Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Anti Tax Avoidance Group Use Tax Avoiding Hosting Firm

KT stumbled across something funny this morning , If you are protesting against any cause its a good idea that you dont get caught for hypocrisy normally, however as KT has reported before this does not seem to bother hypocrites UKuncut , Just before Christmas KT brought you this :
UK Uncut debating tax avoidance in the tax avoiding Guardian

Video via GuidoFawkes

But it gets better, lets just rewind a few months to this piece in the tax avoiding Guardian

So would expect left wingers UK uncut to protest them like they did with Starbucks , But this is where the funny part kicks in , according to whoishostingthis the Anti Tax avoidance group are hosted by......
via Tent101
Maybe that explains why they dont protest outside the Guardian and Amazon like they did with Starbucks, utter hypocrisy!

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