Thursday, 21 March 2013

UKIP Burka Confusion

Oh, it seems *Banning The Burka" is still UKIP ( Fake libertarians) policy :
Via misesfahayek

         " Ban the burka and veiled niqab in public buildings and certain private buildings"

KT has said it before, but it is not for the State to dictate hat i choose to wear, but what alarms KT even more is that they say they will ban it in "certain private buildings" , UKIP are as big state as the other parties, tho they cover that up with their anti EU stance. 

First they came for the burka...........

Update :
 So its still on the list to be banned.....


  1. Mike Green is a UKIP PPC who will have been tested on the rules and policy. Pretty clear statement that its still UKIP's view then

  2. No - it was 2010 Manifesto policy. The manifesto is no longer valid, but we haven't got a new one yet. So bits of it still kick around the Net despite having been removed. Similarly in 2010 UKIP supported Boris Island, but are now against it - but that isn't in a manifesto yet because we haven't had a General election since 2010! Yes it's confusing, yes it's annoying, but presenting old policy as new is not the answer!