Thursday, 20 June 2013

Question For The Police

KT does not expect to get any sympathy from this post but KT hopes people just think about it.

KT sent an E-mail to the IPCC the other night over a program called "Road Wars" , KT is not a shrinking violet nor a prude and has himself been arrested before, however something i saw concerned me.

A young lad had been joyrider on a motorbike and had evaded the police for 2 days, the police finally caught him and his mates, one of the young people was sat in police car (in the front passenger`s seat) and an police officer sat in drivers seat.

This is the e-mail :

When KT heard this he was stunned, What has joyriding got to do with an officers previous encounter with the young person?

But what has got me the most was what the Police officer said

 "you begged me for help when you dad hit you, you cant have it both ways"

Was the officer saying that if the young person broke the law any pleas for help because his dad was hitting him was going to be ignored?

Young people who have been abused at home get in trouble with the police, its a cry for help, Young people who have been abused dont think or act like others. KT is not saying that the joyriding should not be punished but to suggest that the police would abandon this young person if he was hit by his dad again is (in my mind) out of order.

Note : KT does not have the video and does not know when this episode is from (apart from when broadcast)  and if any action has been taken (or indeed investigated and cleared)  .

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