Sunday, 31 March 2013

The Irish "Times"

And then

 Happy Easter all :)

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Clegg On "Bedroom Tax" and Eailing Council

Via LBC973LBC973

KT did point out a while ago that the "bedroom tax" was first introduced in 2008, now ask yourself why labour and left wing media didnt protest at the time......

Ruperts Word Of Wisdom

Almost as good as *Louise* that was used by George Osborne ;)

George Galloway On The Media

When he is not storming out of debates because someone is an Israeli George Galloway sometimes attends his place of work ( The Houses Of Parliament ), Here he is talking about the media in the UK ( He is not a fan of Sky or the BBC) :

Via aliceinultraland

His comments about big media outlets fly in the face of his actions, in another visit to Parliament Mr Galloway tabled this EDM :
Mr Galloway wants to place sanctions on Twitter, the same twitter that has helped lots of protesters around the world organize thier protests ( and overthrowing) at the corrupt Governments and Dictatorships, as you were Mr Galloway :

Video via liarpoliticians

KT is struggling to think of the word that describes this.............

Friday, 29 March 2013

Vaz Gaga Over Gaga

KT was not aware Mr Vaz was a fan! 

Polly V Tony

Polly Toynbee deciding to have a moan about what another paper (The Telegraph in this case) was or was not reporting, the Champagne Socialist who writes for the tax avoiding Guardian was not happy that the Telegraph had not reported her idea of the truth :
But like a spoiled child Polly had to have the last word
Ah Polly repeating time after time the party line, no wonder many dont take her pieces seriously!

Update : It has rumbled on :

KT was surprised that Polly Toynbee, a well known person would be demanding that others print her column, anyone would thing no-one reads the Guardian.....

The Things That Are On The Internet

With the news reporting that Rolf Harris has been arrested as part of Operation Yewtree KT thought he would have a look around on the internet for stuff related, in this search for stuff related KT came across this, It claims to be a recording of a Rolf Harris having sex with a unidentified woman, KT on hearing this recording said "O.M.G" :

via aleceiffel9

Once heard it is hard to un-hear.....

Move Over Arnie, We Got `Arry!

We have all seen the adverts promoting California , here is one to remind you

via californiacallingUK

KT liked those set of adverts, they were cool at the time. But what is better than an official advert I hear you ask? Simple, its a parody, step forward the wonderful people from Bournemouth including the Premier League Manager :

via USMailOnline

Anything California can do Bournemouth can equal, if not better it!

Stock Up The Bunkers!

KT was alarmed when he checked the news today, this story from the Huff Post really caught me eye :
KT nearly sprayed his tea all over the screen, KT thought "What has the UK done to piss the Koreans off?" but then KT clicked thro to the story :

Oh they mean the U.S. not US, that was a lucky escape ;)

Red Ed : The Song

Via lazytown222

And here are the words so you can sing along :

I'm in love with Red E-e-d, Red E-e-d
I'm in love with Red E-e-d, Red E-e-d
Red Ed Red E-e-d Red Ed Red E-e-d Red Ed Miliband

(Instrumental break)

Red Ed Red E-e-d Red Ed Red E-e-d Red Ed Miliband

When he comes to the conference, I am ready
I was his audience with my smile every day
Believe him when his words lies through fairness
Even after speech, he believes in me

(aaahh... aaahh)
I'll bring him up, bring him up, up
(aaahh... aaahh)
A king with no frown, king with no frown

I'm just a biggest fan, oh baby he's so cool
But I'm still in love with Red Ed, baby
I'm just a biggest fan, oh baby he's so cool
But I'm still in love with Red Ed, baby

I'm in love with Red E-e-d, Red E-e-d

I'm in love with Red E-e-d, Red E-e-d

Red Ed Red E-e-d Red Ed Red E-e-d Red Ed Miliband

I couldn't vote an MP so purely
Even Labour Party would forgave's his words
I've learned love is like a vote, you can
vote an MP or seek help from the MPs

(aaahh... aaahh)
I'll bring him up, bring him up, up
(aaahh... aaahh)
A king with no frown, king with no frown

I'm just a biggest fan, oh baby he's so cool
But I'm still in love with Red Ed, baby
I'm just a biggest fan, oh baby he's so cool
But I'm still in love with Red Ed, baby

I'm in love with Red E-e-d, Red E-e-d

I'm in love with Red E-e-d, Red E-e-d

RAP (BY Vell):
No matter what the AV (Alternative Vote) brings
Or the victory may bring
I can trust you
I will love you
Or support you all my heart

We are wiser
We are stronger
We are one and the same
This is how the story goes
and our powers in our hands

but in the fortune of votes Red Ed's the star of the show
'cause we are one and only team that we can put party to spell

why wanna love you with all my heart I will love you all my heart
Labour party is my passion and criticism the demon I claim to....

I claim to....


I'm just a biggest fan, oh baby he's so cool
But I'm still in love with Red Ed, baby
I'm just a biggest fan, oh baby he's so cool
But I'm still in love with Red Ed, baby

I'm in love with Red E-e-d, Red E-e-d

I'm in love with Red E-e-d, Red E-e-d

Red Ed Red E-e-d Red Ed Red E-e-d Red Ed Miliband

What more reason to do need to back Ed? ;)

Two Wrongs Dont Make A Right

This video claims to show a EDL (English Defense League) member/supporter getting punched :

Via rudeboywaz

If you have become the one thing you swore to fight against (violent intolerant thug) then you need to take long hard look at yourself.

Note : KT believes in purely peaceful protest and is opposed to any violence

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Gordon Brown (Unseen)

Via James

Definitely brought the house down ;)

Boris Comes To The Rescue

Video via lbc973 , So much for that "nasty piece of work" eh.

Super Monty

Via MontyPFacts

BBC On Strike

via YourAnonNews
Its like a ghost town, long may it continue ;)

Happy Easter From The Labour Party


Apart fro knifing his brother that is ;)

Update : How could KT forget about this incidence with Ed and an egg, he lloked rather scared of that one ;)

Today In 1979

And then came the dawn of the first woman Prime minister, something Labour (the so called party of equality) have never got over because it was the Conservative`s who selected Lady Thatcher on merit and labour (despite all woman short lists ) still have not had a woman PM.

Obama Is A Coward

Video via liarpoliticians

Well we are talking about a President who uses drones to kill people and refuses them due process of a trail.....

Woz Harry Robbed?

So the poll was revealed to viewers that were watching, who had won?
But no, as you can see (from 5.40) the Lady says wrong poll, but they never show the right poll.....
Video via liarpoliticians

KT demands a judge led inquiry!

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Farewell David Miliband, You Were The Future Once

It was all so different a few years ago, David Miliband wanted to be labour leader, listen to his passion in this hustings in 2010

Via UniOfWestminster

Where did the passion go, the fire in the belly, the strength and grit for the long fight? 

Then again, maybe we should have read the signs

No potential PM would EVER  be caught with their flies down in public!

BBC Frowned Speech

KT ended up watching BBC Free Speech tonight, Never have seen it before KT was curious, well it was rubbish, KT has moaned about Question Time being lame but this was shocking, the host had shocking hair (along with some of the audience) and it was weak, the only bright spot was Harry Cole (apart from tie, didnt look right) who seemed ready to respond to everything thrown at him.

Well as the show was ending tweeters sent in their opinion of the show and its fair the say that BBC FRee Speech were not to happy, check out this reply to some constructive criticism:

How very unprofessional from Auntie!


Via BuzzFeedAndrew

He kept that quiet ;)

Out Of Touch Christians

One day the Church and all religions will catch up, one day........


Those tweets?
 KT is sure that an immigrant intern will get the blame ;)

Note : KT is sure UKIP policies are closer to the far left than anything that can be described as "Libertarian". 

Clegg : Miliband A Loss To Labour Party

Video Via liarpoliticians

More proof Westminster Bubble is "Weird and Creepy " and out of touch with reality, next thing they will tell us is that Gordon Brown saved the world.......

Half Cut Halfon?

With the recent announcement in the budget that Beer tax would be cut many Tory MPs will be in high spirits :
 Many said this was a good move (apart from the economic genius Ed Balls ) , so you may forgive the odd Tory for having a few Beers to celebrate the good news, step forward Rob Halfon, the tax cutting campaigner sent this tweet the other evening :
Or of course it could have been a simple case of tweet sent while phone in pocket :)

Boris Sings "Three Little Birds"

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

With Friends Like This....

Labour MP Austin Mitchell has a way with words, this is how he dealt with the lose of Comrade Miliband :

If thats brains then KT would hate to see people with no brains.....


Yes!!!! At last Ed Miliband and his comrades have come up with a policy, thats the good news, this is it :

Ed "One Nation" Milibands policy is to labour someone that disagrees with him as "Stupid" and "unpleasant" , Thats quite similar to this incident :

Via brockelection

Labours official policy is to label those that disagree as "stupid", thanks for the heads up!

Update : This was missed first time around :
 KT can only respond to the "Nasty" claim with this, the *IRONY KLAXON*

Yo Burma, You Missing A Holocaust

Well according to the big state left wing loons Occupy :

Of course this is left wing socialist forcing their views on others, lets just remind them of another famous socialist, Oh look :

As you were people, As you were.

Owen Jones Does Not Care Who Picks Up The Tab

Owen Jones seems a nice lad (even tho he has blocked me on twitter, i wont hold it against him), but he has this problem of peddling bullshit, here he is talking about "austerity" :

Video via Guido Fawkes

The problem KT has with this is the fact the State is spending over 600 billion a year, how much more of our money do you want the state to spend Mr Jones?

Someone has to pay the bill, as Lady Thatcher said :

             "The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other peoples money"

But to people like Mr Jones that does not register, he and the left have no regard for who picks up the bill after their spending spree, KT`s only wish is that the current Government had a different plan.....

Update : Quick on the trigger Mr Jones "Favorited" this tweet when KT sent out this post :
  KT wonders how Mr Jones saw the tweet so quickly, does he search his name on twitter? must have a big "ego" then ( twitter followers will get that) ;) 

Those Pots Need Washing

KT really does bang his head against the desk sometimes and with the recent debate and new gimmicks by Government KT now has a big dent in his desk, Let KT first explain that KT believes in the free market and the free movement of labour, so here are our esteemed protectionist politicians talking about Immigration :

Video Via liarpoliticians

As you can see scapegoating immigrants and immigration is the new "in thing" for politicians (tho has been a theme on twitter since KT joined) , if you listen to some parties they give the impression that if not for those immigrants everything would be ticktey boo in the UK.

Now while KT agrees with concerns that benefits are too generous (tho the 25k benefit cap is a start) KT disagrees with most rubbish these people come out with, Instead of telling the truth about immigration politicians have been forced to adopt the lines like this :

Via Clive MEHull

KT hears many say that biz has to much regulation and KT agrees, as someone who believes in the free market KT sees regulation as a pain in the arse (not a good pain in the arse either) , free market lovers claim to be anti regulation, in fact lefties love to point us to Tories wanting less regulation in the banking sector, as KT said KT said he supports free market, but KT also said he supports the free movement of labour as well and this is where KT gets puzzled at "free market" supporters, they seem to want tight regulation in regard to the free movement of labour,  their main complaint is that "Immigrants steal our jobs" this puzzles KT as KT cannot find any documents saying that you are allocated a specific job and that an immigrant has then "stolen" someones allocated job.
A few years ago KT worked in hotel kitchens ( not the best job for having a social life) it was OK, free food ( and quality food at that), cabs home and pay above NMW (abit not by much) , KT was told numerous times by the person involved in hiring people that "at least with foreign people they turn up and do what they are paid to do" they told me that so many times they have offered jobs to homegrown people that then dont turn up on time or turn up once or twice then never again, why? because they thought the job was "below" them, well as readers who use hotels know a good dinner at the hotel is always needed, if there is one person not on shift in hotel kitchen in can cause absolute chaos, it means someone else has to do that job ( even if it is pot washing), it means Chef swears and shouts even louder and it means people go home later.

KT asks this to those that want tight regulation on immigrants, why should a Hotel Boss have to choose exclusively from Jeremy Kyle Chavs when looking to fill a role? Why cant that boss choose the candidate based on merit and who the boss thinks is best for the job, hell it may be a Chav, but let him have the choice.

The problem we have is coward politicians not be able to say the truth, the reason people dont have a job is that they are simply unemployable, If you wont wash those pots in the hotel kitchen dont complain then that the hotel has to hire an immigrant!

If Immigrants are working then they are paying for public services they use, all the hotel boss cares about is that the pile of pots gets washed and the guests have great stay.

Monday, 25 March 2013

Politics: Weird And Creepy

Since starting blogger (and before that tweeting) KT has come across lots of things he didnt know, KT has seen many things he had never seen, KT has also meet people he would never have met.

As readers will know KT is not educated nor the sharpest tool in the box but KT can spot something which is rotten, When the expenses scandal broke politicians told us that they had learned the lessons and they would "clean up politics ", since then we have seen a few token MP`s sent to jail for fiddling their expenses (and Chris Huhne for perverting the course of justice for a non-expenses related case), We have a also seen allegations of child sex abuse made against state run institutions which have alleged that people in Parliament also knew of this and assisted with making sure it was not made public, during this KT has seen many allegations against former politicians and current politicians  (tho how many are true is not known) of alleged abuse, It does not surprise KT that child abuse was rife in childrens homes, when KT was in one all the local peados knew where it was and would prey on the children regularly (believe it or not KT does not blame the staff at the childrens homes, you try keeping 15 teenage and messed up children in check, they would spend a lot of time picking up us residents from police stations from around London and Essex), KT often asks himself "What could they have done to get through to me" (the childrens home staff), the answer is "nothing", I had switched of, no-one could reach me but eventually i go myself together (you wouldnt think it looking at me now but you would if you had seen me back then) , which brings KT back to parliament and politics, some people in and around  politics have known or heard rumors/whispers about this for many years yet have mainly remained silent ( thro choice or intimidation or fear of not being believed ) and now (abit slowly) the truth is starting to come out.

Politicians are often labeled as "out of touch" , KT does not think they are, KT believes they know exactly what is going on and choose to try and ignore or divert us from truth, why? because MP`s are not individuals ( they give this up when they join a party) the party brand is all that matters, you see labour can live with the tag of "always ruining the economy" and Tories can live with "Milk snatcher" and Lib Dems can live with "No principles " (Tho KT should add that applies to all modern politicians , But the Parties would struggle to live with the tag of "The party of peados" ( Just for the record KT has seen allegations of abuse made at Tory and Labour ) , that party would probably hand their opponents 3/4 terms unopposed, but hat happens if both main parties are labeled "the party of peados"? then the monopoly on power that they have held is broken which is what none of the main parties want, Imagine a new party (uncorrupted) coming in and finding all the skeletons that they all have and exposing them, It would be the end of both main parties, the main parties will not allow that to happen, they would rather take turns standing on "centre /centre left" polices than coming clean and releasing their grip on power.

Which makes me conclude this :

Via videot203

Someone once promised a "deep clean" of the NHS hospitals, KT demands a "deep clean" of the State and the Political class.

Its The Jews Fault

Let KT start of with what KT agrees with, KT agrees with the speaker on "Banksters" , they have (with help from politicians on all sides) robbed us blind, while KT puts the blame more at politicians for feet bailing them out ( It was wrong to bail out the banks  ) its clear that blame also lays at their feet, but that where the agreement ends, what comes next is, well, er, watch for yourself :

Via HitlerWasRightHeil

While KT will defend his right to free speech KT will also use the same freedom of speech to disagree, I think he needs to smoking whatever he is smoking, KT supports Israel and its right to exist, KT does have concerns that Israel is held to a different standard than others and thinks that people who do bring up legitimate criticism are shouted down quickly and labeled "Anti-Semites".

KT was going to put up a note explaining the hat-tip for video, first of all KT does not endorse the words in it, KT came to the conclusion a while ago that hat-tips when using other peoples work are basic blogging manners ( tho slightly different if it comes via Twitter as i usually hat-tip the person that tweets it) :

               "Its nice to be important but its more important to be nice"

The YouTube user name is "HitlerWasRightHeil" (John Friend is the man speaking in video)
KT thinks by now readers will see where this is going, The video is titled "John Friend vs Commie Jew" , "Commie" KT takes to mean "Communism" which is like "Marxism" which is like "Socialism" , In fact that reminds KT of one of ( if not) the most famous socialist politician in the last hundred years :

So a supporter of left wing Hitler has a pop at left wing "Commies", Oh the irony......

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Saturday, 23 March 2013

It Was Wrong To Bail Out The Banks

Video Via liarpoliticians

The difference between capitalism and corporatism is that one lets failing businesses fail....  

Yada Yada Zing!

Video via liarpoliticians

Well bowled lad!

Hacked Off Hacked Apart

Via liarpoliticians 

Of course politicians and rich clebs have no ulterior motive to try and muzzle the press...... 

Bare Faced Cheek

Video via liarpoliticians

The audience didnt buy it either!

Labour Are Counting Their Chickens

2 years away from the election and Mr Hain has already called the result, he is either brave etc.....

Yeah About Those Cuts

Video Via liarpoliticians


People Aint Stupid

Video Via liarpoliticians

KT wishes that politicians would stop treating us like idiots!

BBC Scaremongering?

I was alarmed when i saw this tweet by the BBC (UK) account

Thats quite scary, well until you click on the link :
Oh, its only from Northern Ireland, now while its still not good its not quite as bad as the tweet headline said!

Its not as if there was not enough space in the tweet to add "in Northern Ireland" or "in NI" is it?

Farage Speech To UKIP Conference

Via liarpoliticians


I Want To Be Just Like Gordon Brown

via refm2010

KT has been left speechless........

Nigel Farage On Sky News

Video via liarpoliticians

After politicians from all sides have messed things up the last thing we should do is vote for another lot of politicians!

It Was Just A Blur Ed

Strong and assured handshake tho ;)

Well It Is UKIP

I think the first three words were enough ;)

Shapps Is Having A Hoot On Twitter

Suite ;)

Friday, 22 March 2013

San Marino FA V ITV

They maybe minnows, but San Marino and their FA will take on anyone :

Thats ITV of the Christmas Card list then.

But they did have something to cheer about 

More Hacking (Update)

Back in October KT brought you this story :

Well KT can now update readers on this story, the warringtonguardian reports :
A Spokesman for the police said :

          "A thorough and impartial investigation commenced, and subsequently a full file of evidence was presented to the Crown Prosecution Service for decision and direction for criminal proceedings."

And they go on to say :
"The decision was taken by the CPS to not pursue the matter and the Constabulary acknowledge this decision." 

And that as they say, is that!

Buy 320 Get One Free!

Video via liarpoliticians 

KT is considering this 320 pints in a session for a KT special investigation ;) 

Tories, Raising Standards In Education

If you go onto Rory Stewart`s website you will see his latest post :

I think Mr Stewart should go and see Headmaster Gove ;)

Stop Taking Offence

KT is a supporter of the freedom of speech and expression and has written pieces defending some of those that the state has prosecuted, free speech is simple and KT stance is summed up by this quote by Voltaire :

           "I may disagree with what you say but i will defend to the death your right to say it"

You have the choice yourself whether you choose to take "offence" at words written!   

Boris The Hammer!

Via westhamfootball 
See, Politicians do have the odd redeeming feature ;) COME ON YOU IRONS! 

Update :

Osbrowne Whipped By Balls

Video Via liarpoliticians


And Now Something From Syria

This just came across KT`s timeline via rozalinachomsky, it claims to be resistance fighters in Syria showing that they have captured a Colonel, KT is not fluent in Syrian so cannot confirm what is said (if anyone can translate KT would be grateful) :

Sunny: Guidos Readers Are Idiots

When not being behind the curve by 4 days Sunny Hundail ( editor of Lib Con) like the engage and debate on twitter, this is him and Harry Cole debating the Blog off Campaign :

Well thats one way to win friends!

Obama Heckled Again

Don`t worry this is not a repeat of President Obama getting heckled a few days ago , this is from his address to Israeli`s :

Via TheNewYorkTimes

Lets hope this heckler  did not get taken away by security like the man in first video......

Goodbye Google Reader

Via HitReach

KT will admit that KT had not heard of google reader until it was announced it was closing, but KT did like the song :)

Moments In Time : Nick Clegg

via carbonage

And the moral of this clip is? Never say never ;)

Cameron Horsing Around During Leveson Statement

via HuffingtonPostUK

Glad that is cleared up!

Camerons Real New Years Message

Via metabeatproductions

That sounds about right ;)

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Hitler Was On Question Time

I am sure MarkJLittlewood is thrilled by that compliment!

Question Time

PCS Union Do The Harlem Shake

Via ShellyAsquith

One way to keep warm :)

Obama Heckled

Via Chrissy

Security removing a heckler from a political speech reminds KT of the "Walter Wolfgang" affair!

UKIP Burka Confusion

Oh, it seems *Banning The Burka" is still UKIP ( Fake libertarians) policy :
Via misesfahayek

         " Ban the burka and veiled niqab in public buildings and certain private buildings"

KT has said it before, but it is not for the State to dictate hat i choose to wear, but what alarms KT even more is that they say they will ban it in "certain private buildings" , UKIP are as big state as the other parties, tho they cover that up with their anti EU stance. 

First they came for the burka...........

Update :
 So its still on the list to be banned.....

BBC Weather Hacked

Via Garethshanks

KT is expecting Ed "Not One Nation" Miliband to demand a Judge led inquiry within minutes!

Update :

 Update 2 :

 KT struggled to tell the difference ;)

Fibber Farage On Budget

Video via liarpoliticians


Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Labour Member "I am ashamed of Ed Miliband"

Ed Milibands response to George Osbrorne`s budget went down well with a lot of people on twitter, but not this Labour Member :

And the rant that Ed "One Nation" Miliband made?

Video Via liarpoliticians

Seeing that disgusted KT!

Jacqueline Gold On What George Osborne Should Do

Video via liarpoliticians

Yes, thats a successful business woman who knows what she is talking about!

It also means KT can show you this again :

Via HappyToaster

Quote Of The Day : Dan Hodges

KT is chuckling :)

Vote For McFreedom!

via AngusMacNeilMP 


Under The Conveyer Belt

Posted using 
Via catrinmanel

That has put KT of going to Tescos!

Update :

Liberal Conspiracy, 4 Days Behind

KT does not like to mock other websites but something that has happened a lot recently is annoying KT slightly.

Anyway today liberalconspiracy run this story on George Galloway
 Lets go back 4 days to kebabtime :

On Lib Com *About us* you get this :
The most popular left of centre politics blog that is 4 days behind the news may be appropriate Sunny!