Monday, 12 November 2012

This Weirdo fights back!

On the Sunday Politics show David Mellor made such an astonishing remark that i could not let is pass without comment

Videos via liarpoliticians

Yep, you heard right, David Mellor called the victim a "Weirdo", i mean, WTF !!!!

Mr Mellor ( a former MP) thinks that being the victim of child sex abuse makes you a "weirdo" , this is just a few things that i have encountered since i was sexually abused , it makes you suicidal, depressed, addicted to drugs and drink, unable form relationships.

I have written before about my past and my "upbringing", i blogged about how i was passed to relatives and how i never got an education (none worth talking about) and how i ran away. Everything to do with my life was linked to sexual abuse, in my bed, in the bathroom and even in the living room, thats why when i ran away i had no problem sleeping with people for money,food and a bed/roof over my head, i done what i had to do to survive, I had no choice! 

I spent two decades believing that everything was linked with a sexual act, want dinner? come to bedroom first (likewise with cleaning myself as well) , i had it drummed into me that those things were always linked, i grew up with no respect for my own body or the risks and situations i put myself in, hell it scares the shit out of me now when i think of what happened, the whole "what if?" causes me sleepless nights sometimes.

While most readers would have doing Uni or on first job i was using my body just to get a roof over my head,food in stomach, I done what i had to do, and for that i am not ashamed.

When you are brought up believing your only purpose is to be used for adults perverted sexual pleasure it is hard to get rid of that belief and then trying to adjust to what is normal is ( while coming from such a fucked up life) so hard to understand, i still ask myself one question , Why me?

 I can still not write down or explain why everything what happened did happen, in fact some if not most of it defies common sense and logic, but i was a scared hurt child that had zero trust in adults and i am sure that i am not the only one who has gone through this!

You may call victims "Weirdos" Mr Mellor, I prefer the phrase "Survivors", its more accurate.


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