts here :

( I had never heard of this Parliamentary group myself)

As you can see they are advertising for a unpaid intern, so i thought i would have a look at who sits on this group :

Obviously all committees have members from all parties, but i was reminded about a pledge that Ed Miliband made a while ago :

 That quote was taken from 2010, yet Ed Miliband still allows his MPs to use the labour of unpaid interns.

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  1. The life of an unremarkable news event now: between one and two hours at most.

    The life of an unremarkable news event two decades ago: as long as two weeks.


    Twitter, for a start. It reduces everything to pub conversations. Try and talk about the same subject in a pub for more than five minutes and people will look at you very oddly. Do it for any longer and they will start to walk away.

    Twenty years ago, we would get the news in the paper, already 24 hours old at least. Then those who wanted to comment would pick up a pen and compose a letter. Take it down to the post office and buy a stamp. The paper might get the letter the next day and, if they liked it, would publish it a day later still. Someone who was struck by your comment would pick up a pen...

    Is it better or worse now? Does it matter?

    I deliberately chose to say unremarkable news event In which case the answers by definition must be better and no respectively.

    But what if the news event is important? In that case, the new media cannot deal with the situation properly as it does not have the depth. But consider this: most of our politicians don't have the depth any more. They only want to fix the latest Twitter storm.

    Hence Ed Miliband's response. Fix the symptoms. Bollocks to the cause!

    Sorry to have taken so long to say this :-)