Friday, 30 November 2012

Never Forget

Video via liarpoliticians

Just thought i would remind people :)

Is Question Time Biased?

This is another clip from Question Time, The question was in relation to the Rotherham/UKIP fostering row...

Video via liarpoliticians

Some will say to make sure of balance in the audience while other would say it means they can have a biased audience....

Now if we go back back to this Question Time  and watch and listen it seems the audience are more pro Palestine than Israel

Video via liarpoliticians

So i thought i would have a look at a poll (disclaimer, it is from earlier this year) ,

     "Pro-Israel sentiment in the UK has dropped from 25 per cent to 17 per cent in a decade, while support for the Palestinians remained at the same level at 18 per cent."

So, according to the poll both sides have roughly the same support ( 17/18% ) yet according to Lady in top clip the BBC check political agenda of people, so why did they seem to have a biased audience in the Israel/Gaza clip?


The BBC agree that Leveson is daft!

Pic via mattwhatsit

Its on the BBC so it must be true!

Update : According to Media Guido (who run picture at roughly same time) the picture is photoshopped.

Mr Bryant put in his place!

Some say little old Ladies are harmless, well last night on Question Time Chris Bryant found out they are not as harmless as they seem...

Video via liarpoliticians

That told you Mr Bryant!

Sore losers?

I have just come across this tweet

Well its not like the council would take away foster children due to the foster parents political party support right?

Handbag time!

When people resort to insults then you know you have won.....


Thursday, 29 November 2012

Full Leveson Press Conference

If you can stay awake for it, here is the full Leveson Press conference

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You may need some Red Bull

Kill Piers! ( Says Leveson)

I am all for a free press am against anything that threatens it, but i did find a proposal from Leveson that may find consensus

Anyone disagree?

Pic via Old_Holborn

A very odd ending

I dont know if anyone noticed but some bloke called Leveson published a report today ( it was on press/media behavior) , so, like every other political hack/blogger/media person i decided to have a listen ( from start to finish) , now over the next few days those more intelligent and more qualified will go thro the report line by line etc.

The scene was this, a stage where only one desk sat in the centre of the stage (looking kinda of lonely), the room was full of people/journos/interested parties, everyone waited with baited breath as Lord Leveson waddled to the desk and everyone fell silent, then he spoke ( dont worry am not showing the whole statement) , then the odd bit.....

Video via liarpoliticians

I cant understand why they applauded him, it was not a barnstorming speech nor common sense (the bloke only wrote one page on the internet) and surely the journalists would not be joining in? , who and why were they clapping?

Or maybe they were just glad he had finished.....

Quote of the Day! (Leveson edition)


Steve Reed has his May moment

Well the by-election is today and candidates are trying to get the vote out, so here is Steve Reeds tweet

Make your mind up Mr Reed, is it today or tomorrow?

Caption Contest ( ego edition)


So, you giving it the Peter Crouch, swearing at a CCTV camera, not watching where you are going.....

Via Lbc

I believe they call that Karma.....

Ricky Retires From Test Cricket

Its a sad day when a great cricketer retires from Test cricket, so when i caught up on the news i saw that Ricky Ponting had retired from the greatest and toughest form of the game.

Anyway, many of you will have your favorite innings of his or favorite catch or even favorite wicket, well i am going to show you two of my favorite Punter moments

And a few years later

With an average just over 52 he truly does deserve the title of a "great" , Thankyou Ricky and all the best for the future :)

Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Ok, maybe i miss something here


 Are they getting £107,500 or £40,000 tax cut?

Mr Bone confirms that UKIP third party

If Mr Bone (and presumably Mrs Bone) say UKIP are the third party in UK politics then it must be so! 

Put the Tin-foil hats away!

Before crazy conspires theorists start claim that the Government are not supporting World Aids Day at Pmqs today i would just like to calm there fears , First of all Tim Montgomerie noticed this

So i had a look thro some clips

Yep Ed Miliband and those around him had them

Not that many behind the front bench can be seen here

Cant see that many there either

Not many at the back either

Of course the reason no-one on the Coalition benches were wearing them is because World Aids Day is not until First of December , so no need for wild conspires eh people.

If you want to know anything about World Aids Day or find out what you can do to support then visit there excellent website !


Here is a wide shot of Government side

And here is Opposition side

So Mr Galloway

Never let it be said that Mr Galloway sits on the fence or hold backs, so when he was asked about press regulation, a straight forward response came

Glad he has cleared that up then.....

More on the NUS

Yesterday i brought you the News from the NUS bunker , they seemed to be offended by the use of Nazi "downfall" video, the response has been quick

Hope thats better!

London Calling

Labour may want to airbrush 19997-2010 out of history but i dont think it will be that easy.....

Tuesday, 27 November 2012


I didn't like the tune but, i couldn't work out if this was done by a Tory or Labour supporter...... 

Bad news from NUS bunker

its not been to good for the NUS lately, first the BBC call then "NUTS" , then they got some stick over some of these demo chants, getting heckled at there own demo and now it seems they are infighting

I chuckled while drinking my Starbucks latte ;)

Update :  It seems some were not to impressed with the demo either 


Wont be long before he is in Parliament at this rate......

Left and Right, the definitions!

Via JamesDelingpole

Highly amusing and accurate!


Paxman is a legend

Via IKEdmonds

And then last night he came out with another classic

Video via liarpoliticians

The first time in ages when we know Newsnight is factually correct ;)

Fox News interview : Short and not sweet

Well they have got adverts to run you know!

Monday, 26 November 2012

Ed reacts to Rotherham

It has taken a few days, but here it is.......

Via GregPieCook

Whos Dived-Ed?

I thought Ed Miliband had stopped leaving himself open to easy attacks, but no, Ed went to the Commons today to try and paint the Tories as divided, sit back, grab your popcorn and enjoy the exchange

Video via liarpoliticians


Skinner cracks a funny!

Sometimes Mr Skinner comes up with something funny, so here it is

Video Via liarpoliticians

Don't give up the day job tho....

Call Me Romney

So that is what happened when Mitt conceded....

He is right!

Video via liarpoliticians

Of course he is right, because like football clubs ( also tribal) they contain a section of morons, Take this example from "fans" of my club, West Ham

And this morning we got a statement from the club

I would like to think that those people who chanted that are not real "fans" , just like every other club do when they have trouble, we all need to take of rose tinted specs and accept that all clubs/parties have idiots and morons supporting it, only then can we address the issue!

One day people might go to the match to watch the football......

Are Respect hedging their bets?

I wrote this post on the Respect Party getting endorsed by Chris Eubank , however something else has caught my eye in that press release

Now i am not a betting person and know nothing about it, so i am confused by this

Why would Ladbrokes offer odds if they have suspended betting on Respect?

Am i missing something?

Lee Jasper and George Galloway singing

Well they have something to fall back on if there political careers end ;)

Your point?

 I wonder what he means? *innocent face* 


According to the BBC

 " The number of possible sexual abuse victims of Jimmy Savile has risen to 300, Scotland Yard has confirmed.
It is thought the TV presenter and DJ, who died last year aged 84, may have abused scores of young girls and some boys over a 40-year period.
Police have so far spoken to 130 victims and officers have recorded 114 allegations."

And this from the Guardian

"Sex abuse allegations involving the late politician Sir Cyril Smith are to be investigated by a second police force.
Officers from Greater Manchester police (GMP) will look into claims that the former Liberal Democrat MP for Rochdale was involved in abuse at a hostel for boys and young men in the town.
GMP will look at cases which date back to 1974, when the force was created, and any before that will be investigated by Lancashire police, who previously covered Rochdale."

If he has any evidence then he should tell the police!

The Knockout blow?

It seems Lee Jasper has got some heavyweight backing

Well we know Lee Jasper doesn't  pull his punches!

Charles heckled on Question Time

Video via liarpoliticians

Well at least he didn't call the heckler a "bigot" .....

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Piers Morgan Gangnam

Words of Wisdom

Don't Mensch-en it ;)

Question Time Debate on Israel/Gaza

Question Time on Thursday mention the topic of Israel/Gaza

Video via liarpoliticians

Not that much support for Israel......

Never mind the facts!

We all make mistakes, hey, we are all human! but sometimes it is avoidable, take this post from Labourlist and this quote

Tory peer it says, one problem tho LabourList

"Shreela Flather, Baroness Flather (born 13 February 1934) is a teacher and British politician.
She became a life peer for the Conservative party in 11 June 1990 as Baroness Flather, of Windsor and Maidenhead in the Royal County of Berkshire. She was the first Asian woman to receive a peerage. In 1998 she resigned the Conservative whip over the demotion of Viscount Cranborne for his actions to reduce the impact of the 1999 House of Lords Act. She rejoined the party in 1999, but left a second time in 2008, since when she has sat as a crossbencher.[1]"

According to Wiki she has sat as a crossbencher since 2008

Must try harder! 


 Thats better

I.D.S Shows up Labours brass neck

Its fair to say I.D.S had a decent appearance on Question Time on Thursday ( mainly due to a weak panel) , so when the chance came to remind Labour of what they done on Europe he had to say it

Video via liarpoliticians

The voters wont forget either!

Did the Dr curse Ricky?

It seems the good Dr has inherited the former Prime ministers talent of bring bad luck upon people, this was from Friday

So lets see how Ricky got on

             "Ricky Hatton's comeback ended in a shock defeat as he was stopped in the ninth round by Vyacheslav Senchenko in front of 20,000 people at the MEN Arena in Manchester."

Ricky never stood a chance......

Saturday, 24 November 2012

The Good Dr Has Been Blacklisted

Well he has a tough few weeks , but on Friday it didn't get any better.....

Blacklisted by a comrade, Ouch ;)

Interview with Joyce Thacker

Some background on this first

Video via liarpoliticians

This was passed on by fatcouncillor

Friday, 23 November 2012

Hey Mr Jackson!

Oh, cross party support a bad thing?

Anyway, my message to Mr Jackson MP is this

Video via liarpoliticians

Deal with it darling!

Man who stopped traffic identified

Good to see MrHarryCole had a good lunch.....

Pic via MickMental

Behind the scenes

I love Darren Hayes, so when i saw this clip i just HAD to put it on blog

He can hold me anytime.....

Cameron on EU ( video)

Well, we all made mistakes when we were young

The Campaign may be over, but that doesn't stop me looking for funny stuff on the US Presidential elections, so step forward these two young Ladies with a parody of "Call me maybe"

Its so bad that it is rather quite good!

Job offer!

I had to look a few times when i saw this, it seems the State has an opening


Secret Intelligence Service

Target Elimination Specialist

Job description

From time to time the UK government has a need to remove people whose continued existence poses a risk to the effective conduct of public order. So we require particularly skilled professionals who are prepared to work on a non-attributable basis to deal with these problems.

The role will involve international travel to a number of countries where individuals need to be removed.

The ideal candidate will need to have no particular distinguishing features so as to blend in and be able to take on new identities as required. They will need to be resourceful in finding ways to accomplish their missions and, in some cases, to leave foreign countries by non-conventional means. The role would suit candidates with prior military experience, particularly in the use of sniper rifles.

The job holder will receive all necessary equipment, including passports, special watches, jet packs, mini-submarines and a Walther PPK.

This role is particularly appropriate for those who like their martinis shaken and not stirred.

To apply for this role, please express your interest somewhere in the vicinity of the large and rather fake-looking rock in Regent's Park."

 Get in early as there may be a stampede for this......

Via Old_Holborn 



Back to school!

What Respect?

Video via MrHarryCole

I may disagree with Lee on policy but he seems to come across as a polite gentleman, however a quick scan on google comes up with another side on Lee, this is from the Guido Fawkes a while ago :

Then again, this is the same Respect party that caused uproar when their MP made these comments about rape.....

Vote for nobody!

 Many a true word said in jest....

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Question Time

Prisoner votes and freedom of speech

                 Video via liarpoliticians

So, Mps are debating whether prisoners should get the vote ( again) and it seems that they are united that they shouldnt, in fact for a change they are in tune with the majority of public opinion, i say majority because i do not agree with them and here i will set out why.

I believe that you can only have democracy if you have freedom, freedom of speech and expression, that means some people will say and/or express things that some of us will dislike, lets look at a few examples from this country (UK) :

The first is this , a man jailed for wearing an "offensive" T-shirt

Pics via Telegraph

  Its says
"Barry Thew “paraded” through his home town in a white T-shirt bearing the handwritten slogans "One less pig; perfect justice" and " haha".
He made the statement just three hours after PCs Nicola Hughes and Fiona Bone died in a gun and grenade attack less than 20 miles away on the other side of Manchester.
Police welcomed the prison term handed down to Thew, a serial offender who was given a further four months for breaching the terms of an earlier sentence.
Inspector Bryn Williams, of the Radcliffe Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “While officers on the ground were just learning of and trying to come to terms with the devastating news that two colleagues had been murdered, Thew thought nothing of going out in public with a T-shirt daubed with appalling handwritten comments on.
“Thankfully the overwhelming response from the public - who have inundated us with messages of support and condolence - prove that Thew is the exception and not the rule and our communities were right behind us at our darkest hour."

Then there is this story that i blogged about back in April

 If we can not have an open and honest debate about any subject without the risk of imprisonment or being silenced then we cannot have a democracy, One the second example i have blogged before about my views on it, in fact i even ( thanks to Iain Dale ) blogged a simple post about a little while ago

Video via liarpoliticians

A state that chooses to use its power by silencing one side of the debate is not a free state, do i disagree with those that oppose same sex marriage? Yes, do i want them silenced ? No, If we are to carry the public with us on this then both sides should be allowed equal chance to make their case.

And then back to the first example, jailed for wearing an "offensive" t-shirt, seriously, the fact we even need to debate/blog/talk about it shows how fucked up we are, was it bad taste? yes , in fact a lot of what is worn/said/expressed can fall under this description ( depending on your point of view) , I mock religions and their "Sky fairies" and i am sure that some people that read my comments could believe that they are bad taste, equally when the Pope says gays are not "fully developed" i could say the same.

I have tried to avoid using the word "offensive" (unless in quotation marks) for a reason, i learned a while ago that offense cannot be given, it can only be taken and this is why we are in the mess, what one judge may find "offensive" another may not, but this is not about judges, its about those that makes these stupid laws, yes, the politicians, the same politicians that want to ignore a court ( that they signed upto) ruling because it suits them, we either follow the rule of law ( including to courts that we have signed upto) or we become a country were laws a made by the mob mentality.

Some may say this post is more about freedom of speech and expression and nothing to do with prisoner votes, i disagree, when the state can silence you or jail you for views that it finds *offensive* then that is not freedom or democracy, how long before we jail political opponents for having *offensive* views?  

The last small point i wish to make on this is that why are we so concerned about this? Crook voting for crooks, if crooks are in parliament then why not allow other crooks to vote for them?

Of course the easy option is that everyone stops getting offended.

Olly 4 YI Chairman

I don't normally back campaigns, but there is a first time for everything, so today i can announce that this blog will be supporting Olly for YI , you can follow Olly4YI on twitter and checkout his website here.

This blog will try and keep you updated with daily updates* of the campaign.


Stand by Thomson

The Aussies may no longer hold the Ashes, But sometimes they do come up with something funny

Political sleaze is a universal language!

Romney Remix

I liked this, tho the thought of a politician with a 7ft bong......

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

NUS heckled

Via BBCPropaganda

I can feel that One Nation spirit from here..

This weeks best PMQ moment.

To be fair PMQS was pretty even and dull today, it was heading for a draw until the last exchange

Video Via liarpoliticians

That gave Dave a narrow 6 -5 win over Ed this week.

The NUS are NUTS

Could not have put it better myself....

Pic via OliverCooper

Demo Chants for todays Demo #2012

These are apparently chants for today's demo

 Classy, Oh and no throwing fire extinguishers at public sector workers (police) this time! 

Romney fan learns of the election result

4 more years......

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Back to school Chris!

We know politicians spin, but sometimes its just ridicules

From Wiki

 " Eveline Hill, JP (née Eveline Ridyard, 16 April 1898 – 22 September 1973) was a British catering business manager and Conservative Party politician. She served for fourteen years as the Member of Parliament (MP) for Manchester Wythenshawe."

And this Lady

" Florence Gertrude Horsbrugh, Baroness Horsbrugh, GBE, PC (13 October 1889 – 6 December 1969) was a Scottish Unionist Party and Conservative Party politician.

 Horsbrugh was a Member of Parliament (MP) for Dundee from 1931 until her defeat in 1945. She was the first woman to move the Address in reply to the King's Speech. She unsuccessfully contested Midlothian and Peebles in 1950 and sat for Manchester Moss Side from 1950 until her retirement in 1959"

Oh, they are not Labour, guess this "One Nation" stuff has not sunk in yet ;)

Thats Pants Co-op!

pic via MShapland

Bit of a pants advert if you ask me....

Under The Sea

This is a year old but i have just come across it

Think i am going to be humming this all day now....

Ed tries stand up comedy

Last night i posted the speech by Boris Johnson to the CBI and i think most people (of all parties) will agree that it was a entertaining speech.

Well this morning I bring one of Ed Milibands "jokes" to the same conference....

Video via liarpoliticians

Not saying its an old joke but even twitter has stopped using it.......

Sally leaves again!

I think its fair to say Sally Bercow has a had a rough few weeks on twitter, today she closed her account (again) , but left a nice message for her followers


Monday, 19 November 2012

Boris Johnson lights up the CBI

Video via liarpoliticians

If only other politicians could give a speech like that.......

You said what Mitt?

I watched some of the debates for US President, but i must admit i missed these bits.....

I think that explains why Mitt Romney lost.....

About that John Lewis advert

I like the John Lewis ad, but as you know i also like the odd spoof

I bet you was not expecting that ;)

Church Elections

Who gets your vote?

Sixteen going on seventeen (trillion)

Well it brightend up my Monday ;)

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Thanksgiving and Twinkies (audio)

When someone makes you smile, it is the greatest gift they can have, this is my friend Isitthattime :)

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Back From The Other Side (Guest Post)

I have the distinction of being among a small class of people alive today: I was a successful suicide.

At the age of 17, in the grip of a prolonged bout of mental illness - which still plagues me to this day, though it is diagnosed, better managed, and well-medicated - I overdosed on over-the-counter sleeping tablets. My father called an ambulance, I was rushed to the emergency room, and promptly died. This was Halloween evening, 1993.

For 3 minutes and 54 seconds I was dead, and on the "other side." I'll spare you what was seen - those of us who have been dead don't talk much about it with you mortals. A) You wouldn't believe us, and B) What you see when your time comes will be different anyway. It's different for everyone.

Due to a group of very tenacious doctors (probably the only competent ones at that particular hospital, as their reputation is most foul), I came back from the dead. Of course, I wasn't happy about it. Firstly, I had failed at my goal, and secondly, the ER nurse cut off my favorite Metallica shirt in order to shock my heart (and break my ribs, by the way - those paddles are NOT gentle).

At the same time, a seven year old boy whose mother had been driving drunk was rushed in and was on the next table over. I awoke to the mother screaming and being hauled off my the cops; he was dead. Should have been me. He should have had the competent doctors.

Teen suicide is a fact of life. All suicide is. Whether attributed to hormonal or chemical imbalance (like me), or serious life circumstances/trauma, there will always be people who choose to take their own lives. And make no mistake: It is a concious choice. No matter how dire things are, nothing can force you to take that final escape route.

Of late, the topic of teen suicide has dominated the papers. A year ago it was gay kids who were getting all the press with the tedious and exclusionary "It Gets Better" campaign. Someone not paying much attention would be apt to believe that only gay kids felt suicidal, that straight kids never had any problems, and that frankly only the little Glee devotees mattered. It was affirmative action for gay suicides. Rubbish!

Then they expanded things to include bullied gay kids. Because after all, no fat kids, poor kids, nerdy kids, minority kids or kids with braces on their teeth were ever bullied, ever, unless they were gay. Right?

This year, bullied kids of all sexual persuasions are the hot topic of the suicide fetishists. A story out of British Columbia, Canada back in October made international headlines. A pretty 15 year old cheerleader named Amanda Todd killed herself after dirty pics of her surfaced online. Stupid, I know, but teenagers are supposed to be stupid. It's their job. Deceased  Amanda became a poster child for all that's wrong about teen bullying. Dead, she became popular.

I flipped out, for so many reasons. The main reason being the time-honored journalistic taboo on suicide: Don't talk about it for fear of glorifying it to others. There are several studies showing the phenomenon of "cluster suicides" among teens, where the act becomes contagious. The press doesn't not talk about suicide because it's dirty - they don't talk about it because it's contagious. Making Amanda Todd a hero in death will lead other kids to think killing themselves is the only way to be loved and accepted.

The other reason I became angry is because Amanda Todd felt alone in life. She was alone and unloved, so she took her own life. Suddenly the whole world was holding candlelight vigils and hug-a-thons in her name. Bullshit! Where were all these bleeding hearts when the kid needed help? Where were all the so-called friends?

Chances are, even if you've never had suicidal ideation yourself, someone you know has. Someone close to you. Do you want them surrounded with images of a dead person who suddenly become popular for no other reason than they topped themselves? Or do you instead want them surrounded with love?

I'm not saying to completely ignore the scourge of suicide - teen or otherwise. Just don't glorify it. Love the people you love today, not when they're dead.
This post was written by SalaciousSully

Louise Mensch on Corby result

Video via liarpoliticians

One thinks Louise should have thought about this before standing for parliament?

Friday, 16 November 2012

Caption Contest (PCC edition )

Go on, lets see what you got ;)

Outstanding turnout!

What was that about low turnouts?

Left and right, the difference?

So, i was listening to This Week last night ( and drinking alcohol), i was almost ready to switch of when i heard this

Video via liarpoliticians

A clear picture of the difference between the left and the right......

PPC elections Auntie?

If any proof that the BBC were not enthusiastic about the PCC elections , then here it is, have a look at this report about the Newport election

If the BBC cant get it right then what hope did the voters have?

Via IKEdmonds

Political Kombat

Just catching up on newish stuff posted on youtube.

Now those of a certain age will remember classic games like "Super Mario Brothers" , "Sonic the Hedgehog" and proper fighting classics like "StreetFighter2 " and one of its main rivals "Mortal Kombat ", so what happens when you mix Mortal Kombat with say, the US Presidential election?


Absolutely Brilliant!

Speakers 2nd job?

I do hope he declared it! ;)

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Tony Blair on Gaza/Israel

Guess he failed at being a "Middle east peace envoy" then.....

Video via liarpoliticians

An Honest Gov?

Oh dear , if you click on this (Number 10 website) and scroll down you get this

Then if you click on "One year on"

 You er, get this

An honest Government?

I thought the BBC scandal was missing something....

Well, we had a Yorkshire Gangnam video earlier, now its time for another parody video, this time involving the BBC.....

Well, i think it is a parody.......

Yorkshire Gangnam

Ok, time for one more Gangnam

According to the BBC this is for Children in Need.

I did not hear any reference to "Digin in" tho.....

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Whos Bob?

Or in case it disappears

  So out of interest i clicked to see who " @Bob " was

I do hope we do not have to pay the travel expenses........

Erm, Editors.....


I see no problem?

What is wrong with French lesbian poetry?

One Labour Nation in Corby!

Does that include locals that vote Tory, are Labour planning to turf out all those people that voted Tory?

How very "One Nation" ;)

That was unexpected!

I would love to work in Parliament ( tho never going to happen) , i mean its a fantastic looking building that has so much history and mystic about it, they have subsidized bars and it sounds a cool place to work.

Anyway just for a laugh i responded to this advert on a website

Now many of you know that i do not posses the skills to do this job, but i did send an e-mail

      "To whom it may concern

I saw your offer of an internship and felt the need to reply.

I would be interested in working for someone in parliament, alas i have no qualifications , nor basic grasp of grammar or math, while i do believe that i have something to offer i also understand that i am not the type of person ( as i have a criminal record ) that would be wanted as an intern.

I wish you success in your search for a suitable candidate. " 

I was proper polite and clearly stated i was not qualified for the job ( i didn't even send a CV), so you can tell how surprised i was when this came into my inbox earlier today

Application? what application?

Maybe they should read e-mails before spending out a standard reply ;)

Just for the record i am NOT applying for the job ( for reasons stated in e-mail).