Tuesday, 19 March 2013

More UKIP Dark Arts

Ever since KT published this story on Dark Arts in YI (and then KT was threatened that KT should take it down) KT has received lots of messages of support from members of YI and non member's of YI , Then when KT published this story about Ms Fuller and Diane James ( Nigel Farage`s P.A ) KT also got messages of thanks , well today KT is going to show that plotting and divisions exists in UKIP and go fairly near the top, this email shows Sean Howlett stirring the pot with Niel Hamilton :
It seems Sean Howlett is not to keen on anyone that was friends with Olly Neville and wants them out the way.

KT will say it again, UKIP are no different to other political parties, they are only interested in furthering their own careers not pursing a distinct (let alone libertarian ) philosophy.

KT is wondering how Niel Hamilton is going to "Deal with him" tho.......


  1. Lab/Con/Lib all want to be in the EU and UKIP wants Out, do you notice any difference there before you have to say your nonsense statement again ?

  2. Wow, this is getting dirty.

    Not surprised given who is involved.

  3. Can't say I am suprised, Howlett plots and smears anyone and everyone he can. He is the reason Harry Aldridge resigned.

  4. Marty, what does that have to do with Sean plotting against YI members?