Monday, 30 April 2012

It does not matter who you vote for the government always gets in.

Title of this post sort of sums up what i am about to write, but anyway.

I was watching a chat between a few followers ( I did offer my 10 quids worth) and someone took offence at a video, normally i stay out of things like this, but out of interest i looked at the video, well its a well used clip used to mock politicians.

But the thing that worried me the most was that the person complaining used most defence's in the book. I tried to point out that he was having a sense of humour failure and it was laughed off, Fair enough i thought (they have there opinion and they entitled to it), but then i Saw a tweet that really did worry me, apparently the person that was offended decided to block one of those not offended.

Now, this would not normally concern me ( i have only ever been blocked by lefties), but this person was a Conservative.

When Gordon Bron resigned i thought we had got rid of socialism for a while, however it has not happened, Current Government are spending more than Gordon. But if that's not bad enough then they want to read your email (hint, thought we got rid of socialism), we signed more powers and money over to the EU (Accounts not signed in over 15 year) , so what has changed?

Some will say vote UKIP because they are libertarians, well that is bollocks, while i agree with some if not most UKIP policy i cannot vote for them and i will try and explain why.

UKIP are against Gay marriage, yep they are against my right to be a miserable as straight people, someone on twitter that it should be put to a referendum, A referendum? would you do it for black/Asian/Chinese/french/disabled couples?

Like i said , it doesn't matter who you vote for, the government always gets in.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Oh there is a election coming up.

I am not sure readers will know this, but the city where i live is having a election this week (London).

So with less than a week to go i have finally received my first leaflet from any candidate (through the door).  I will confess that in the last few days i have received answers via twitter to some questions and on some questions i have had no answer, Anyway this masks the bigger issue.

Politicians only care what we think around election time, they want to make sure they are given a extended time on the gravy train.

Each candidate will promise free this , free that and people will believe this, One candidate says he is going to reinstate EMA (education maitenace allowance) , £30 a week for going to collage, Wow!

So i thought to myself, would i have gone to collage for £30 a week? simple answer is no, Why do we need to bribe young people to have an education? Seriously. Are we just installing greed at a younger age?

Education is one of the most important parts of growing up, as you know i missed out and still regret that, but there are some things more valuable than money and a good education is one of them, Besides if we bribe collage people with money how long till we have bribe secondary school kids? or even primary kids?

And when you do vote for *free* this or that spare a thought for where the money comes from.

I wont advise any of you how to vote, where that X goes in the ballot box is between you and the ballot box.

But beware of Politicians promising free anything as the state has no money of its own (and the politicians wont pay for it out of there own pockets).

anyway have a good weekend :)

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Compulsory voting.

Our democracy is a sham!

Turnout percentages in elections is shocking, Now i am not going to use this post to endorse or slag of anyone one party (otherwise it will be a very long post), There are a thousand reasons why you shouldn't vote for any party But that doesn't mean you shouldn't vote.

Some will argue that withholding you vote is also a part of democratic processes, I agree, but (yep here comes the but) how then can we call our Government a Representative government? Less than 50% of turnout will propel a party into government. This is not democracy.

So i am now going to argue for compulsory voting (OK i am going to give it a shot), Its a simple policy and one i hope attracts support.

The main reason people don't vote in elections because they feel that it doesn't matter who they vote for a crook and liar will get in and after the expenses scandal who can blame them? Or parties going back on manifesto promises.

If we are to have democracy then we must all take part so i propose a small fine (no more than £30) for every person who is registered to vote who doesn't, you ill say that i am forcing people into an action they don't want to do, maybe i am, but then don't parents force their children to go to school? eat their greens etc (yes i know this article is about adults). The other end of this proposal is that a extra box is added on every ballot paper saying "None of the above", then you see parties would have to work hard for your vote.

In some places None of the above could win and that is democrcy!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Was i wrong?

A little while ago i wrote a post asking if it was more important to be nice or nice to important.

I said that phrase kept me grounded.

Since then i have come to different view, it may be important to be nice, but it doesn't get you very far. see i always try and be polite and try and help if i can, but i always ask questions, i want to learn, improve.

But i wanted to do with manners and politeness.

But then again maybe its because i am naive?or a pain in the arse.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012


I have to be careful how i write about this and would respect readers to accept my reason for asking them not to discuss names involved in the case.

As you all know a footballer was found guilty of rape last week and was sentenced to a period in prison, That was the courts desicion and in line with justice the footballer still has option of appeal.

However i want to talk about to things now, The reaction from some sections of twitter and ho it feels to be raped.

Twitter reaction was similar to what we saw with the Luis Suarez/Patrice Evra racism storm, Liverpool stood by their player and claimed that *he had done nothing wrong* and the fans (well most of them followed that line) swallowed the line.

Well it was the same in the recent case of rape with some vile and disgusting comments.

This is a response to those idiots that made fun of rape.

Unless you have been raped you have no idea how it feels, not just physically, but mentally. Being  forced  to have someone else penis forced inside your own body is one of the most terrifying things that can ever happen, as you muscles tense up and the man forces his penis in with violence and the pain is stronger, While the rapist is happy getting his rocks of violating your body.

And even when the rape is over and spend you 24 hours in the bath and shower trying to get clean you still feel dirty, the physical scar will heal, but the mental battle has just begun.

You will have to battle with suicidal thoughts on a daily basis, fighting the urge to cut your wrist,  or just cut yourself to try and deal with pain, all medicines have to be hidden away in a locked box ( it only takes 5 mins to swallow drugs that could end your life), you have to have constant company, no surprise visitors, all phones turned done so not to make you jump.

And this is all before you even try and go outside into the street, To be honest you will never be able to forget about being raped, but in time you can learn how to deal with and live a fairly normal life (if you have the right support), If you don't have the right support it could mean you life is basically over.

As you know i believe in free speech and have witnessed many times when people joke about what will happen to people who are put in prison, while they are criminals i would not wish being raped on anyone.

Again i will ask that you do not name the victim in the football case in the comments.

But please lets stop making light of rape, its not nice, its life changing and it represents the most personal violation that can be done to you.

Having asked for some legal advice i have been advised to post this

 "FOR THE AVOIDANCE OF ANY DOUBT, I am not responsible for comments left on this site - I am unable to monitor it 24/7. However, should I be made aware of any comments left in relation to this article that break any laws of England & Wales, I will of course delete them immediately and co-operate fully with with any police investigation as to the identity of the commenter."

I know i can trust you guys to make sure i do not have to delete any comments.

Monday, 23 April 2012

House of Lords

So, the Government want to make the House of Lords fully elected.

I just want to outline why i do not agree.

The first reason is this and overlooked by some.

The commons does not do its job in scrutinising line by line legalisation, See if they did this then they would have a good case to put on abolishing the Lords altogether.

The second

What about mandate, lets just say we have a Tory commons but a Labour Lords, what happens? (OK some will point out not much difference between them but you know what i mean), Does the Lords have a stronger mandate of does the commons?

The third

Do we want a mirror of the Commons? do we want people with no real life experience parachuted into *safe seats* as they do in the Commons?

Do we want to lose the valuable experience that we have in the Lords to trade union officials and greasy pole climbers? Yes i want a check on the Commons, but i don't want a rival.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Jeremy Cunt

So, according to this  Story in the Daily Mail our Culture minister Jeremy Cunt thinks that banning a advert on radio is a good way of using the resources that his position affords.

Now first of all i don't buy into this religion crap in the first place (any of them), however if you want to then that is your choice. But i also believe in freedom of speech and expression, When i wrote about this a while ago i got called a "Homophobic fuckwitt", may i point out to readers two things they may not know:

1: I am gay

2: Supporting freedom of speech and someones right to say things does not mean i agree with said views of other people

We are now in a state where radio adverts and bus adverts have to be approved by politicians, I find this completely unacceptable. The politicians will claim that they are offended on my behalf (which is complete bollocks) and that they are just trying to protect me, Well forgive me Ministers but i am don't have the education that you have so maybe my brain is not as developed as your finally formed politically correct minds, But i understand that any censorship by the state is a bad thing.

If this was happening anywhere in the world our politicians would be calling for reforms of the state involved.

Again i will say this :  

I may detest what you say, but i will defend to the death your right to say

So Jeremy Cunt, whats your excuse?

Friday, 20 April 2012

Time to go back to my world?

There is a glass celling, we all know it.

See, as you know i am not the most brightest nor most intelligent person in the world, But i tend to judge people on merit not status. But i have a weakness of seeing good in everyone and want to help wherever i can.

However in the world of politics it seems you only get anywhere by being nasty, this type of politics is a turn off, its not what i want to see, but alas its what feeds our media and our politicians. We are so in a fucked up world where we rely on fear and hate to further our own means.

The class celling i am talking about is damaged goods (people like me), we are to quick to write them off, dismiss them as useless! Well i disagree, we are a divided society, we have breed class hatred (and most have fallen for it), One group one more of our money while one wants slightly less.

The celling is there but its not class nor racial nor even homophobic. The celling is between the political class and the taxpayers.

But whatever class, manners still matter :)

And by the way, i am going to keep trying to break that glass celling. They may laugh at me but hell, i am going to give it everything i have.

This country deserves better.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Are manners a turn off in politics?

I feel a little bit sad today, let me explain why.

Yesterday i asked someone if they stood by comments made in the middle of last year (Politely), It was a straight yes or no question, see i can understand some people say stupid things and then they regret them and say sorry or explain it was a idiotic thing to say( Lets be honest e have all said something in heat of moment and then wished we hadn't). I also thought after 6-9 months he would have come to see how silly his comments were.

So i waited and waited, put the question to him again (all politely) and still no answer came. I thought OK will try again tomorrow (Wednesday).

So roll on this morning and i re-sent the question, only this time i got an answer. Instead of it being the yes or no response i expecting or *Yes i should not have said it" reply i got called *obsessed*, then when i challenged this i got blocked on twitter and called a "simpleton".

Now i am not really that bothered about be blocked by a leftie on twitter (not the first nor will it be the last) but i do wonder why they do it and resort to *insults*, surely in the position the left are in they need more engagement with real people?

If this is the state and response that comes from people that are meant to represent the working class then they have a funny way of showing it.

Just for the record those that follow me on twitter know who this was that i had the exchange with and the comments i was asking if he stood by (still had no answer).

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Just something to ponder....

I saw this years ago, it keeps my feet on ground, so i thought i would share it.

"Its nice to be important, but its more important to be nice"

Is it true?

Monday, 16 April 2012

Why i am blogging

A reader asks what is the main purpose of this blog, a question which simple but a good one.

So here i go, last August i didn't have a twitter account active ( i had started one but gave up as i didn't understand it), eventually i gave in and re-started it out of curiosity and thirst for new knowledge. As i said in previous posts i have no education, Qualifications etc,I don't have a massive vocabulary nor am articulate as most other bloggers, so i am coming from a long way behind all my readers and twitter followers on catching up with things.

I want to use this blog as my space to write and express myself and yes ask questions, since getting into politics online i have found a whole new world (not to mention twitter) that i never knew exsisted, i have spoke with and chatted with people that i would never have had a chance to.

The topics i want to cover are about how i see things, my views are no more or less important as anyone elses.

Just a note on twitter.

I cannot thank enough the people that follow me and i follow for being so nice and welcoming and understanding ( even when i have sent the occasional typsy tweet and had to apologise the day after).

Like i have also said i intend to improve as much as i can, Hell have had so many twists in life this see where this takes me.

You are all welcome to come along for the ride :)

Saturday, 14 April 2012


I feel i need to write this, i didn't want to blog today as many subjects need addressing.

I want to talk about this site:

1: This site is not funded by anyone, nor does anyone but me decide what is published

2: Moderation will be down to me, i do not want to mod or delete any ones comment. (all comments are posted without moderation and this is how i want to keep it)

3: All views/comments are welcome

That's all and i really appreciate all readers for reading/commenting/ sharing.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Freedom of speech (again)

I wasn't going to blog today as i wanted a rest from after the last post, But a few things have happened that has got me angry.

First of all remember my first post about this (about Liam Stacey), well now it has gone further. It is now a crime to to call someone a cunt, basically our lawmakers have decided they know what is best for us.

The second thing is a advert banned from buses for being "offencive" (Mayor Johnson's word), the background on this is that a gay campaign group run a bus ad saying "Get over it" ( i have no problem with this), well in return some religious group decided to run one of their own, basically same words but with opposite meaning, again i was not offended, How ever Mayor Johnson has decided that he will be offended on my behalf. Enough i say, this is going to far.

the third thing that happened was our caring government decided that if our cigarettes where not on show then no-one would smoke ( but what would they do without all the tax revenue?) .

Anyway while the third is the lesser of the sins , i want to concentrate on the first two, because that is our greatest threat at the moment.

"I may detest what you say, but i will defend to the death your right to say it"

That is a phrase that i fully subscribe to in every sense of meaning, if we silence people we disagree with or send them to prison then what the hell happens when criticising the government is illegal ?

It seems we have been brainwashed into thinking that the state knows best, well it doesn't, it is there to serve us, not rule us.

o first they came for a "racist" then banned a "offencive bus advert* then took someone to court where they found guilty of calling someone a cunt.

But don't worry, its all for your protection.....

Thursday, 12 April 2012

My Past

Thinking about blogging about this i thought about whether to write or not. Then i remembered this is my space to write.

You see we all have skeletons in closet, and yes i have many. But i am not standing for public office nor seeking power. i may not have proper education but i have life experience, this wont help me get a cushy top paying job, but it make me survive.

I was abused by both my parents from at least the age of 6, My Father abused me sexually, my Mother turned a blind eye then allowed others to have there turn. You saw in earlier post i run away to central London, well this is why.

I will not go into graphic details as this blog will be too long.

Whenever my mother went to church my father used to come into my bedroom and abuse me (it was that or getting shoved down stairs). I was not alone in this happening this to them. Before this ended i was then passed on to another relative and friends to be used at weekends for sex. I started to miss school, misbehave, cry all night, then one day i run away , i run as fast as i could, i didn't care if my feet hurt i ran , then ran and kept running till i found *safety*. in a brief day of safety i was ended up at a hostel in south London however they wouldn't accept me as i was under 16, i then i got directed to another hostel that i blagged into, was warm but never slept as was in a room with others, I was scared.

I was then told at this hostel to go and claim benefits, Being under 16 you cant, so then to the streets....

The streets were cold and scary, not paved with gold, i was alone and scared, i slept in doorsteps and whoever offered me a bed ( even if it meant sex), I went from hell into hell, i then started taking drugs to try and comfort the pain, it worked but not enough. I ended up with old men having forced sex on a nightly event ( even during the day), but i was so desperate for food and a roof that it didn't matter.

See i needed to survive, and that's what i did.

Hope you all had that choice.

(the next ten years slowly improved, another blogpost will come soon on this)

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Page 3 tits? Why not?

Reading my twitter feed yesterday i saw a tweet saying that page 3 girls should be banned (or words to that effect), As you know i am gay so have no interest in seeing a woman get her breast out, but it is her choice.

If people want to show of their bodies for cash or even just the thrill of it in what ever media publication there is then let them. I don't care what they do ( as long as they are not forced against their will), if they strip for money then fine, Why should we stop them?

In my youth The Sun also used to run a page 7 fella, i used to like it ( also wished i would have a body like they did, the wish never come true) and think they should bring it back.

All i am saying is that we should celebrate our bodies it whatever way makes us happy ( as long as consenting adults and in privacy of own homes), and if you don't like page 3 tits or page 7 fella (if it ever comes back) then don't buy the Sun or whatever paper/magazine.

Remember we are all beautiful, so lets not be ashamed of it.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

What has happened to manners?

Am i the only one who has noticed the lack of manners about recently?

What happened, is it to much to say please or thank you (hell even something like cheers) anymore, even tho twitter is only 140 characters there is still space for even shortened versions. I do my best to say please and thanks when required (and yes i sometimes forget) and also appreciate when manners are returned in my direction.

Have we got more cynical? or ruder? Have we just forgot them and the value of manners?

Maybe it is a sign of the times?

I always remember this phrase : "Its nice to be important but its more important to be nice"

Monday, 9 April 2012

Back from hell.

Well i made it back in one piece from hell.

For a strange reason it was not as bad as normal, it normally ends spending three days of trying to convince me that i "should come back into the fold" and that i should "get over that gay phase", while there was the normal sledging and sniping about my car, i felt they may be slowly coming around to accepting that i am gay and accepting me for it?

Maybe i am being too hopeful , you see i hold on to the belief that fundamentally there is good in everyone. I always try and see peoples good points as opposed to their bad points, is it possible that my family accept me for me?

I hope so.

Happy Easter everyone

Friday, 6 April 2012

Blog notice

Am sorry for not posting today, but have taken to the hills to spend time with family (or hell as i know it), so there will be no blogging nor many tweets till i return.

However, the Mighty Hammers won today (4-0), so i ask all you Hammers fans to get behind the team and club and help our club to gt promoted.


Happy Easter :)

Thursday, 5 April 2012

I am only human

I am not a fan of posting after a few drinks, but !

We are all only human, with warts and all. Why do we look for the perfect leader/boyfriend etc. I am sick of people holding different people/groups to different standards.

See , we are all judgemental when its not our selves, hey its others lets mock em and judge em, yet if the same charge is aimed at us we attack? I believe we as people have been fooled into blurring the line between right and wrong, No longer are we all equal under the law( MP headbutts someone gets slap on wrist while an idiot who sent a tweet gets banged up for 56 days), This parliament is meant to represent the people, ask yourself this : How many people represent YOU ?

I am sick off double standards  : example : If tax avoidance is wrong then say so and don't do it ( Yes that's you Ken Livingstone i am talking about).

Lets Patrice what we preach instead of blaming others.

And for the record i believe tax avoidance is good and should be used by all and whenever you can

The IPL is here.

Most people that know me know that i am not a big fan of 20/20 cricket. However as its cricket i will watch it.

I really just want to have a moan about one thing and one thing only, I don't mind the fireworks , the singing and dancing, the atmosphere comes across as amazing, But (yep there is always a but), Is there any point on the pre-toss interviews? I mean , why? seriously? It goes pre toss interview then the toss then the post toss interview.

There must be a reason for it and i would be grateful if someone could provide me with the answer.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

How dare you Mr Cameron

Today the Prime minister re-launched ( 30th i think) his big society idea, The idea i kind off support. However it is to cost 600 million pounds, so where is the government going to gt it from? The answer is dormant banks accounts.

Yes you read that right , the government is going to steal your money out of your bank account to fund its scheme.

So i say this to the Prime minster, as one of your predecessor's said *The problem with socialism is that you eventully run out of other peoples money* , Get your own house in order, your government is still spending over 600 billion a year of our money. STOP taking what is not yours.

It is bad enough that you want to read our e-mails, texts or tweets but to put your hand into bank accounts is more of the same type of measures that Labour dictatorship introduced.

Just stop it!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Are we as kind as we used to be?

Many years ago when i was still a teenager (under 16) i had just run away from home and found myself on the streets of central London.

While walking around Soho to look for somewhere to sleep i was stopped by a gentleman who asked if i knew where a certain road was, having this knowledge i then walked him to road he was looking for and he turned around and said thankyou and gave me £5 (which meant i was able to get hot food that day).

This story has always stuck with me narly 20 years on.

Which brings me to the present, On my recnt visit to th centre of the greatest city on the planet i found myself crossing the road to avoid getting myslf in eye-to-eye contact with people begging and sleeping rough.

Am i less kind than the gentleman that helped me? Maybe, but i did feel ashamed of myself deffently.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Ok, It was not a April fool.

In my hungover state yesterday i claimed the best April fool gag was that the State was going to monitor all our e-mails, I am sorry that i have mislead you, it was not a joke.

The State will argue that if you have nothing to hide thn you have nothing to fear, well to a degree they are right, my e-mails wouldnt reveal anything sinister but they are still private. Next thy will say they will only target terrorists, fine until you relise that it is the State that defines who the terrorists are, But a Judge would have to approve a warrent , fine, but who selects the judges?

Just th other week a person was jailed for 56 days for *Offensive* and *Racist* tweets.

dont worry tho, its all so you can be safe.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

I am joining the Lib Dems

Ok it was a April fools joke.

i am slightly humgover today after having a few drinks last night, so while i try and remember all the details from last nights fun why dont you write in your best/worst April fools (fuels?) joke you have ever heard.

(Just for the record i am not a member of any politcal party as i dont think any of them have th intrests of the people at heart)

Update : I have found the funniest April fools days joke

Apparently the Government want to read our e-mails

Now thats funny