Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Balls ( Not Ed)

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At Least They Are Honest

If only more political parties were like this, you know, honest (sorry i know that word scares you politicians) we would be in amuch better country.

KT notes that Harriet Harman didnt look to happy in the video....

Doing Charity Work? Thats Scabbing

Tomorrows it is "international workers day" and the UCLU will be closing most of its services in a show of respect, now despite claims that this is "unwarranted" and will "disadvantage" students another way forward was planned :

"a number of students have banded together to run coffee and cake stall on campus – outside of the closed cafes. The stall is being funded completely through donations and all proceeds are going to the excellent Macmillan Cancer Research charity. These efforts have attracted support from local businesses and they have even received the coffee needed as a donation from Starbucks."

KT sees nothing wrong with that, showing some initiative and getting local business on board is a good community thing to do, But it seems the loony left union are not happy campers, in their statement they say the following :

"Volunteering your time to raise money for charity and help your fellow students is good; allowing a corporation to cynically get on board so as to advertise to students, while it apparently cannot accord its staff a paid lunch break, is scabbing, and you should stop that. Reject Starbucks’ offer, and I will come and join you."

KT thinks there is no need to cry over spilt coffee and the union should stop being childish and do something for the good of the community for a change instead of whinging.

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Not A Priti Family Dinner

Lots of election news is coming, today Nigel Farage announced that Priti Patels father was joining UKIP

Yet only a few weeks ago Priti Patel stood up in Parliament and said this (in a debate on Baroness Thatcher):

" As my father always said, she ushered in a new era of hope and optimism, and she was a strength for our country." 

Its seems he was so impressed that he went and stood for the Tories rivals in elections.....

Update : It seems a u-turn has been preformed

As you were.....

Update : 

Purple Labour

It seems purple is a popular color for election leaflets at the moment, this is a labour  one from South Shields
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Very *One Nation*.............

We Are All Fascists

Well according to York Vision we are :
The York University funded paper has published this piece today by Ben Smith in which he says :

"Fascism, in essence, promotes strong leadership, and a kind of group solidarity that ostracises those who do not conform."

He then goes onto to say this

"Many of the most revered team successes in history have come about through the kind of fascist mentality that we are so quick to label abhorrent and evil. Even more striking is the extent to which strong sporting leaders are deified in our society, to such a degree that society even encourages the very fascist characteristics we are repeatedly forced to detest."

KT thinks those "fascist characteristics" could equally be applied to party politics, I dont think Mr Smith would say Ed Miliband/David Cameron/Nick Clegg are "fascists" (tho i could be wrong) , Strong leadership and teamwork are not exclusive to fascism.

Tax Cuts? People Hate Them

KT likes Twitter, you can get news within mins of it happening, travel updates and lots of other things, but the one thing KT likes is the sense of humor and jokes that can come along.

KT has just seen this go down his screen in reply to Dan Hodges :

To be fair this had KT chuckling a lot, I mean of course people dont want to keep more of their own money!
But then KT looked at the profile :
All of a sudden KT is wondering if this was a joke ;)

MP`s Comment On Ed Balls Day

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Ed Balls :
 KT imagines in a few years Ed Balls day will be like this ( Via PuppetPolitics )

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Ed Miliband On Tour

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Strong and assured Ed, strong and assured.......

Ed Balls Spotted In A Lift!

This was sent in by a reader, so i thought i would publish it :)

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KT supports Ed Balls Day :)

Update : Ed Balls joins in Ed Balls Day

Good sports Ed and Yvette :)

At Least You Have That Flat Tax Policy UKIP, Oh Wait.....

I am a bit late to this one but watching Question Time other night was actually quite interesting for a change, it included the news that UKIP has dropped their flat tax policy :

Video via liarpoliticians

So what tax policy they did have they dont have anymore....

Joey, Engage Brain Please?

He cant help himself, despite calling for the "stupid" to be culled and then calling Justin Beiber "Prince Of Paedo`s  , Joey Barton just cant engage brain before tweeting :

Yes, this is Joey Barton asking someone to show "guts" , just like he did when he got a 12 match ban before he chickened of to France to play there for a season.

Oh the irony.......

Own The Bike Plebs!

Yes People you could own THAT bike that led to incident that cost Andrew Mitchell his job , just click on ebay and enter your bid (current bid is £205 ) and you too could own a part of history :

A perfect present for someone you want to get in trouble with the police, PLEB-TASTIC! 

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Maria Miller : Thought Of The Day

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Looks Like Cameron Was Right

KT is aware that local elections are happening soon, this means leaflets being pushed tho letterboxes all over the country, it also means some crazy stuff, stepp forward Local UKIP candidate David Nixon with this :
and the other side :

David Cameron has been wrong on a lot of things, but it seems his comment about "fruitcakes and loonies" is pretty accurate. 

KT also wonders how voting for a UKIP Councillor would have an impact on the same sex marriage legislation going through the National Parliament.....

Leaflet via GarethJAnderson

Update : Statment from LGBTQ in UKIP
"The LGBTQ in UKIP committee is extremely angry and disappointed by the comments made by a small number of UKIP local candidates, particularly David Nixon and John Sullivan.

These candidates, who haven't been vetted and produce their own campaign literature, have let down the hundreds of outstanding UKIP candidates who in no way indorse the comments made, and the Party in general.

Whilst we believe in freedom of speech, this does not mean UKIP should therefore accommodate people with obnoxious beliefs such as suggesting LGBTQ people are inferior or abnormal.

We are informed by the Party that they are thoroughly investigating each of the cases raised by the media. It is unlikely these investigations will be concluded before Thursday.

It is our belief that these candidates should have the UKIP whip drawn from them, and that future candidates are properly vetted and literature officially approved before being published.

The candidates named above shall be receiving direct correspondence from us in the near future."

Friday, 26 April 2013

Whats In A Name Rob?

That is a spitting image of England Captain  Alastair Cook, odd that ;) 

Update : within minutes Mr Wilson notices the mistake he has made :

Does Cameron Bottle PMQ`s?

Labour like to portray that Cameron likes to avoid PMQS,The editor of The Daily Politics compares David Cameron attendances to Tony Blair and Gordon Brown

 For some reason KT is not surprised.....

Labour Candidate "The Bitches Son Should Have Paid"

It seems Labours women problem is not getting any better, not content with not condemning a PPC for saying they would work with the SWP on campaigns, the same SWP that held secret hearings on rape allegations  ( link ) and Ed Miliband meeting George Galloway now a council candidate refers to a recently deceased woman that died after suffering a stroke as *bitches*
Yes readers Nick Scales is a Labour council candidate :

Lacking in respect and basic humanity, he will do well in politics!

Update : Actually this makes sense, a few weeks i wrote this :
 Its all clear now.....

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Question Time (Thursday Edition)

Prince Harry Reading The News

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The more strings to your bow you have the better :)

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Nads Is A Stirring

The PM has appointed some to head his policy unit, Tory Mps seem happy

Well almost all Tory mps, Independent Tory Nadine Dorries was not to impressed

Jo Johnson is the brother of Boris Johnson ( Mayor of the greatest city on the planet , London) who is seen as David Camerons main rival for Tory leadership.

As some would say if they were cynics (KT is not one of them) "The plot deepens" .....

Ed Balls Ends The Universe

With the "Ed Balls" craze going mainstream it means one thing, parody videos, so here is one

 Via joncstone

I didnt know Ed was that dangerous! ;) 

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Too Late For Aprils Fools?

Well i hope it is a Aprils fools....

Update : Just for the record AP were hacked like Fifa and Blatter yesterday.

Caption Comp ( Happy As Frank)

No prize tho, austerity and all that ;)

Labour Peer : Labour Are Not Acting In The Interests Of Patients

Ed Miliband claims he and his party support the NHS and know whats best for it, Unfortunately one Labour Peer disagrees , In the HSJ Labour Peer Lord Warner has taken a little swipe at Ed "One Nation" Miliband on his moves to get rid of new NHS reforms

 "My reading of them is that they do little more than put on a statutory footing the competition and procurement rules produced under the previous government, with the addition of some sensible provisions on the integration of health and social care.

Labour has decided to put down a motion to annul these regulations. I consider this not to be in the interests of patients and believe it gives a clear signal of preference for NHS providers, which may not be compliant with EU competition law. I shall be voting against this motion."

 KT would be more shocked about this but Labour and Ed have form for opposing policy that was first brought in under the last Labour Government.

What Comes After the "Ed Balls" Craze?

With the recent "Ed Balls" craze coming to the end of its life people have been looking for the next craze, step forward Dan Hodges with this :

You know what to do people :)

Monday, 22 April 2013

Blatter And Fifa Hacked

Shame it was easy to spot ;)

Update : Fifa have got hacked as well

Fab Does A Harriet!

He may be one of the best MP`s to follow on twitter, but even sometimes Mike_Fabricant gets the Miliband`s confused

 Tho KT is not going to be to harsh on him because even members of Ed "One Nation" Miliband`s shadow Cabinet get them mixed up, who can forget Harriet Harman :

Should not be a problem now David is resigning as an MP.

Lineker Hacked

Another famous person has clicked on dodgy DM`s , this time former England Striker Gary Lineker :

Did someone say footballers were not that bright? ;) 

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Conservative Home : Bad Manners!

KT was not going to blog about this again but feels he has to, As readers will know KT can be a bit of a stickler for manners, I mean they dont cost nowt and only take a second, readers will also know that liarpoliticians does political video clips for this site and clips that are used on other sites, seeing as Liarpoliticans does not charge for the service I think the least you can do is hat-tip him on blog post, I always do it for clips i use of him, well it seems that ConHome think that a small thing like a hat-tip dont matter, see this post today :

KT left a comment on the thread

I also tweeted them when they first published blog

Having no luck with that i then tweeted Tim Montgomerie with whom i had exchanged tweets ( polite) about this before and Tim agreed that a hat-tip was the right thing to do, unfortunately i had forgot that Tim had left Con Home however he said he would pass on the message 

KT was grateful of this but checking back at 2145 hours ( time i am typing this post ) a hat-tip has still not been added.

Surely it cannot be to hard to ask "Is this our video and if not whose is it so we can hat-tip them?" , bad manners like this reflect badly not only on Con Home but also on the Conservative party and also set a bad example for the young people in society!

Update : Justice :)
All is well again :)

Protest At Thatchers Funeral, Rude and Distasteful But Should Be Allowed

This clip from BBC This Week on Thursday debates manners and politeness V Freedom of expression (protest), In one respect it is a non debate as one is an opinion and the other is a right, I wrote in the "Liverpool" this one line (that is seems many missed by accident or on purpose ) :

"I support the right of anti Thatcher Supporters to protest at her funeral and celebrate her death as part of freedom of expression"

Video via liarpoliticians

Now while i find those that protested at an old ladies funeral ( that left office over 20 years ago) quite sad and pathetic i will defend their right to protest, It was on a public highway, paid with (in part) by public (taxpayers) money, I would never protest at anyone's funeral ( i prefer to protest when the people are alive, kinda think that actually makes an impact) , I find it distasteful (but hey thats me) but i do not want people arrested, mocked yes but not arrested.

The reason i wrote that this was a *non debate* is freedom of expression and speech should be an absolute, how ppl choose to use that freedom is an opinion ( and may have consequences).

One thing that i dont think some people understand is this, defending the right of free speech does NOT  mean agreeing with what is said ( something some on twitter cant get their head round) and actually what is quite ironic is that some of the people being threatened are the very people that will defend everyone`s right to free speech and expression.

Freedom of speech and expression are for all, not just the twitter mob!

Note : KT hopes that all those that came down to visit the greatest city on planet ( London) had a lovely time.

Friday, 19 April 2013

Freedom Of Speech (Liverpool Edition)

I forgot i had these on the laptop, we have heard for the last week how Liverpool and their fans want respect shown despite them singing anti Thatcher songs and wishing someone with cancer would die
and for readers dont know who Mark Halsey is :
So, what other pearls of "wisdom" did Liverpool fans send?

Thats Liverpool fans response after their team lost a game of football, as you can see they have the moral high ground on respect ( sarcasm) , now while i run one blog post at the time i NEVER  called for anyone to be investigated to the police, now while i would never post something like that i am a believer in free speech and i live by that advice by Voltaire gave:
 I support the right of anti Thatcher Supporters to protest at her funeral and celebrate her death as part of freedom of expression ( even if i find it distasteful ), there is no middle ground of free speech.

"First they came for the racist tweets, i said nothing, then they came for "offensive" t-shirt wearers, i still said nothing, then they came for "offensive" tweets, again i said nothing, now they come for me, there is no-one to say anything."

For those that struggle to understand this i will put it in big letters and in plain English

 "Supporting freedom of speech does not mean supporting what is said"

For those that chose to take "offence" (offence can only be taken, never given) Twitter comes with  a "Block" option and an "unfollow" option, i suggest you use them instead of phoning the police.

Their is a word for those that demand that someone be locked up for holding views they find "offensive", i just cant think of it at the moment.

Liverpool fans, if you dont want to be "offended" then go and live in the socialist/communist/Marxist paradise of North Korea. 

Note : I support everyone's right to freedom of speech and expression, its called consistency you see!

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Question Time

Not So Bright SNP

Oh dear, another social media fail, this time by Mike Weir from the SNP, Mike decided to respond to a tweet earlier, he claims that its "thoughts from Labour front bench"

Of course had Mike Weir checked the twitter profile....
And the real one

And the SNP want to rule an independent Scotland?

Man Up Man United!

KT is only just catching up on yesterdays news, Some readers will know that KT is a West Ham fan, but KT likes to think that he gives an impartial view of events, Well this "incident" apparently enraged Comrade Fergie

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As the popular Saturday morning football show (Soccer AM) would say "Get on the weights" !

Life Thru A Lens

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"There just like you, they need love too" 

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Get With The Program Eric!

Yesterday evening KT decided to tweet a few tweets in honor of the "Ed Balls" carze, now it is only a bit of fun started by the man himself :

Here are some of the tweets i posted :
So imagine KT`s shock when he checked his twitter this morning and found this reply from former Labour MP Eric Joyce :

Get with the program Eric ;)

Note :   No-one was assaulted in the making of this blog post!

What Austerity?

Via LibertarianView

Maybe we can actually try dealing with out deficit and debt now eh?

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Thatcher Dub v1

This comes via MrJacHart , KT is bopping along :)

There is another one :

Owen Jones : Words Of Wisdom

Let him be ;)

Biased BBC?

Video via liarpoliticians

The BBC biased? Never! next you will tell me that the BBC covered up child abuse for a couple of decades!

Menzies Recalls The BT (Before Thatcher) Socialist Paradise

Video via liarpoliticians

You dont hear the left remind you of that........

Thatcher Was Brave

Video via liarpoliticians

Common sense from QT, well i never ;)

Liverpool Victim Of Bombing!

Well according to a Labour MP

KT cannot find any recent history of Liverpool being victim of terrorist attack ( tho will correct if incorrect ) 

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Monday, 15 April 2013

You Have Been Brillo`d

Game,set and match!

Update : Unless blogger is playing up some tweets are not showing, luckily KT has screenshots  

About Respect Liverpool "Fans"

For the last week Liverpool fans have asked others to be respectful as they pay tribute to those that died at Hillsborough

The same Liverpool fans that have chants like this

Both clips via showmethemoney1975

Maybe they should look at themselves first before demanding others show respect!

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Ed Milibands Breaks Wrist

KT will resist the obvious gags and wish Mr Miliband a speedy recovery :)

Update : 
  Update : Ed Tweets (must be the other wrist then :) ) 

Thatcher To Blame For Banking Crisis? No

Via liarpoliticians

Of course Labour like to airbrush out of history that they were responsible for changing the regulation that oversaw the banks, KT asks how many banks were bailed out pre 97 compared to after 97......

Green Party Candidate Supports Terrorism

The Green Party like to present themselves as nice and cuddly people, ya know, looking after the icebergs and fluffy killer animals ( something like that) , but it seems that does not extend to humans, this is Green party candidate Trevor Allman supporting an attempt by terrorists to murder a UK Prime minster

But that is not all

He might love your wind turbines, but he has zero basic human decency, maybe he and Glenda Jackson  should start a club! 

Update : Trevor gets in touch 

Update : The London Green party get in touch 

KT will point out that the original tweet was sent 4 days ago......

Note : KT has been told that the Green Party were not aware of the tweet till yesterday evening, KT looks forward to the outcome of the investigation. 

Update : His twitter account seems to be suspended  
Here are screenshots of those tweets

Via Khyberman