Sunday, 30 June 2013

That`s Expensive Shit My Lords!

With public spending being cut and rises in taxes (VAT) the taxpayer is trying to support the spendaholics in Westminster`s addiction to spending our money.

Well according to Sky their Lordships wanna spend 100k on doing up their bogs!

It Says :

"Taxpayers will fund a refurbishment of two toilets used by peers and VIP guests at the Palace of Westminster - at an "eye-watering" cost of up to £100,000.
The men's and women's lavatories in the House of Lords are in "unacceptable condition for the high profile area they are in", according to an advert inviting contractors to bid for the work.
The rooms are not the only toilets in the building and are not particularly big, with one cubicle and two urinals in the men's toilets and one cubicle plus a hand basin in the women's." 

From golden handshakes to a golden pisstake , have our masters no shame?


Update : KT put it politely to Welsh Sec David Jones :

 And he did add :

  From the 5 million they spend on subsidized bars and resteraunts to 100k doing up the toilets, their is no austerity in Parliament!

Welcome To Sky Sports Ashes (HD)

Followed by lots of this 

What an exciting summer of cricket lays ahead........

Even The EDL Morons Have The Right To Peaceful Protest

via CoelusMedia

KT is a supporter of free speech and the freedom of expression ( link ) so when KT heard about this he was concerned, Free speech and peaceful protest is for everyone including EDL morons.

If the state can take away their freedom to peaceful protest then who next?

Note : KT heard "Left wing fascist" shouted in video, KT is not sure but thinks it came from EDL bloke, if it did he must not see the irony, The EDL single out and target Muslims like Hitler did the Jews, Hitler was a socialist...... 

Note 2 : KT does not support the EDL morons, but even morons like them have the right to freedom of expression and the right to peaceful protest!

"Bring Me The Blood Of A Tory"

KT loves those caring socialists ;)

Saturday, 29 June 2013

I Love Twitter

If anyone finds his sense of humor could you return please? 

How Can You Hold ANY Highground?

This saddens KT, One human taking the life of another, This is a report from RT :

 "A video purportedly showing an extrajudicial public beheading of two Bashar Assad loyalists has been uploaded onto the internet. Its authenticity has been verified by pro and anti-Assad sources, though it remains unclear who is behind the execution."

via SyriaTruthNetworkENG

To take another humans life with no care or without due process is just un-human, just look what type of world we are leaving for the next generation......

Via McnabbTeddy

Ozzy Wants To Get Frisky With Prince Charles!

Not George, But Sharon Osbourne :

Via teamcoco

Each to their own........

Friday, 28 June 2013

Principled? No Thats Champagne Socialism!

KT having a read thro some stuff last night after QT when he came across this story by Ken Loach :

In the piece he says :

"In order to fight back, we need to understand the reasons for the attack on the NHS. This is an ideological issue. If it were simply a matter of finance, there are solutions to hand. There are billions of pounds in unpaid and uncollected taxes. Trillions, we are told, are kept offshore, beyond the reach of national governments. The wealth that is created by the work of ordinary people is siphoned off so that it cannot be used for the common good. If the political will to sustain a publicly funded health service existed, a way would be found."

KT is still laughing at this as it is well known to most people that the Guardian itself has avoided tax 

 Video via GuidoFawkes 

 But then KT nearly sprayed his screen when he came to this part :

"If ever there were a time for there to be a broadly based movement, democratic and principled, that stood for the interests of the people against the demands of business and the politicians who speak for them, that moment is now."

Principled like moaning about tax avoidance in a tax avoiding media outlet? Champagne Socialism at its finest!

BBC Value For Money?

Good to see Auntie has priorities right......

Labour Cllr "Private Tenants Worse Hit By Bedroom Tax"

We have seen the protests, we have seen the spin but now a Labour Councillor says Labours "Bedroom Tax" hit tenants harder than Coalition rolling it out to all tenants :

Of course the "Bedroom Tax" for private tenants was introduced by Labour :

       ""Local housing allowance only applies to private tenants who are making a new claim for housing benefit or who made a claim after 7 April 2008."

No protest came when introduced ( That KT could find) the closest KT has come was Polly Toynbee who wrongly blamed it on Coalition! 

Update : Before being blocked by the Cllr he admitted this :

Yet where was Ed and Labour then?

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Good Shout Ed Balls About Wonga!

Ed Balls, some love him, some dont.

Whether this was on purpose or a slip it wont help Ed Miliband :

Via liarpoliticians

Ed Balls mentioned "Wonga" , a firm the labour party disapprove of, But that triggered KT`s brain cells and he remembered this story from Guido Fawkes :

via liarpoliticians

Did Ed stand up to Roland Rudd, Did Ed ever release the list and are Labour on commission to mention (and therefore promote Wonga") at every opportunity?

Did Toby Perkins Finger Osborne?

Via Guido Fawkes

The reaction suggests he did........

David "Bumble" Lloyd, All Rounder And Legend

via SkySportsOfficial

Beat that TMS!!!!

Do Not Fall Asleep At Cricket!

via ImranKhanRock

A Classic but always worth watching :)

J-Lo Learns Cricket From Freddie!

via suhass997

And Freddie didnt get onto fielding positions ;)

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

So True Ed

via lastquango

Man Gets Stuck In Bollard

Via juliasmith456

What a load of bollards!

Trump "KIll Snowden"

via JohnnyFocal

When the state fears the people that is democracy, when the people fear the state that is not democracy.

Corporatism, not capitalism.....

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Have An Ed Miliband Fantasy?

Then click on here ( link )

You get this :

and below

Enjoy ;)

Via WoollyMindedLib 

Sod The State Of The Country, Lets Tell A "Joke" Instead!

After being the party that bailed out the banks you would think Labour Mps would be a bit humble for a while, but no, when offered the chance to question the Chancellor on the floor of the house this labour MP wanted to crack a joke :

Via Guido Fawkes

If you are going to tell a joke at least make sure its funny.....

Monday, 24 June 2013

Boris Comments On MP`s Pay

Via RKKGames

And people still vote for politicians ;)

Aussies Sack Coach On Eve Of Ashes


Update :  cricinfo are running the story 


"Mickey Arthur has been sacked as Australia's head coach less than three weeks before the start of the Ashes. Cricket Australia is yet to officially announce the decision but the chief executive James Sutherland and general manager of team performance Pat Howard are due to hold a press conference in Bristol on Monday morning (UK time) to confirm the move. 

Darren Lehmann, the successful Queensland coach, is considered a leading contender to replace Arthur at short notice. Lehmann is in England having just finished a tour as mentor of the Australia A outfit and has won rave reviews for the tough and somewhat old-school approach he has taken with Queensland since he was appointed in 2011."

Update 2 : Its was a different story a few months ago


They denied Darren Lehmann was being considered then and now is rumored to be taking over, just goes to prove that old sayin "Dont believe anything till been denied" ;)

What A C*nt!

via weirdnews8

Not something KT would wear on a trip out.....

Romanian Wet Debate

via TheBestFunnyShares

Just water of a ducks back to politicians.

Manners Cost F*ck All

KT is annoyed, despite having this debate wit Con Home before is seems "lessons" have not been learned , Sunday Con Home blogged this post :

KT spotted the missing hat-tip as KT has used that same video from the same person the same day , except KT actually hat-tipped liarpoliticians for the video :

This would be annoying on its own, but as KT blogged the other week Guido Fawkes has done it as well :

And a few days later done it It happened again :

A lot of people complain about lack of manners among the young people of today, KT just thinks they are following the example society sets them.

It takes a few seconds to hat-tip to show appreciation for the person that has made the clip and as both sites have previously hat-tip liarpoliticians KT is wondering why the high standards that both sites usually meet have been allowed to drop on something as basic manners? 

Sunday, 23 June 2013

NUTTY NUT On Sunday Politics

via liarpoliticians

Enjoy this while the rain teases everyone at the ICC Champions Trophy final!

Ed Balls "No VAT Cut In Next Manifesto"

via liarpoliticians

Just another case of Ed Balls talking balls......

Honest Ed`s!

What they offer?
via The Hornet Zone

KT rests his case.

Owen Jones Brings Darkness To Sheffield

Via DigitalNativeUK

Its an improvement ;)

Every Village Needs Its Idiot

Not much gets up my nose more than people singling out people for there race/religion/sexuality/gender etc , KT believes that good and bad people are not exclusive to one race/religion/gender/sexuality etc

So when KT hears a political activist in the USA send a message to white people his head hit the desk :

via William J Barber II

It is not white v black v espanic or any combination of them, its the people V the State that is the battle, the state is now the master instead of the servant (as it was once envisaged ), the state has the power not the people.

Labor Run Out Of Other Peoples Money? Not Just A UK Problem

via natashagriggs

The speech could have also been spoken by an opposition MP in the UK to be honest........

Even Sky Screw Up

So KT came in from the boozer, switched on the tele box and was flicking thro the channels (as you do), he flicked on to channel 113 (universal) the program advertised was "Law and Order, Special Victims Unit" so imagine my surprise when KT was greeted with these pictures :

 And :

Followers that have Sky will know that you cant get program info up if not on that channel (standard box, austerity right?) .

This annoyed KT as he does not like "Hop Hip"!

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Labour MP`s V The Press

And at half time Ed and Andy gave an interview :

KT will say that Ed looked great in his football kit :

Dont give up the day jobs tho Lads ;) 

The Public Fight Back In Pakistan

The people are not pleased with a politician :

via TheNarcissus

KT does not advocate violence at all against politicians!

Have Debate Not Fight

Via GreekTubePlace

What an example.......

If Ed Miliband Had A Tv Show

via liarpoliticians

Sounds about right ;)

Liberal Conspiracy "Huff Post Is Right Wing"

Well that is if you follow their logic on this menthol story :
It goes on to say :

"So what has happened? The Council of Ministers has met and voted to support a proposal to ban menthol cigarettes (although some Ministers such as the Polish Minister has opposed the move).
This proposal will not become law unless the European Parliament votes it through.
You might at this point think I am being a little bit over the top? A mere technicality you say!"

Ok except Guido Fawkes says :

"Now hectoring health ministers at a meeting in Luxembourg have agreed a prohibition on menthol cigarettes to try to stop younger generations from smoking. It now needs to go through the European Parliament"

What technicality?

Anyway Lib Con also said it was the "Right Wing Press" , So let KT introduce readers to the right wing Huff Post :

Yes Lib Con, the tax avoiding Huff Post is right wing........

Friday, 21 June 2013

Go Green Or The Giant Penis Will Get You!

via TinPot_Dictator

Am sure the penis looks like a politician........

Tax Avoidance V Tax Evasion

Via kinsellatax1

However, this pic from the video made KT laugh :

Daily Mirror Fail

The Daily Mirror run this story late last night :

Its says :

    " Nigel Farage opened an offshore trust fund in a plan to slash his tax bill, a Mirror investigation has revealed."

A Mirror investigation eh? Wow!!!!!

KT can trump that tho, KT tried a Google investigation ( He typed in "Nigel Farage Tax Avoidance" ) and within a few mins came across this from 2010 :

  The blog says :

         "And what about your off-shore 'Trust fund' in the Isle of Man? What is that for? Tax avoidance scams? Surely not money laundering?"
So this tax avoidance was known about in 2010 yet the Mirror only catch up in 2013........ 

Update : Just to clear up UKIP`s view on tax avoidance this is a blog by a UKIP supporter (link )


And Now For A Prediction On This Summer`s Weather

via atomicnortherner

Standard then!

A Question For The Police (Episode 2)

The other day KT blogged about this :

KT included the email :
Well KT got a swift reply :

Dear Mr Bowden,

Thank you for contacting the Independent Police Complaint Commission (IPCC). We 
acknowledge receipt of your email dated 18 June 2013.

Unfortunately we cannot pursue a complaint about an incident that has been seen 
in the media, in this case a television programme.

The Police Reform Act 2002 states that a complaint can be made by any person 
adversely affected by an incident. This includes distress, inconvenience, loss 
or damage, or being put in danger or at risk. This might apply for example, to 
other people present at the incident or to the parent of a child or young person 
or friend of the person directly affected. It does not include someone 
distressed by watching an incident on television or reading about it in the 

However any complaints received from individuals involved would be considered in 
the normal way as set out in the Police Reform Act 2002. The Independent Police 
Complaints Commission appreciates that you took the time to write and express 
your views. You may wish to pass your comments onto the police service 


Angela Beart
Customer Contact Advisor
Independent Police Complaints Commission
Tel: 0300 020 0096

Help us develop and improve our website - please take a few moments to complete 
our survey at<> "
  1. The young people involved had there faces blurred by
    TV company so impossible to identify.
  2.  Its not about me being "distressed" , its about whether the police officer intimidated the young person by suggesting "he cant have it both ways" which could be taken to mean "stop joyriding or we wont come round and help when your dad hits you next time" 
    KT would just like someone to look at it, no more, no less.
    If us adults cant speak up for young people then we are doing things wrong! 

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Who Knew Protesting Banning Stuff Was So Much Fun?

Via Guido Fawkes

Now if only they could use that energy for something constructive .......

Vince Cable : Talks Good On Tax Avoidance But Record Not Good

It has to be hard to be Vince Cable right now, unpopular in the polls and in bed with the Conservative party.

But at least he is consistent on tax avoidance, actually no, he is not, you see in the Sunday Times this was reported :

"Sudhir Choudhrie, whose family has donated £650,000 to the party since 2004, has been placed on an internal party list of future peers. Until three years ago Choudhrie, who has personally given £95,000 of that sum, was not domiciled in Britain for tax purposes."

Yet only a while ago Vince Cable said he was against tax avoidance (video dated nov 2012 ) but donations from tax avoiders were taken by his party.....

Who Says Politicians Stand Out From The Crowd?

Watch this video and see if you can spot the politician ;)

Video via thebigbangfair

Bit Of A "Faf Up"

This was an interview before England beat South Africa in the Champions Trophy Semi, Great "mental approach" shown Faf ;) (video via ProteasCricket )

Question For The Police

KT does not expect to get any sympathy from this post but KT hopes people just think about it.

KT sent an E-mail to the IPCC the other night over a program called "Road Wars" , KT is not a shrinking violet nor a prude and has himself been arrested before, however something i saw concerned me.

A young lad had been joyrider on a motorbike and had evaded the police for 2 days, the police finally caught him and his mates, one of the young people was sat in police car (in the front passenger`s seat) and an police officer sat in drivers seat.

This is the e-mail :

When KT heard this he was stunned, What has joyriding got to do with an officers previous encounter with the young person?

But what has got me the most was what the Police officer said

 "you begged me for help when you dad hit you, you cant have it both ways"

Was the officer saying that if the young person broke the law any pleas for help because his dad was hitting him was going to be ignored?

Young people who have been abused at home get in trouble with the police, its a cry for help, Young people who have been abused dont think or act like others. KT is not saying that the joyriding should not be punished but to suggest that the police would abandon this young person if he was hit by his dad again is (in my mind) out of order.

Note : KT does not have the video and does not know when this episode is from (apart from when broadcast)  and if any action has been taken (or indeed investigated and cleared)  .

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Rose Tinted Skinner

So this happened at PMQS

via liarpoliticians

Maybe that good old socialist should look at bit closer to home?

In this piece by the Telegraph in 2009 it claims Comrade Balls flipped his house :

But that is not all, Mr Skinner has also defended Mps food allowance, yes the mps on a least 66k a year had that :

Via liarpoliticians

Mr Skinner will not condemn Ed Balls and his flipping and he will claim mps expenses for food despite being paid 66k a year, yet he will have a pop at those opposite in the chamber for doing the same.

Yes, Mr Skinner is a typical politicians, a hypocrite!

Oh and for the record lets see how much of your money Mr Skinner spent on expenses in 11/12 

Nearly the amount of his salary, Like KT said a typical politician. 

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Cameron Comes Clean On Tax Deal!

via liarpoliticians

There we go then! ;)

I Am, I Feel

via alltimebestofmusic

"I sometimes think that you forget"

Mr Galloway Needs To Check His Moral Compass

Looks like George Galloway is on an "Irony Tour" , the other week on Question Time George Galloway has a rant about Nigel Farages right of freedom to speak :

Video via liarpoliticians

Hear! Hear!

I agree with the content of what Mr Galloway said, no-one should be silenced because they are English or Welsh or Scottish or French etc , we should welcome open debate and even if we disagree with the views, I mean Mr Galloway has met some of the brutal dictators around and chatted with them.

However, Asked to debate with an Israeli and you get a different story :

Labour Preformed Miracles

Video via liarpoliticians

Labour also made bears use toilet`s, saved the world and found those pesky WMD`s in Iraq......

Tho KT does wonder how the state knows the profile of those that were "stopped" from downloading free music............

Monday, 17 June 2013

What Have Guido Fawkes, Dr Eoin Clarke And Con Home Got In Common?

Readers will know that KT has a thing about "Hat-tips" , A while ago KT wrote about Con Home failing to hat-tip a video

And KT also wrote about Dr Eoin Clarke on the same subject (different video tho)

Well yesterday Guido Fawkes posted this :

As you can see no hat-tip for the video, KT checked and it is not one of their own, it is done by liarpoliticians (who Guido has used a lot and always hat-tipped) , so KT is disappointed that no hat-tip appears this time.

Is it really that hard to take a few seconds to add a hat-tip?

There`s Only One Billy Bowden

Readers will know KT is not a fan of ODI cricket however with the ICC Champions Trophy happening in Wales And England and it is the last Champions Trophy KT has been tuning in to see what happens and to see if England (led by the dynamic Capt Cook ) can win on home soil.

However something else caught KT`s eye, The legend that is Billy Bowden somehow managed to take centre stage other day :

via SamDurell1

But who could forget this from a while ago when New Zealand won the rugby world cup?

via djmmair

There are many funny moments from watching Billy Bowden that i could have chosen and i am sure everyone has their own favorite Billy moment, lets just hope their are many more "Billy moments" to come!

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Dont Mess With The Dimbleby

Via liarpoliticians


They Need Every Penny!

Via liarpoliticians

I would say to the Lady that those £5 million a year subsidized bars and restaurants wont pay for themselves you know!

Elo Elo Elo, What Have We Here?

via liarpoliticians

Lord Oakeshott seems to say that the police do not investigate alleged crimes by politicians as seriously as they would if it were non politicians, Is he really suggesting that we are not all equal in the eyes of the law?

Labour : The Welfare Party

Via liarpoliticians

Well if you cant bribe your voters how else are you meant to get them to vote for you ;)

Drunk On Duty?

via AppleDailyEnglish

Cant blame him to be honest ;)

Drunk Politicians Beat Hotel Staff

Via IndiaTV

KT is looking forward to the "Ban politicians drinking campaign"!

Friday, 14 June 2013

From David Cameron To Jim-Jam Cameron

Dont Vote For Independence Or The Aliens Will Come

Via 1992DG1

I hope whoever he made the bet with pays up ;)

Update : Slightly better video clip 

Via liarpoliticians 


Thursday, 13 June 2013

Someone`s Nicked Guido`s Twitter Feed

KT thought at first that his crappy lappy was playing up, however KT run all the anti virus stuff and still had same result , Someone nicked Guido`s Twitter feed which normally sits in the top right corner (where the "t" is) :

KT cant see what benefit it would be for someone to nick a twitter feed!

David Warner "Must have A Screw Loose"

Via NewsWorldWide24hrs

One way to get his strike rate up tho ;)

Labour MP : Name And Shame Law Abiding Companies

Despite being involved in a tax avoidance scandal herself there is no stopping Labour MP Margaret Hodge`s hypocrisy, The MP for Barking wants to "Name and shame" tax avoiders despite tax avoidance being perfectly legal

via liarpoliticians

Maybe she should start with her party leader and his brother and labours last Mayoral candidate for London.

Liam Bryne "Cameron Is To Stupid To Be Prime Minster Of This Country "

KT was on youtube looking for footage of "bedroom tax" protests, not from when this government took office but from when Labour introduced it, KT could not find any for some reason but he did come across this, Liam Bryne addressing a crowd

Via RobertB168

The quote is about 20-30 seconds in.

Now apart from being total hypocrites and against bringing equality to the "bedroom tax" KT is astonished that Liam Bryne is allowed by labour to comment on money/tax/state spending matters after his infamous letter :

        "'Dear Chief Secretary, I'm afraid to tell you there's no money left,' 

He claimed it was "Dark Humor " then again Labour still have Andy "Mid Staffs" Burnham as shadow health sec...... 

Update : KT has just come across a labour cllr opposing the "bedroom tax" that his own party introduced :
Via bryonyparce 

Treating voters like stupid fools, class war and hypocrisy, A good example of "One nation" labour! 

Blame The Zionists

Via hassanalkatib

Thats enough to put anyone of drugs..........

Exclusive Footage Of Lib Dem Cabinet Meeting!

Via ContentEditorWo

KT apologizes if any of the children are insulted by being compared to Politicians ;)

Did The Gaurdians Tax Avoidance Cause The Cuts To BBC World Service?

They say hindsight is a wonderful thing, well KT agrees, KT would love to do things in the past differently, I think somewhere in Guardian Towers they might think the same as well.

KT was have a look around to see what was happening when he came across this video by the Guardian

via JabezBunting

The video was uploaded in 2011.

Even in Oct 2012 the Guardian were still writing about it :

KT has circled the £42 million for a reason, you see just in 2009 Guido Fawkes reported this :

Oh! But that is not all Guido Fawkes says :

            "Without exploiting the law they would have had to pay more than £50 million in tax!"

If the Guardian had paid its "fair share " of tax then those cuts may not have been so harsh.
KT is used to champagne socialists being hypocrites, but the Guardian is up there with the Labour Party when it comes to tax avoidance hypocrisy 

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

New Boris Johnson Fan Club Found

Via Moravian1297

Well KT thinks they are fans.......

Boris Ga Ga Over Gaga!

via Kevin power

KT can just picture with a hairbrush miming in the mirror......

Parliament In Consistency Shocker!

The houses of parliament and its inhabitants are rightly mocked by left and right for being two faced, so it is news when consistency is shown.

Today in Parliament there was a debate on banning page 3 of the Sun and one of the speakers was Green party MP Caroline Lucas who decided to wear a "No More Page 3" t-shirt ( link to video)

"Green MP Caroline Lucas has been told to cover up a T-shirt displaying the slogan "No More Page Three" in large lettering during a Commons debate.
She wore the white T-shirt at the start of a debate on media sexism.
Chairman of the session, Labour's Jimmy Hood, interrupted her and told her to "put her jacket back on" and comply with Westminster's dress code."

Now lets rewind a couple of years to this Tory MP :

via theworldvideos1

For once we should celebrate and applaud Parliament for being consistent!

Update : Maybe not, this photo shows Caroline Lucas in the chamber for pmqs 
via NoMorePage3
 It was too good to be true......

IRS Director "I`m Not Good At Math"

via TheAtheosForem

And we wonder why the world is screwed?

Ed Miliband "Justine Was Too Cool For Me"

Via enjoylifesify

And the "No sh*t Sherlock" award for stating the blinding obvious goes too........

Improvements To BBC Radio 4 Unveiled

via thebbc794

A vast improvement ;) 

Cameron Hits India Legend For Six

Its a few months old but KT likes politics and cricket so a perfect time to show it

Via SportsIndia

Cant belive the forward defensive has gone out of fashion........

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Ed Miliband, David Cameron And Nick Clegg Debate An EU Referendum

Via Ryan Griffiths

Clear as mud!

He Was Not Even Notic-Ed

Via RadWagon1

Below the video (in the about section) , the poster writes :

           "Only later did I think "Wasn't Ed Miliband meant to be in town?". I scanned the footage and there he was, I completely missed him!"

Dont worry, most other voters dont notice him either! 

EDL Moron Boosts About Ripping Of A ladies Veil

This is from Facebook

And these thugs think they should be listened when they act like this?

Via GhaffarH

Police Stop Man Jumping Of Roof

via sealightfilms

KT wonders if the lefties will be paying for the police (as sports grounds do) for this protest, after all they are depriving "hard working families" of valuable police time!

Louise Mensch "Schools Should Do Snuff"

Awkward! ;)

Good Lunch?


Update : : It all becomes clear now ( i think) 

The Laughing Politician

Via mcmillanbmm

It beats keeping an eye on the executive i suppose ;)

Surely Its Bread And Butter To Politicians?

A little while ago KT brought you this story from down under :

Well it has happened again :


With that aim the student must surely be close to a call up to the Australian cricket team, well they cant do any worse!