Saturday, 31 March 2012

West Ham

We hav lost 2-4, not a great result (in fact quite bad).

But i am not going to get downbeat nor disheartend. I love West Ham and i will support them thro thick and thin , no matter what, w are not out the race yet, we are third.

So i ask all West Ham fans this, No matter what you think about Sam or the way we play please back our team fully, lets make Upton park a place to fear for our opponents, Lets be loud and proud.

What point would changing a manger now? a new bloke in charge, has to get to know the players and then install all the changes he (rightly) wants, There is no point now.

So please, lets back our team 100% , Lets back Sam 100%, Lets back the bord 100% and lets stay united .


I need your help.

I dont want your mony just some legal advice.

I want to post the odd poem on here once every couple of weeks, am i allowed to just copy and paste one (as long as say where i got it from and who wrote it) or do i need permission?


A reader gets in touch  " it all depends if the poet is living or dead!"

Saturday post.

Today i want to write and appeal to my fellow West Ham fans.

The transfer window is closed, and we now enter the final push for promotion. We have a home game against Reading today and i am really positive about this, despite some poor results at home (draws) i think we have a chance of winning today, but this chanc would be made better if w back our team for 90 mins and not just 30mins. I hav no problem with fans voicing thier opinion after the game has finished but to start booing and getting on th players back after 30 mins will not help. I know some fans dont like Sam or the way he plays but he has a proven record of reaching his targets ( I bet Bolton wish he still worked for them),.

So lets stop the negativity at home , lets get behind then for the whole game and stay united until the end of season.


Friday, 30 March 2012

Freedom of speech update

Was thinking about what to write today when i turned on th news to see that Liam Stacey`s has had his sentence upheld.

56 days in prison for writing moronic and idiotic tweets.

I am angry about this, it is now illegal to offend someone , How the bloody hell have we ended up like this?

What i also found amazing was watching Qustion Time last night and hearing pople saying they agreed with the sentence. That point alone tells you what a state the education system is in.

I will repeat what i quoted the other day :

"I may detest what you but i will defend to the death your right to say it"

You can only have freedom or cnsorship, it is now clear w dont have freedom. Enjoy your weekend.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Gay Marriage

First of all i dont care for marriage full stop, i dont believe you need a bit of paper to prove that you love and are commited to someone.

However i dont want to ban it, If you want to get blessed by a man in a frock they so be it. My point is that we all get the choice to be as misrable as hetrosexual couples. If we change the *Gay* bit to *Black* *Disabled* *Asian* we would not be having this debate.

Why are we hung up on this, is it undlying homophobia? Are homosexuals somehow different to hetros, should they have different rights?

Maybe we should also look at why there are no openly gay footballers in top two leagues in England, Yet most other major sports do have opnely gay stars? Is it a class problem? a football problem?

I dont know the answer, i just want homosexuals to have the same right to be misrable as hetrosexuals.

Is it really to much to ask?

Bit of fun.

So it costs 250k to have dinner with the PM and 100k  to watch football with Ed Miliband.

So, if you could afford it who would you like to have dinner with or watch football with?

(I would choose to have dinner with Jamie Redknapp, but you all knew that anyway) :)

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Freedom of speech

It`s Kebab Time so lets reflect on a major story this week.

Liam Stacey was sentenced to 56 days in prison this week for writing offensive tweets. Now i saw some of thse tweets and they were offensive, idiotic and written by a moron, but 56 days in prison.

Where are we going with this?

What happens to those that send offensive tweets to government? are they next?

I see lots of football tweets on my twitter thread and the tweets against Liam Stacey were filled with death threats and calls to lock him up ( Irony will set in at some stage).

"I may detest what you say but i will defend to the death your right to say it"

Where have we gone wrong?