Thursday, 29 November 2012

A very odd ending

I dont know if anyone noticed but some bloke called Leveson published a report today ( it was on press/media behavior) , so, like every other political hack/blogger/media person i decided to have a listen ( from start to finish) , now over the next few days those more intelligent and more qualified will go thro the report line by line etc.

The scene was this, a stage where only one desk sat in the centre of the stage (looking kinda of lonely), the room was full of people/journos/interested parties, everyone waited with baited breath as Lord Leveson waddled to the desk and everyone fell silent, then he spoke ( dont worry am not showing the whole statement) , then the odd bit.....

Video via liarpoliticians

I cant understand why they applauded him, it was not a barnstorming speech nor common sense (the bloke only wrote one page on the internet) and surely the journalists would not be joining in? , who and why were they clapping?

Or maybe they were just glad he had finished.....

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