Monday, 25 March 2013

Its The Jews Fault

Let KT start of with what KT agrees with, KT agrees with the speaker on "Banksters" , they have (with help from politicians on all sides) robbed us blind, while KT puts the blame more at politicians for feet bailing them out ( It was wrong to bail out the banks  ) its clear that blame also lays at their feet, but that where the agreement ends, what comes next is, well, er, watch for yourself :

Via HitlerWasRightHeil

While KT will defend his right to free speech KT will also use the same freedom of speech to disagree, I think he needs to smoking whatever he is smoking, KT supports Israel and its right to exist, KT does have concerns that Israel is held to a different standard than others and thinks that people who do bring up legitimate criticism are shouted down quickly and labeled "Anti-Semites".

KT was going to put up a note explaining the hat-tip for video, first of all KT does not endorse the words in it, KT came to the conclusion a while ago that hat-tips when using other peoples work are basic blogging manners ( tho slightly different if it comes via Twitter as i usually hat-tip the person that tweets it) :

               "Its nice to be important but its more important to be nice"

The YouTube user name is "HitlerWasRightHeil" (John Friend is the man speaking in video)
KT thinks by now readers will see where this is going, The video is titled "John Friend vs Commie Jew" , "Commie" KT takes to mean "Communism" which is like "Marxism" which is like "Socialism" , In fact that reminds KT of one of ( if not) the most famous socialist politician in the last hundred years :

So a supporter of left wing Hitler has a pop at left wing "Commies", Oh the irony......

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