Thursday, 30 May 2013

London Out For Marriage

Common sense V religious groups, i know what i back!

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Parliament Wants To Hear From YOU On The EU

KT kids you not, according to parliament website those pesky politicians want to hear from you :

"Are you interested in the European Union? Do you think EU membership has benefited the UK? What does the future hold for the UK and Europe? Do you want to find out how Parliament debates EU issues?"

When will this event take place?

"Parliament Talks European Union' takes place from 5.30-7.30pm on Thursday 20 June 2013, hosted in partnership between King’s

College London and the Houses of Parliaments Outreach Service."

 Your Speakers will be :

  • William Cash, Conservative MP for Stone and Chair of the House of Commons European Scrutiny Committee.
  • Lord Boswell of Aynho, Chairman of the House of Lord European Scrutiny Select Committee.
  • Andrea Biondi, Professor of European Union Law and Director of the Centre for European Law at King’s College London
 Now KT thinks this event should be attended by members of the public instead of political plants/activists , however as with any political event KT suspects it will be stage managed.

If only voting changed things eh?

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Moral Tax?

Via liarpoliticians

What a stupid question, how on Earth can theft ever be described as "moral" ?

Note :Theft is "taking without the owners consent " .

Monday, 27 May 2013

"I Dont Hate Anyone.... But"

Via liarpoliticians

Via liarpoliticians

KT has said before his views on same sex marriage, but KT is getting a bit pissed of people (mainly straight ) attempting to force their views on other people (in this case gays), The people that oppose it are not the people that will benefit from the choice to be a miserable as straight couples and the other thing that gets my back up is this , who elected the churches and religious groups the mandate to dictate the word and meaning of "marriage" ?

Oppose same sex marriage ? then dont marry someone of the same sex!

Friday, 24 May 2013

Silly Sayeeda

This was Rt`d onto KT`s timeline a few times in the last few hours

Sayeeda Warsi seems to think that us voters/taxpayers should have our precious minds protected from an idiots comments ( Not Sayeeda Warsi) , KT stands by this :
For a member close to the government to suggest that someone be silenced for thier views then that is not a good thing.
But you see this is someone part of a parliament that has run record debt , supports a party that voted to invade Iraq (at Geroge Bush`s say so) and agreed to bail out the banks, but as her party leader says :

via guidofawkes

Its a good thing the state dont regulate the press! 

Its Not Left V Right

via senatormikelee

The battle is between the people against the corporate state.....

Thursday, 23 May 2013

It Had To Be Said

Mr Jones maybe cute but can still be wrong!

What Face Today Jon?

KT has been away from the keyboard for a few days, however KT has been tryin to keep up with the news.

Last week our esteemed elected MP`s had the chance to vote for an EU referendum (Link )

Now KT can be a bit of a cynic sometimes, so when KT checked the list of MP`s that voted for it and against it KT was shocked! The Peoples Pledge claim that Jon Cruddas voted no to a referendum :

"Finally, these MPs have said that they support an EU referendum but voted against a bill providing for that referendum being brought forward in this session of parliament. Presuming that they have not gone back on their previous support for an EU referendum – expressed, amongst other places, in videos shown on the People’s Pledge website (links below) – perhaps they objected to the timing of the Bill suggested by this amendment? If you are a constituent of one of the MPs below, please contact them to find out why they voted against this amendment and to encourage them to support the forthcoming EU Referendum Bill:
6 Labour: David Crausby (Bolton North East), Jon Cruddas (Dagenham & Rainham), Jim Fitzpatrick (Poplar & Limehouse), Tom Harris (Glasgow South), George Howarth (Knowsley), Gerry Sutcliffe (Bradford South)."

KT is shocked to see the MP for Dagenham & Rainham on the list, I mean it was only last June that KT reported these words from the same Jon Cruddas :

"He cannot give away details of policy, but his broad thinking is radical. He wants to look at the idea of appointing union officials to company boards. He wants to plug the public into the debate on Europe by offering an "in/out" referendum once the shape of the new European Union is known. He wants to reform public services where necessary, but only where that will enhance their role, not as a means of shrinking them and hiving them off in parts to the private sector.

Mr Cruddas had no problem with that as it was published on his own website 

Then again when his leaflets are endorsed by the two faced GMB union should we be surprised........ 

Just a note, KT has defended Mr Cruddas before but learning of this KT can only conclude that Mr Cruddas is just the same as the other politicians, two faced!

Monday, 20 May 2013

Talk About Shooting Yourself In The Foot

Even tho they are leading in the polls the Labour pro united Scotland campaign may have just cursed their own campaign, They decided to get Gordon Brown to endorse their campaign :

Via liarpoliticians

Maybe he will leave the pro indy campaign in the same state he left the state of the UK`s finances......

Friday, 17 May 2013

"Scumbag Farage"

Via HazeMagazineVideo

Some would say karma .....

Note : KT does not condone any violence against anyone!  

Update : this has just come in :
Pic via ian_beckett

You Are What You Mix With

That headline is a sayin from where KT was dragged up, when the news about UKIP Councillor Caven Vines in Rotherham being elected a twitter follower informed me of this (link via Hope Not Hate )

"Caven Vines, 62, used to work closely with the BNP's Rotherham organiser, Marlene Guest, in a campaign group called Council Watch. He has never been a BNP member but spent 2004-2006 as an independent councillor for the Rotherham West ward and is well known locally for his rightwing views."

He goes on to say

"Its about time the Government and the Police stopped pandering to these so called British Muslims and other foreign nationals."

Now as readers will know KT is pro immigration ( link ) , KT does not treat people according to their background, color, race, religion , sexuality and country of origin, KT treats people on merit, to me people are either good people to interact with or bad people to interact with, its that simple, good and evil is not exclusive to one race/color/religion/sexuality etc  a bad person to know hang around with is a still a bad person.

However last evening, in their wisdom the Rotherham ( Rawmarsh ward) electorate decided to elect him :

But it gets worse for UKIP, according to the scummy BNP , Nick Griffin said this :

" “By refusing to sack Caven Vines he’s sending out the coded message ‘Don’t worry folks, Ukip secretly agrees with the BNP, but as we’re more subtle about our position the BBC haven’t noticed so we’re not smeared so much so we’ve got a better chance of winning’.

With comrades like this.......


Note : The BNP beat the Lib Dems, Ouch! 

Thursday, 16 May 2013

UKIP Sledged

Its always nice to see a good sledge in politics, this is from December, UKIP get sledged!


At least you have that flat tax policy..... Oh wait !

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Balls Banging His Drum

Ok its from 2010 but i have only just seen it :

Via EdBallsMP

I wonder if Ed Miliband can top that!

Nick Clegg Calls For EU Referendum

Via Paul Abbott

So Nick, about that referendum......

Via jackranks 

With Peers Like This....

With the news that Lord Ahmed has parted company with the Labour party KT was thinking of writing something about the Israel/Palestine conflict, however KT came across this on the net :

Via tv786

And you thought UKIP had the monopoly on "fruitcakes and loonies" ;) 

Via kathrinfriedman 

Oh a law maker being caught as a law breaker, maybe he should see an anger management specialist ( Not a Jewish one obviously ) ;)  

Lucas In Love

via wanderersa

KT saw this on some cable channel a while ago ( and yes, KT is a Star Wars fan) , I liked it so it is posted :)

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Stop Being Childish

Via liarpoliticians

If you, armed with your degrees and all that cannot compete with a Romanian for a job then i suggest looking at yourself instead of blaming others!

Wayne Boo-ney

Via MUFC0fficial

Nick Clegg knows how he feels......

Whats Up Pussy Cat?

Via liarpoliticians

To be slapped down by Cameron is one thing to be sledged by The Speaker is another.......

Monday, 13 May 2013

Top Totty TV

KT is very pleased to bring you this, if you did not see it Saturday night here is the gorgeous Jamie Redknapp and his stunning wife Louise chatting with some overpaid bloke in a purple suit

Video via liarpoliticians

Top totty as i am sure you will all agree :)

Friday, 10 May 2013

Ginger Is In Fashion!

With the news that David Moyes has left Everton and joined Manchester United you would think that is good

 But no, it gets better for gingers, Prince Harry pops of to the USA and as Amanda Walker tweets:

Well who could blame those women?

KT would not say no, Gingers are back in fashion!!!! 

Yeah, Sorry Its Late, Europe Day

As the headline says i am sorry for this being late, you see i wanted to write a post that reflected my opinion on the EU ( I know EU and Europe are different, I love Europe and am pro immigration, see link ) but i dislike and distrust all politicians and political parties.

Anyway back to Europe day, I was hoping someone would have done a good spoof/parody video ( regular readers will know i am a fan of parody clips) so i typed "Europe day 2013 spoof" and this video was on the first page :
I watched the video and it was not a parody/spoof video (you can view it here ) , But I am impressed with Youtube`s search engine sense of humor ;)

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Nads Starts Her Own "Ed Balls"

This could catch on!

Farage U-Turn?

KT wrote this short post a few days ago, in it Nigel Farage says he will stand for MP in 2015 (link )

Via liarpoliticians

Thats clear as crystal right?

Well in this piece in the Telegraph he rows back on that saying :

"We want to get Ukip a voice in the House of Commons.
But asked whether he intends to run in any by-election there, he said: “I won’t, no. Even though I think we are going to win it, I won’t run.”
“I think it would be a very good thing to have another high-profile figure in Ukip and not me. People see and hear far too much of me from Ukip. There is talent around the place and we need to see and hear more of them.” 

So Nigel has gone from saying he will stand in 2015 for Commons to saying that "People see and hear too much from me from UKIP" and that other talent must get a chance.

After dumping his parties flagship flat tax policy the other week and now a u-turn on this can you really believe that UKIP are any different to the other parties? 

I Agree With Nick Clegg


A 10 match ban was the right decision, If it were a West Ham player (My Team) that done that i would say the same, Its one thing not understanding cultural differences but to go and bite your opponent is utterly disgraceful and reflects badly on the player and Liverpool Football club.

Its Difficult To Become A labour MP Without Union Backing

Via CCHQ219

Not exactly breaking news but does show that Labour MP`s need the unions first, then the voters.... (even if they are two faced about ( link )

Bill Kenwright Comments On David Moyes Move To Man Utd

Via SportStuff11

KT still cant work out why Steve Kean has not been mentioned for the job ;)

Thats Rotten


A Lesson For Politicians

KT had no opinion of Donald Trump before this,  however this cheered KT up (from Buzzfeed )

Via hunterschwarz

KT is impressed, because unlike the State Mr Trump is giving away his OWN money.

Oh Vince, It Was Easy In Opposition

Some of us are laughed at when we say "They are all the same" (politicians) , KT was trying to catch up on stuff missed today when he came across this from Vince Cable, its from 2007

via LibDem

The song "If only i could turn back time" ( By Aqua) springs to mind..........

Iranian Terrorists Jailed For Life

No doubt Dinner-jacket will blame Israel or America......

Via NTVKenya

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The State Is Not Your Friend

The State steals your money, tells what you can and cant do, sends young people all over the world to invade other countries, when it goes wrong it is never their fault.

Always remember that the State is not your friend and uses normal people for pawns in their ego games.

Video via christiannewsminute

Politician Teaches Reporter How To Knot A Tie

Here is John Boehner teaching a Bloomberg reporter how to knot a tie, This is an important lesson that all must learn! (Via BrettLoGiurato )


Well that is what at least one student is reported of yelling at Aussie PM Julie Gillard , while attending a school in Queensland News.comau report that was not the only thing thrown at the PM :

"A STUDENT in Logan, Queensland, threw a sandwich and others yelled abuse at the Prime Minister as she arrived for a morning tea at Marsden High this morning.
Some students lining the footpath to the school hall yelled "loser" at Julia Gillard as teachers tried to gain control of the situation.
As well as yelling abuse, students rushed Ms Gillard and a sandwich was thrown at her as she made her way through the school grounds."

KT thinks a suitable punishment would be for the students to be forced to watch England retain the Ashes at home and abroad this year!
Via DifficultNerd

via newsandmorestuff 

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Prezza Joins The Race To Be The New "Ed Balls"

The new "Ed Balls" ? 

Imran Khan Falls From Lifter

Via zemtvonline1

Get well soon Sir!

Vaz Backs EU Referendum Before General Election

What was it about only the right demanding a referendum? 

Its Not Fare!

How out of touch, if a motorist forgets to renew his car tax in an honest error the motorist still has to take the consequences. Them the rules! 

Monday, 6 May 2013

Chair Of Fire Authority Misleads Public

We can trust elected officials to tell the truth right ( so we are told), but as you know KT can be a bit cynical sometimes so when KT saw this tweet it rang a bell :

As readers can see the tweet is dated 5th of may (yesterday) , now before i go any further i would like to point this out :
John Edwards is the chair of West Midlands Fire authority so his tweets will carry meaning and authority to some of his followers, however on this occasion he has lied, KT said it rang a bell earlier and this is why, A little while ago another politician tweeted that picture (link via crashbangwallace )

As Crash Bang Wallace point out :

"Unfortunately for Prezza, that photo – much used by the lefty twitterati in recent months – is from September 2004, as reported here.
That means the bubbly was being delivered not to George Osborne or his Coalition colleagues but to Gordon Brown, at a time when John Prescott was Deputy Prime Minister. Either Prezza knows the photo is from the wrong administration and is deliberately misleading his 167,000 Twitter followers, or he has mistakenly picked it up from somewhere else."

If Mr Edwards will mislead the public on this what else will he mislead them over? For an elected official to mislead the public like this is utterly shameful and a disgrace!

Clear As Mud Ed

Video via media-guido

Yep Ed that is clear that you have no polices apart from opposing everything the coalition proposes including policies brought in by a Labour Government , arent the voters blessed with the politics on offer at the moment.....

Sunday, 5 May 2013


via IanBroughall
To be fair Luiz could have been killed, aint that right Sir Alex ;)

Farage Will Stand For Commons In 2015

Via liarpoliticians

In that case UKIP may end up with one MP after the next general election ;)

You Tweet It Best When you Tweet Nothing At All

 No doubt an intern or underling will be blamed ;)

Who Does Campbell Want To See On Page 3?

 I wonder what Harriet Harman thinks?

Easy Tiger!


Note : Makes a change from Mr Turner tweeting "Tory, Bastard, Scum" i guess. ( link

Thats Going To Help Nads......

Yes, Politicians circling the wagons around their comrades is really helpful, I mean it worked it so well with the BBC over Jimmy Savile................

Update : Here are Mr Hammonds words 
Video via liarpoliticians

KT does not see anything wrong with what Mr Hammond said.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Sly Fox News (Part 2)

After last nights typo from Jon Craig , "Sly News" are at it again :

Good lunch? ;)

One Blurred Nation

One blurred Nation.......

Nads Gets With The Twitter Program

We all like a good parody account, the best ones are when you cant tell if real or parody, well it seems Nadine might have fallen for it :

As you can see she has RT`d this tweet but if you look at the profile :
While Owen Jones Real profile is :

AS KT said the best parody accounts are the ones that seems as real as the real accounts ;)

Gove Cant Get No Satisfaction!

This is a great headline from NME :

But it seems Mick was not impressed  :

"Naturally, this didn't impress the rock legend much. Vine went on to recall that at the post-debate dinner, Gove asked Jagger if he was going back to London that night and asked him if he could have a lift. "Sure, why not?” Jagger said, according to Vine. "In the fucking boot."

 Talk about not getting any satisfaction!

Liberal Democrats : Nil Points

They got beaten by the BNP scum in South Shields, They are polling badly in the national polls but this has to top off a bad few weeks for the Liberal Democrats , this result in Somerset is unbelievable :

Now that is awkward .......

Via kategilson

Update : Its seems it was an error on the website as there was no Lib Dem candidate standing.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Sly Fox News

Maybe a shandy as well? ;)

Question Time (Two Men And Four Ladies Edition)

Cooper Takes On The "Ed Balls" Challenge

After her husbands fame with his famous tweet "Ed Balls" It seems Mrs Cooper is having a go herself :

Eds famous tweet
And Mrs Cooper`s attempt :
Not sure this one will catch on tho......

Update : 

It seems Eds title is safe for now......

Two Faced GMB Union

Readers will know that KT is not a big fan of hypocrisy when it comes to politics , so KT was looking at something when he stumbled across this from the GMB union :

"GMB congratulates 86 local councils planning to raise council tax to protect front lineservices
Government slashed budgets and it's high time councils said 'enough is enough' and it is totally disingenuous if government ministers criticise councils trying to protect local communities says GMB
GMB, the union for public services, commented on the report in Local Government Chronicle that 86 councils plan to defy the government council tax freeze. See notes to editors for table published today."

This post/press release/comment from the GMB is posted on Tuesday, February 19, 2013, The GMB do not favor the council tax freeze, well, actually thats not quite true! a little while ago KT came across this flyer from Labour listing their "2012 pledges" :
The second one on the list say :

                "Freezing council tax for the 4th year"

Of the top of KT`s head this means that the first year of council tax freeze was before the current coalition Government were in office, however that is not all that is on this flyer, if you look to the left of the pledges you see this :

As you can see the GMB union are endorsing this flyer ( if not, why have your name/brand on it) , That to KT seems a tad hypocritical, endorse the pledge for a 4th year of council tax freeze in one breath yet "congratulating" councils that ignore the council tax freeze in another breath.

Talk about treating voters like idiots eh........

Ed MIliband Explains Why You Should Vote Labour

Ed has set out labours stall, i think its a clear message :) (Via  Lord_Palmerston )

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Cameron To Scrap Plain Fag Packets Plan

That would be some rare good news.......

Jay Leno On How To Close Gitmo

First seen in The Commentator earlier , but this is brilliant :)

The Greens, Green On The Outside But Red On The Inside

Via iarpoliticians

KT wonders what Labour think about them splitting the Left wing vote ;) 

Note : KT is now going to try and locate a watermelon to eat.........

Seep Blatter "Queer"

Via FelicityMorse

Love live TV ;)

Labour "There Is An Elecion"

via Dr_RaulDuke
Education, Education,Education.......

Will Hodge Dodge This?

Back In December Labour Blogger Dan Hodges tweeted this :

Top Blogger Guido Fawkes blogged this poll from ComRes yesterday :

Of course Mr Hodges may mean the general election but KT would suggest that he brushes up on "Land of hope and glory" and prepares the Nigel Farage mask ;)

KT notes that the next election after the tweet could also mean by election, which if KT is not mistaken was Eastliegh where UKIP came second

Update :

Whitehall is safe for now ;)

Oh Dear Scrapbook!

So Scrapbook run this story :
PSbook makes sure that Tory and rape are linked, but what Psbook doesnt tell you is this :

"A convicted rapist who attended a lavish Labour Party fundraising event was personally invited by a former Government Minister and a top football manager.
Millionaire businessman Owen Oyston, 73, sparked a storm of criticism by appearing at the dinner at Wembley Stadium earlier this month."

The Minister was Richard Caborn and the Manager was Labour supporter Sir Alex Ferguson, but that is not all

" Oyston once owned a chain of radio stations and the rights to the Miss World contest. He was a major Labour benefactor in the early Nineties, making three gifts totalling £15,750 between 1992 and 1994."

Oh he is a labour party donor as well!

Surely for the sake of honest reporting PSbook should have pointed out the links between labour and Oyston as well?

Labours One Nation Equality Policy

Via liarpoliticians

KT wonders what Harriet would say if i opened a "mens only center" , would probably get called "sexist" .....