Thursday, 11 October 2012

Ed Miliband has failed those in need.

This is from the Daily Mirror by Ed Miliband, i have copied the whole piece for a reason.

"There’s no doubt times are tough. The British people live in a country with an economy in recession, where they struggle to pay bills and where a million young people are looking for work.
What David Cameron ­demonstrated yesterday is he does not understand that when times are tough our country must come together.
When we rebuilt peace after the Second World War, our governments knew in the most difficult of times that they needed to give people a vision.
That vision brought us together with the spirit and strength to succeed. We were One Nation.
That is what we need today.
A One Nation government would take the strong decision to stand up for the many, not just a few.
A One Nation government would ensure bankers work together with businesses to create jobs and tax their bonuses to get our young people back to work.
A One Nation government would stop millions of families being ripped off by electricity firms or pension brokers.
A One Nation government would use the talents of all our young people, including the forgotten 50% who do not go to university, as we rebuild our economy.
These are some of the big changes we need to make if we are to come together as a country once again.
David Cameron has showed he can only drive us apart. He cannot be a One Nation Prime Minister.
He defended the millionaires’ tax cut by saying they deserved it because it was “their money”.
Wrong. The people funding this tax cut for the richest are those who are being asked to pay more: Mirror readers, families, pensioners, students, small business people.
David Cameron never mentioned the double dip recession or the million jobless young people.
He won’t stand up to the banks and he won’t stand up for people like you. He stands by a chief whip who called the police “plebs”.
Yesterday he told everybody else we have a choice: “Sink or swim”.
We all know what he means: The wealthiest swim while working people sink. A recovery for the top. A recession for everyone else.
Your choice is becoming clearer by the day: The sink or swim society of David Cameron or One Nation Britain with Labour."

For the last week or so i have asked where has Ed and Labour been, Not just twice , three times or even four times, no, five times i have blogged about the BBC, Ed and Labour and nowt, zip, but then Ed Miliband turns up to give this to the Mirror interview/post , plenty about "One Nation" ( tho his party and MPs have not quite got this yet, let alone Ed himself), Some good old class warfare (from a millionaire) and no apology for the state his party left the public finances in.

Well that bollocks can wait for another day, what i want to ask is why is a Labour leader so quiet on an outrageous attack on the most vulnerable?   Despite all the allegations and claims we have heard nothing from Ed Miliband or Harriet Harman on the scandal at the BBC, But he and his fellow MPs can go on twitter and elsewhere and spout the party line.


Had this been a Murdoch outlet Labour and Ed (Plus Watson and Bryant  ) would be on the tele 24/7 , But nothing , it is as if the Labour party consider phone hacking more serious than child sexual abuse.

Ed, your party was set up to protect the vulnerable, by not speaking out you have failed them and by doing so show your contempt for the vulnerable and weakest in society.

You and your party should be ashamed of yourself.

If it had only been Murdoch....... If only...... 

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  1. The scale of the cover-up within the BBC is truly astonishing and sickening. Even now, they reject calls for an external independent review and say they'll deal with it internally. The NOTW couldn't weather the storm re phone-hacking and Murdoch closed it down; this storm is far far worse with REAL victims (rather than celebs like Hugh Grant etc) and Cameron might finally make some friends among the public if he acted swiftly and shut the entire rotten BBC edifice down forthwith, and screw their mega-redundancy packages, they don't deserve them.