Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween

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Happy Halloween

Obama gets ripped by Leno

This is from therightscoop website , Enjoy

Same sex marriage

This is another post on same sex marriage, i don't want to get in to a deep theological debate as i have stated before i don't believe in sky fairies, it is just a simple case of equality to have the chance to be a miserable as straight couples.

So, as Iain Dale says here it is quite simple

Video via liarpoliticians

Game,Set and Match! 

You can view the whole exchange here

A tad over the top

You can always rely on some people to go over the top

So i typed "hezzbollah" into google search and it came up with this from Wiki

"Hezbollah[1] (Arabic: حزب اللهḥizbu-llāh, literally "Party of Allah" or "Party of God") is a Shi'a Islamic militant group and political party based in Lebanon.[2][3][4] It receives financial and political support from Iran and Syria, and its paramilitary wing is regarded as a resistance movement throughout much of the Arab and Muslim worlds.[2] The United States, the Netherlands,[5] the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and Israel classify Hezbollah as a terrorist organization, in whole or in part.[6]  "


A coincidence?

We all know that Labour and their supporters troll blogs and spout the party line, the first is tweet sent by Labour press team

 However they may have to be a bit more flexible and imaginative when posting on blogs

 That was posted on Guido Fawkes just two minutes later, a coincidence?

(Must be noted that it is also easy to sockpuppet on Guido Fawkes site)

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Max Clifford claims Tory minister "interfered" with 14 year old girls

Max Clifford claims that Tory minister "interfered " with 14 year old girls.

I do hope any evidence he claims to have about this has been passed onto the police!

This is the quote from the video (if it is not clear enough)

"MC: Wonderful for me. You couldn't have written the script, to make it
even better and inflame it. And he enjoyed the whole thing. Alan Clark
loved the whole thing. The only thing about it, you had...they made a
lot of money out of it. He'd used them, so they wanted to make money out
of it, they had a moan, so they did. He enjoyed it: he sold even more
books. The only slightly serious side about it was he'd actually
interfered with those girls from the age of fourteen."

Very disturbing if true.....


The youtube video was pulled, however you can view a copy of it here 

Bin Laden backs Obama

The dallycaller has the story

"A Jerusalem journalist writing for a conservative website reported Monday night that he was able to make two small financial contributions to President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign in the name of the late terror mastermind Osama bin Laden.
Aaron Klein, writing for WorldNetDaily, said he successfully made campaign donations of $15 and $5 through a “proxy” service that masked his location and provided the Obama campaign website with a Pakistani Internet Protocol (IP) address instead.
The Obama campaign, Klein wrote, accepted and acknowledged both contributions, made with a disposable credit card, and followed up with additional fundraising emails to a Gmail account set up in the dead terrorist’s name."

It goes onto say

   " Knowingly accepting political donations from non-U.S. citizens is a violation of federal law."

I know the race to become Commander-in-Chief is tight and every dollar helps, but surely this is a bit extreme? 
Or a more serious note, if they cannot have a secure method  for only Americans to donate then how can Americans trust the President to keep them safe?


This is a post about tax, tax evasion and tax avoidance, but before i get onto it i want to explain this, Tax is theft , if you look at Wiki and its meaning of "Theft" you get this

"In common usage, theft is the taking of another person's property without that person's permission or consent with the intent to deprive the rightful owner of it"

In short, if you don't vote you are not giving your consent to be taxed, so any tax that is forced on you (without your consent) is theft.

I wanted to get that out the way because i want to talk about tax avoidance and evasion, but not by the rich but by the poor/working class. There is not a day when we hear from some spoiled brat from the left complain about the rich baby eating Tories avoiding tax (Tho avoiding tax is perfectly legal and is to be encouraged) but very rarely the poor doing it, Is it because they have no idea that it happens?

There is something in this country which is called "the black market" ( i hate that term) , i prefer "the free market" , a place where people barter and compromise on a price for a product/service and the Government gets zero directly from it, See i can go to the right place and ask the right person and get my hands on most things from cheap cigarettes to DVDs and cheap booze and i am not the only one, many people i know do it for the simple reason "its cheaper" , we know when things get tough people look to save anything they can, a few quid on a packet of fags is a no brainier, getting the new film for half the price another no brainier.

The rich maybe able to afford to pay accountants to avoid tax, but here, in my world we find much cheaper ways of avoiding/evading tax and we also get the bonus of starving the beast.

So the next time you hear someone on the tele moan about about tax avoidance and evasion remember that us in the real world do it all the time and don't bat an eyelid.

People say that "criminals are always one step in front of the police", i want to rephrase it "The smart people are always one step in front of the state" and that does include the poor!

Final thought for you lefties, If you are so against cuts then i suggest you donate more of your own money to the state before demanding more of other peoples money!

"In common usage, theft is the taking of another person's property without that person's permission or consent with the intent to deprive the rightful owner of it"

Remember , Tax IS theft.

Mr Scam Man

I just found this, a nice song that had me humming along

Mitt Zomney

Yesterday this blog brought you some spoof Obama ads, so today here is a Romney one

I liked it

Monday, 29 October 2012

Tell us what you really think

Lets just say that one person didn't like Ed Milibands speech today

It is very rare that any politician is right.

More press regulation?

Grab a mug of coffee/glass of wine, select your favorite flavor of popcorn and enjoy this debate of regulation of the media

I am looking forward to the BBC allowing Mr Wallis to do the piece which is promised live on air.

I did take issue about it not being about free speech and expression, our judiciary is independent and still locks people up for wearing an "Offensive " t-shirt or tweeting "abuse" , So the freedom of speech for us plebs is already under attack.

If readers are unhappy with a newspaper for what ever reason then they can choose to stop buying it (Hint to the mob who want to ban page 3), unlike the BBC tho.

Tho one should not be surprised at a Media lawyer wanting more laws...

Video via liarpoliticians

No wonder Labour want to talk about something else


My first time

When this ad was broadcast in the States its fair to say it got people talking

And of course, if it is talked about it is also spoofed...

And here is another one

Sunday, 28 October 2012

That awkward moment when you expect a round of applause

You are going Question Time, You have prepared what you think is a great line....

Video via liarpoliticians

Saturday, 27 October 2012

My Way (Parody)

I just came across this from down under, its 8 months old but quite good (check out the Gordon Brown impression ) ;)

Great advice nick

Great and thoughtful tweet from Nick

Friday, 26 October 2012

Donald has been Trumped

This comes from www.edgeonthenet and made me laugh.

So, the other day Donald Trump made President Obama and offer

Fair enough, But one person has an offer for you Mr Trump

Donald Trump gets some fresh air.

Short Cartoon

This short cartoon from the States made me chuckle

5 votes?

This story from the echo caught my eye and has left me feeling concerned about how the system works

Thats not healthy

Surely a system which gives people votes needs to be based on more than "good faith"?

Is this an isolated case, bad practice? Or is this the standard throughout the country?

If this is the standard practice then does this not call into question the results of closely fought elections?  


Well, i missed this defection other day

But it seems Penny has not updated her profile

Or someone made an error at Getty Images ;)

Via Lord_Palmerston

Thursday, 25 October 2012

That awkward headline

Sometimes a story doesn't need any words or explaining.....

Via katbrown82

Dogs V Cats

Something for animal lovers (sort of)

And just for balance the other side of the debate

I am glad that we don't have to face this tough choice here in the UK!

Obama rally (live)


Is Mitt your man?

KT liked this so thought would share


Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The Omnibus is coming

that tune does bring back memories.....

Ed Milibands number one fan?

I was looking through Youtube when i came across this, i am not sure if it is a joke or genuine

Tho i must admit that i do like the tune!

Only in America (action figure edition)

And just for balance here is President Obama

I notice the President Obama one used the "One Nation" quote, Maybe someone close to Ed Miliband has a President Obama figure?


Piers is not having a good time at the moment, so here is a song to cheer him up

Well, it cheered me up!

Ed and Labour do Gangnam

Its only 30 seconds long, but amusing :)

Mitt and Barack rap about foreign policy

The election in America seems like it has been going on forever and, to be fair i am pretty bored of it. However it has shown the interweb at its most creative, so here is something i found that made me chuckle


Monday, 22 October 2012

You sick cunt!

Just fucking unbelievable!


Video via liarpoliticians

The more i hear about this affair the more i feel sick, it seems everyone knew something but no-one said anything  while at the same time vulnerable children were being sexually abused. It now seems everyone is just out to save what careers they have left.

 Lets just be clear, those that knew about it and said nothing are as guilty as those that abused the children.

Now tonight we will have one BBC program (Panorama ) investigating another BBC program (Newsnight) , which license fee payers are funding, some will argue that it is the BBC doing what the BBC does, i disagree because the simple fact is that the BBC should not have covered up these serious allegations in the first place, if they had then many lives would not have been ruined.

Some are saying this could be the end of the BBC as we know it, I have to ask "is that a bad thing?" , Its clear that something went badly wrong for this case to have stayed out of sight for so long, so i would like to see one change , the change that is desperately needed is for the BBC to move to voluntary subscription, then and only then can we tell if they have regained the majority of support from the British public.


Out of touch on twitter

Video via liarpoliticians 

This was meant to be posted the other day, but due to me getting sidetracked and having a date (that went badly) it is finally getting posted today.

I am not a fan of Mr Campbell, however i did find myself in agreement with him ( on this topic) , Twitter and social networks are fantastic, I have been on twitter a year and have engaged with people i never dreamed of, It has opened up possibility that i never knew existed, hell it has even responsible for this blog being here (tho was a bit drunk when i first decided to do it) . If it wasn't for twitter i would not own 3 books (Animal farm, The River Cottage Cookbook and The End of politics ) , ok i have only managed to read one of them (tho it was bloody brilliant) but it has opened my eyes to stuff i had never even thought of.

Ok, i may be a pain in the arse sometimes and i can ask stupid questions ( well stupid to you) but the knowledge that is available and the fact it is so instant means that news breaks there before the news channels these days.

Of course it has its bad side, death threats, bullying and the mob mentality can happen, but i still contend that twitter is a good thing, Well good until politicians and political parties get involved, you see us plebs wont fall for spin and bullshit that they get away with in the MSM, we will go places that they dont want to, we will try and hold them to account when local or national media have failed. As you can understand they dont like it, how do they respond? They use the "block" option (fair enough) , but what does it say when they cant debate honestly with people from the real world?

I have been blocked by (Mainly) Lefties/Labour types because i dare challenge them, yep, the single fact of disareeing with a Leftie can get you blocked, the party of the working class is freezing out erm working class voters. The other problem with this is that they end up only talking/debating to like minded folk (people who dont disagree) or journalists from newspapers (their are a few notable exceptions ).

With trust in politicians at a low (see the latest "rentswapping" scandal) you would hope that they would try and engage a bit more , but no, they use twitter like they use the MSM, stick to the lines they have been told to say and call anyone who disagrees a "troll". I personally dont care that much as it reenforces my view that they are all mainly out of touch, it means when i am asked about i give a negative view of parliament and those that are elected to the place.

Politicians have been rumbled and the "block" option is just burying their heads in the sand.
Graphic borrowed from Guido Fawkes

Saturday, 20 October 2012

A future that abuses?

and who is Louise Baldock?


Quiet Ed

I think Ed has forgotten his twitter password

His last tweet was on the 4th of October....

Friday, 19 October 2012

Nice Place to visit

KT had a little visit out other day and found this place

And this one

I think this place would be a good place to visit, don't you think?


For details visit here

Pics from website 

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Question Time (McScotland edition)

Nick Griffin is the lowest of the low!

WE all know the BNP are scum, but this is a low from Nick Griffin :

I have blacked out the names and address of people concerned, this is outright bullying and disgusting!

Twitter raped?

Rape is no joke!

Ed,Ken and others do the Gangnam

Even Gordon turned up!

Taxi for Peter!

This story from Southend caught my eye

I have on many occasions used the services of Taxis in and around the Southend area and have always found them friendly, polite and clean, i have never had any cause to complain, Politicians however.......

Eton Gangnam

Looks like The Commentator picked this up last evening (its still good tho) :)

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

England abused abroad

SER 0-1 ENG (U21) by Ricardo109x

Freedom of speech (losing track of what number post this is)

This clip was brought to my attention by a few people on timeline earlier.

I have blogged before about the freedom of speech and expression and the second part of the question ( and reply sent shivers done my spine) , anyway listen to the question and answer

Video via liarpoliticians

In the last week we have seen a man jailed for wearing this t-shirt

This quote is from the local neighborhood team said

        "To mock or joke about the tragic events of that morning is morally reprehensible and Thew has rightly been convicted and sentenced for his actions."

Do you see where we are going?

We have had the "Liam Stacey " affair , then we had the "Twitter Joke Trial" case that we had hoped had restored some common sense in protecting free speech, but no, it did not last long, the other week we had this person arrested and jailed over posting a "joke", now there are a few more examples i could give but i want to move on to what this MP is asking.

The comments on religious comments on social could refer to a number of things, it could be about chants in football grounds or it could be about that crappy film mocking Islam or it could be to do with those French cartoons

                     “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

 I don`t know about you but i will bloody well criticize who i want ( Sky fairies included) , For Gods sake (other Sky Fairies available ) Parliament is meant to protect our freedoms not restrict them!

while ago i posted a blog attacking Jeremy Hunt for blocking a anti same sex marriage bus advert but allowing a pro same sex marriage advert, i got called a "homophobic fuckwitt" (quite funny as i am gay and support same sex marriage) , supporting the freedom of speech and expression does not mean you agree with everything that is said.

We should be proud of freedom of speech and protect it with all we have, not be afraid or ashamed about it and then try and appease those that are "offended" by our use of it, and if our politicians cannot see that then they really are not fit for office.  

Remember offense can only be taken, never given.

Nice lunch?

When i saw this i just had to Laugh

Sack the Intern ;)

Not happy, period!

I am not sure if this is real or a spoof, either way it is quite amusing

Via SimonNRicketts

Check before you tweet

Write out one hundred times "I must check my tweet before sending it" ;)

Its all kicking off in Northampton

Be on the lookout!

This is even allowed to be heard in this country?

I have just read this in the Telegraph , the word "uneasy" is an understatement

When i read this i felt myself go pale, felt slightly sick, you know why, read this from Wiki

"Nazi eugenics were Nazi Germany's racially-based social policies that placed the improvement of the Aryan race through eugenics at the center of Nazis ideology. Those humans were targeted who were identified as "life unworthy of life" (German: Lebensunwertes Leben), including but not limited to the criminal, degenerate, dissident, feeble-minded, homosexual, idle, insane, and the weak, for elimination from the chain of heredity. More than 400,000 people were sterilized against their will, while 70,000 were killed under Action T4, a "euthanasia" program.[1][2] "

Chris Mullin is right

This is an interesting piece from the Telegraph

Indeed,, I mentioned yesterday that Labour are showing double standards over Gordons "passionate" behavior  , he then goes on to say this

It does seem tho, that this intervention from Mr Mullins has reinforced the view that  Ed and his front bench are totally in the pockets of the unions, and not anyone else!

Via RichardNorthey

Monday, 15 October 2012

Crossed wires Ed?

Video via liarpoliticians

Thats not what was said in the house earlier Ed? (Harriet starts at 6 mins )

From agreeing with Maria Miller, Labour only after a few hours disagree.

Right in touch Labour.....

In this age of austerity how many "Hard working families" can afford a FT subscription? unless its a bit of free advertising for the FT? ;)

The Miners take on President Obama

A great story in the Blaze , It seems they are not happy with President Obama

So they wrote a letter :

Dear President Obama:
We are writing as the employees of American Energy Century Mine in Beallsville, Ohio. You have approved in a running television campaign ads about the Mitt Romney event that was held at our Century coal mine. These ads state that we were forced to attend this rally and that is blatantly false. There are numerous false statements and absolute lies concerning our participation in this event, we, the employees, mostly started by a local shock jock host. Since your approval is attached to these ads, you may not wish to support these mistruths. Why would you lie about the 500 working miners who have signed this letter? We, the employees of Century Mine, would request you immediately stop these false ads. Thank you. Century Mine employees.

 This was the advert

And here is the Miners response ad

And the Miners full statement

If the President cannot be trusted to tell the truth in an advert what hope is there if he is re-elected to the WhiteHouse?

One rule for one and one rule for another...

In another stunning show of hypocrisy the Labour party have tabled this motion

Now lets go back a little while

So i would be grateful if any Labour person could get in touch to tell me how much in fines Gordon paid and if he didn't pay, why not or is this just another bandwagon that they are jumping on?

EU having a luagh?

Is there any more proof needed that the EU is stuck up its own arse?

Unless its from the comedy dept?

That Bradford spring....

This story in the Guardian is worrying on many levels, but this little bit worried me a lot

" Most worrying, police are investigating claims that Respect loyalists have harassed rape victims with anonymous phone calls and menacing messages on Facebook and Twitter, after they challenged Galloway's views on sex and consent."

I accept that these are just allegations and we are all innocent till found guilty or not guilty, But what irony that these serious claims are made against a party named Respect....

I`m-A-Dinner-Jacket talks X-Factor

Via Huff Post


Blogging maybe a bit light over the next few weeks, however it will not stop!

This story from the dailyecho caught my eye, It reports that a couple of Labour Cllrs were suspended for voting against cuts!

Yet we only have to remember that Comrade Miliband has agreed to join the Anti Cuts demo this weekend

So, on  one hand we having the Labour leadership claiming they are against cuts yet on a local level Cllrs are punished for not voting for cuts.

Do wee need any more proof that our politics is rotten and broken.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

A Bizzare (but rather good) Political PSA

Ok, Its Sunday and i am a tad hungover (was a goodnight tho) , so here is something from the States that i have just watched and actually found quite good.

Does contain some naughty words

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Twat of the week!

Via eljmayes

Ann Coulter V Bill Maher

I score this as a draw, Ann gets of to bad start but manages to pull enough back to tie this encounter.

Tho why she decided to wear a nightie i will never know ;)

I agree with Nick

Freddies back

I am excited!!!

Yesterday i received the most awesome news, Pink News reports that Queen have been working on a film about the late great Freddie Mercury :

"Queen guitarist Brian May has revealed more details about the upcoming biopic into the life of the band’s late frontman, Freddie Mercury.

In a statement on his website, May confirmed that the film should be ready for release in early 2014.
He said the production is “on course” and even though they started slightly later than anticipated.
May has also confirmed that Mercury will be played by Borat star Sacha Baron Cohen."

Some readers will not be aware that i am a massive Queen fan, but i am, they are one of the Greatest bands ever!

So in celebration of this most awesome news, I offer you this Freddie classic

Freddie and Queen = Legends

Friday, 12 October 2012


If you skip to 2.30 you will hear the Judge call Joe Biden a "Jackass" twice.

Via thegatewaypundit

Whats so funny Joe?

Dave was right on tax cuts

So the 3 main parties have had their annual piss ups and talking shops, but for me their was a clear line put between Tories and Labour and it was beautifully put by the PM (Hey , a broken clock is right twice a day)

The shameful act of Two Eds deliberately misleading the public on this is nothing but class warfare, but we knew that anyway. The thing is Two Eds, a person/family know what is best for their circumstances, if you let them keep more of their own money (cut tax) then they may not struggle as much as they are now, but to do that it means you would have to cut spending as well.

It would also mean the state handing back responsibility to the individual as well.....

Video via liarpoliticians

Caption Comp (Red Ken)

No prize but i am sure you can come up with something :

Shhhh-Stuff up!

The lovely people at mediaite picked up on Sarah Palin correcting herself

"“My buddy Joe Biden… has a penchant for making shhhh–stuff up,” said Palin. Palin said that Biden’s strenght is his ability to “say wrong thing to say at just the right time.”

You do have to appeal to all voters right?

 Via BrooksyF22 

No wonder this came out a while ago

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Question Time (2215 hours start)

Thats a Fine Union!

This story comes from the USA via weeklystandard

Tight Comment Policy?

When you say you will run a tight comment policy, its a good idea to stick to it

That is an overview of liberalconspiracy comment policy , so i wonder how these comments stayed up

Ok, that one is "debatable"(In the fact of different ages for consent in Europe) , but then

and then finally

How does that fit into a "tight comment policy" ?

Obamas spin on Libya attack shown in a hard hitting ad


Mayoral Candidate still smokin

Back in September i blogged this story , well he had his day in court the local Media report , but one bit caught my eye

      "He told the judge: "I smoke marijuana. I work for myself. I'm a mayoral candidate. I'm a PCC candidate. My income is £7,000 a year and I am debt-free."

He does quite well despite have no fixed address.

March March March!

Don't give up the day job..

Whats the Difference?

One Person got jailed for 4 months

 "I may disagree with what you say but i will defend to the death your right to say it"

Top pic via wirespyuk
Bottom pic via Guido Fawkes

What was that Dave?

I must have missed this from Daves speech other day.

Posted on Youtube by PokeHQ

Not to be missed!

How can you say no? 

Ed Miliband has failed those in need.

This is from the Daily Mirror by Ed Miliband, i have copied the whole piece for a reason.

"There’s no doubt times are tough. The British people live in a country with an economy in recession, where they struggle to pay bills and where a million young people are looking for work.
What David Cameron ­demonstrated yesterday is he does not understand that when times are tough our country must come together.
When we rebuilt peace after the Second World War, our governments knew in the most difficult of times that they needed to give people a vision.
That vision brought us together with the spirit and strength to succeed. We were One Nation.
That is what we need today.
A One Nation government would take the strong decision to stand up for the many, not just a few.
A One Nation government would ensure bankers work together with businesses to create jobs and tax their bonuses to get our young people back to work.
A One Nation government would stop millions of families being ripped off by electricity firms or pension brokers.
A One Nation government would use the talents of all our young people, including the forgotten 50% who do not go to university, as we rebuild our economy.
These are some of the big changes we need to make if we are to come together as a country once again.
David Cameron has showed he can only drive us apart. He cannot be a One Nation Prime Minister.
He defended the millionaires’ tax cut by saying they deserved it because it was “their money”.
Wrong. The people funding this tax cut for the richest are those who are being asked to pay more: Mirror readers, families, pensioners, students, small business people.
David Cameron never mentioned the double dip recession or the million jobless young people.
He won’t stand up to the banks and he won’t stand up for people like you. He stands by a chief whip who called the police “plebs”.
Yesterday he told everybody else we have a choice: “Sink or swim”.
We all know what he means: The wealthiest swim while working people sink. A recovery for the top. A recession for everyone else.
Your choice is becoming clearer by the day: The sink or swim society of David Cameron or One Nation Britain with Labour."

For the last week or so i have asked where has Ed and Labour been, Not just twice , three times or even four times, no, five times i have blogged about the BBC, Ed and Labour and nowt, zip, but then Ed Miliband turns up to give this to the Mirror interview/post , plenty about "One Nation" ( tho his party and MPs have not quite got this yet, let alone Ed himself), Some good old class warfare (from a millionaire) and no apology for the state his party left the public finances in.

Well that bollocks can wait for another day, what i want to ask is why is a Labour leader so quiet on an outrageous attack on the most vulnerable?   Despite all the allegations and claims we have heard nothing from Ed Miliband or Harriet Harman on the scandal at the BBC, But he and his fellow MPs can go on twitter and elsewhere and spout the party line.


Had this been a Murdoch outlet Labour and Ed (Plus Watson and Bryant  ) would be on the tele 24/7 , But nothing , it is as if the Labour party consider phone hacking more serious than child sexual abuse.

Ed, your party was set up to protect the vulnerable, by not speaking out you have failed them and by doing so show your contempt for the vulnerable and weakest in society.

You and your party should be ashamed of yourself.

If it had only been Murdoch....... If only...... 

Whats the punchline?

Ok , i am waiting for the punchline?

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Labour MP accuses Tories of mass murder!

Well according to thefreedictionary this MP has just accused the Tories of :

" slaugh·ter  (slôtr)
1. The killing of animals especially for food.
2. The killing of a large number of people; a massacre: "I could not give my name to aid the slaughter in this war, fought on both sides for grossly material ends" (Sylvia Pankhurst).
tr.v. slaugh·tered, slaugh·ter·ing, slaugh·ters
1. To kill (animals) especially for food; butcher.
a. To kill (people) in large numbers; massacre.
b. To kill in a violent or brutal manner.

[Middle English, of Scandinavian origin; akin to Old Norse sltr, butchery.]"
Am so loving this "One Nation" Labour Party!