Wednesday, 30 May 2012

This is Cricket!

This is what got me inspired to watch cricket.

The noble sport.

Our all round man :)

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Please donate

On Tuesday 12th June, a crack team of eight Westminster Village misfits from the world of the media, blogging and public affairs will face off against Total Politics in the 25th annual House of Lords vs House of Commons Tug of War in Westminster College Gardens.

We have set ourselves an ambitious target of raising £2500 for Macmillan Cancer Support, so please donate generously. You can either donate online or by texting any amount up to £10 followed by 'TUGW 80' to 70070.

• Christian May (Media Intelligence Partners)
• Mark Wallace (
• Daniel Hamilton and James McLoughlin (Bell Pottinger Public Affairs)
• Paul Staines and Harry Cole (Guido Fawkes Blog)
• Giles Dilnot (BBC Daily Politics)
• Jonathan Isaby (TaxPayers' Alliance)
• Mark Ferguson (Labour List)

Please support these people, its for a great cause :) 

This is a link to the Just giving page :  Tug of war

Update for those interested these are the "oppo" : Tug of war 

I know who i am backing to win

Monday, 28 May 2012

A Choice

Damm it!

I have a choice coming up, i can either spend a day at somewhere i never thought i would or i can stay around.

The problem is spending a day at somewhere would cost money ( money i don't have till payday tho even have spent some of it already) but fulfil a dream and bring me great memories or, living within my means. Yep i have overspent this month ( as like most other months), the problem is that when i run out of money i am borrowing more money out of next months wages.

But the excitement of going to this place is overwhelming!!!!

What do you think?

Should i go and put myself in debt or save my money and try and get back to balance?


Is "Bamboo Bollocks" an insult or complement ?

Sunday, 27 May 2012

I had a May day

Its not that hard to be honest.

A little while ago i managed to get to a place the day before i needed to. Yep i felt like a prat, idiot etc. But what i also learnt is that we are all human and we all screw up at some stage or other.

My point is this, why should we pay MPs 66k (backbench) and 140k (front bench)  and then expect them to be flawless, Hey they get 5 million of our money so they can have subsidised food and booze,Oh and well also buy them a 2nd home.

Its great as they sit and tell us mere taxpayers what we can and cannot do, they ban things because we might be "offended" , they screw us for a pension.

You know MPs, you are viewed as sleazy (all colours) , thieves , even vandals. yet you sit there and blame us for being cynical

I ask you click on this link : This , this is a briefs exchange between me and a MP, Make your on mind up.

My view is they are ALL out of touch.

Oh and for those that wondered what happened on my *Mayday* i had a lovely time catching up with some friends :)

Saturday, 26 May 2012


Bad times today.

While using the inter-web today my screen went blank, as normal thought was my fault (cause and fault not yet known), anyway for the best part of an hour and some i try to restart it, alas no joy (tho the blank screen was consistent) .

so in the end i tried the recovery option, this took a while and restored my factory settings which was helpful :)

Just took another 2 hours to re-install flash player!

The only hope is that most crap i had downloaded onto the here is gone and system will run faster.......

One step at a time eh?

Cheeky buggers!

Stop Press!!!!!

Back in January Guido Fawkes reported this story : Hungry for taxes robbery .

Lets make a few things clear :

1: A backbench MP is on £66K a year without expenses ( Link) .

2: average wage in UK is 22-24K a year.

do you see what i see?

I see some cheeky buggers taken the micky out of us taxpayers, i asked my boss if he would subsidis my lunch and booze, the answer i got was not repeatable.

anyway this had slipped of my radar until today, and then Elizabeth Truss MP tweeted this :

The picture sums them up.

How apt......

Friday, 25 May 2012

Thursday, 24 May 2012


So the one time i agree with the PM he has to withdraw his remarks.

But what bugged me was Speaker John Bercow claim it was unparliamentry, first of all surely it is a matter of debate (as is everything in the chamber) ?

But to say calling someone as idiot is unparliamentry is a step to far.

Well Mr Bercow i will tell you what i find unparliamentry, over 1 trillion pound debt, a PM lying to parliament over Wmd , the false claim of abolishing boom and bust, over 50% of Mps stealing money from the taxpayers, the subsidised bars and i restaurants , giving away money to dictators so they can by jets and nice cars, give money to the EU which has not had its accounts signed of for over a decade, taxing the voters into poverty.


This is more proof are what a disgrace the current speaker is and also shows the lack of quality in our members of parliament.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Yep, i am missing something again

A few days ago  newspapers and twitter where talking about government *plans* to make it easier to sack workers, this lead to the left attempting to get on the high horse.

Well i ask those on the left this simple question:

Why would an employer want to sack someone who is good at the job they are hired to do?

It may be a simple question but to anyone who works in small business it will be the right one. Why would they get rid of someone who does their job then go to the trouble of interviewing and hiring then training someone else up.

So what other reason could there be for the left to be against it?

Monday, 21 May 2012


Watching Test match cricket has thrown up a question.

As you all know i am not a middle class person or educated, but something is bugging me.

I am a massive fan of Test match cricket, i love watching the battle between bat and ball. I am also English and support England, However this does not stop me and other England fans applauding Shiv`s great batting at Lords this test match.

But, I am also a football fan and support West Ham as my team and my country England, Yet in football it seems you cant clap if a opposition player scores a "worldy" (as Paul Merson would say). In fact you can only value whatever your own team does, you must back your club 100% no matter what you personally think.

I will say that most fans of football love the game as well as their club, they can see when opposition score a beauty, does some great defending and rightly applaud it. This brings me on to Liverpool FC and Chelsea FC.

Luis Suarez as found guilty of a offence under the laws of the game and handed a 8 match ban, Liverpool didn't appeal but Kenny and players claimed his was innocent (Liverpool signed up to same rules as other clubs), Then their is Chelsea, John Terry caught on camera calling the brother of his England colleague a "Black cunt", Ok JT hasn't been found guilty and deserves a fair trail, but most have seen the tape. How can this be taken out of context?

Side note: John Terry has been picked for the Euros but Rio hasn't....

Anyway, back to my point, what is it that makes football a place of some of the most vile hatred in sport? is it to tribal? do you love your club more than whats right?

And we wonder why there are no openly gay footballers in top two divisions in England.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

We are back

What a day of sport yesterday!!!

The Champions league final, the Scottish cup final and the Test match at Lords. But it is clear that the big game happened here in London, That's right West Ham v Blackpool was the one that mattered.

Our fans,players and owners were outstanding yesterday.

However i hope those fans that gave the team some stick earlier in the season ans called on our owners to sack Big Sam now realise how silly they were, the club has maintained the aim of the club was to get promoted back to the premier league with in 2 seasons, Sam got us up at first attempt. Ok it would have been better to go up automatically but at the end of the day the target or promotion was made (only team that got relegated last season to go back up).

I will not deny that Sam wasn't my first choice, But he is the one the owners choose, If he can do with us what he did with Bolton then i will be happy ( mid table finish).

So a big thank you to the owners, fans and Sam and his staff for reaching their target and get the mighty West Ham back where we belong , in the premier league :)

In Big Sam and the owners i trust !

Friday, 18 May 2012


Thanks for reading my blog, i enjoy writing it, i may not be able to put into words what i want.

I had mixed views of what i wanted when i started this blog, I didn't know whether i anted to try and make money from it, don't worry i soon realised it wouldn't make money.

Then someone tweeted me something that hit me in the right place. I thought i would write a blog that others wanted to hear, No, i needed a blog where i wrote what i wanted to say. I wanted to put my beliefs to the test, and so far its gone ok.

I still don't have the best spelling or grammar grasp, but i hope i am improving.

I had ideas to put up a favourite poem each week and a caption contest, but that is other peoples ground.

I want to write, it maybe rubbish to you (sometimes i might agree) , but its my rubbish. I have never had this freedom to get my life across, i maybe never will. Am i trying to sell myself? Yes of course, If i don't seek to impress or try and improve then i go backwards. I cant mix with those that are educated for a long time (eventually my lack of education shows) but i am not jealous, nor do i have envy, I think about who i can make myself better.

Anyway that's me.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

My biggest fear

As you know readers i don't hold back when i write.

This time i want to write about my biggest fear. Its not WW3, nor Armageddon, Its not never falling in love again nor dying.

My biggest fear is leaving this world without having made a mark, Tho the mark i want to make is important to me, the inter-web has opened my eyes into a different world, one i could only dream of. Over time i have seen that we are not that different. Rich/poor/middle class we all have problems, yes some is whether to have a Bentley or a second hand Ford Focus.

Some people dream of becoming a multi-millionaire ( i don't discourage this dream, its good), Some people dream of becoming a member of parliament, but some people dream of just being people.

See we all have different targets/aims/dreams, flipping burgers at McDonald's may not be your dream, but to someone who had nothing its a dream.

Anyway, my biggest fear is that i don't make a splash, that i go quietly, Its not going to happen. For to long i stayed silent, not anymore.

My view is that whatever you do, wherever you go and when faced with problems is to not be afraid.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

A plea to fellow Hammers

As you know the Blackburn Manager has made comments about out manager.

I ask you fans to not threaten or attack Steve Kean, i understand that legal stuff is going on. Instead i would like all West Ham fans to get behind the club, Big Sam and the players. This is a time where we need to be united.

And a message to Steve Kean :

If you was a winner or a half decent manger then your words may carry some weight.

Why i am grateful to Nick Robinson

No, its not a April fool.

When i got into politics online i used to read the Guardian/observer, Daily Mail and Nick Robinsons blog, I also held the BBC in high esteem as the countries most trusted broadcaster.

I used to enjoy reading nicks blogs and the comments below thinking they were Representative of the national mood (political). While reading one day one of Nicks readers mentioned the Guido Fawkes blog, it wasn't the first time i had seen it but my natural curiosity got the better of me and off to google search i went.

I had a look but didn't quite *get it* (tho this was more to do with me being completely outside Westminster bubble) , Guido`s comment section was a pop up white box. i didn't comment but decided that once i had the hang of this politics bollocks i would return. I retreated back to Nick Robisons blog to read, over the next few weeks i noticed that no matter the subject the same posters on Nicks blog were debating the same things and using the same insults.

Anyway, I started to look at the Guido Fawkes website with a bit more regularity, Guido then changed the layout of the comments section to basically what it looks like now (much easier to use), as so my journey had truly begun, at the time i had no idea where it would take me. The beauty of it was that i was also able to ask questions and get honest un-spun bull in return, i was also able to find more blogs that were not mainstream.

So thanks Nick Robinson, i don't think you meant to, but you have opened up my eyes to the political world.

As i say this, i would like to direct readers to this Just giving page which says this :

On Tuesday 12th June, a crack team of eight Westminster Village misfits from the world of the media, blogging and public affairs will face off against Total Politics in the 25th annual House of Lords vs House of Commons Tug of War in Westminster College Gardens.

We have set ourselves an ambitious target of raising £2500 for Macmillan Cancer Support, so please donate generously. You can either donate online or by texting any amount up to £10 followed by 'TUGW 80' to 70070.

• Christian May (Media Intelligence Partners)
• Mark Wallace (
• Daniel Hamilton and James McLoughlin (Bell Pottinger Public Affairs)
• Paul Staines and Harry Cole (Guido Fawkes Blog)
• Giles Dilnot (BBC Daily Politics)

These guys have a target of £2500 , so lets help them reach it :)

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Freedom of speech (yet again)

I wasn't going to blog today as loads of sport on and i wanted to chill.

However something came across my twitter timeline that just left me stunned. This is a quote from a BBC Newsbeat report.

It says:

Attorney General Dominic Grieve said users should be aware of how easy it can be to break the law.
But he said the government didn't need to introduce new laws because existing ones already make it illegal to "grossly offend" or "cause distress".

You are not mis-reading that, it really says that it is illegal to "grossly offend" or "cause distress" , Now i am guessing that these laws were put in place by Labour  (if not, point it out and i will be happy to correct this), But who decides if someone is grossly offended? My guess is the state.

Well if that is the game we are going to play then let me tell you what may grossly offend me! Politicians stealing money via expenses from the taxpayers, elected politicians not doing the job they are paid to do, the state spunking over 600 billion of taxpayers money every year, Politicians telling parliament that a country has WMD.

But what most gets me is people getting offended on my behalf.

Apparently a blogger has been told to take down adverts that are deemed *offensive* and *homophobic* , Full details here . Now let me say again i am a gay man and these adverts do not offend me and if you are going to have a debate on a subject then you cant silence one side from having a say.

    "I may detest what you say but i will defend to death your right to say it"

Saturday, 12 May 2012

The weekend is here

First of all i would like to apologise for the lack of posts towards end of week (for  those that didn't know i have had a dose of Man flu), Luckily this seems to be passing and i managed to actually get some sleep last night for the first time in days.

Anyway i just want to reflect on one thing about Friday.

Mrs Brooks had her day at Leveson (For those that don't know Leveson is enquiry into Media and politicians closeness to said media), Well it didn't take long before i as seeing tweets and RT`s from left wingers claiming that every line of evidence that Mrs Brooks gave was a lie. Now i am going to go out on a limb and say that it would not have mattered what Mrs Brooks said they would have still said the same (unless it was what they wanted to hear) that she was lying.

Now Mrs Brooks may be lying or maybe not, in this country we sort of have have the presumption of innocent till found guilty (not the other way round however hard the left try). The funniest thing is that the left claim that Cameron being close to Murdoch is bad for democracy, I agree to a point. But when you mention that Labour were just as bad they try and say that its not true and they try and talk the moral high ground.

If you don't know i am not a fan of this government, But for the left to try and paint themselves as somehow Superior is bonkers ( Hows the hunt for those pesky WMD coming along?)

Just a note they did all seem to have the same lines, am sure it was just a co-incidence tho.

Anyway have a great weekend all :)

Friday, 11 May 2012

And now for the Weather

I know you have all probably seen this, but i found it funny so thought i would share it with you.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

My Weakness

As you know i am not the sharpest tool in the box.

Last night I saw a tweet saying "French News wires reporting Margret Thatcher has died", so i RT`d it and shared it with some people ( i could not confirm it due to not speaking french). The story turned out to be false in the end which was confirmed by news channels/reporters within 30 mins.

Anyway this isn't the main thrust of want i wanted to write about.

As i wrote before i like to see the good in everyone, and , if i am honest i am probably a bit "easily led" or in English "gullible". So despite being Left a bit red-faced i sat thinking about whether its good to be more of a cynic and less trusting or to carry on with my belief that i will continue to see the best in everyone.

Now of course it doesn't help that i am behind most people in education terms, and yes , as you have read i have had many people abuse my trust before (so its not exactly a new problem), do you change your principles on account of some people taking advantage of it? That's what politicians do, and we all know that they are not held in the highest esteem in this or most countries.

I don't know if i could ever change, or if i want to but at i can spot my weakness and criticise myself which makes me slightly ahead of politicians despite there education.

Monday, 7 May 2012

My Past (part 2)

Living in care.

After a few days at safe house (refuge for children) i was sent to a children's home in my local authority, Now apart from this being a loopy idea (returning child near to where they were abused) i had my own room (with a lock), my own bed and access to bathroom.

At first it seemed safe, nice smiley staff, cooked meals and interaction with adults that don't want to abuse you. I felt dirty, like a worthless piece of shit, used to being someones sex toy. I had no clothes (apart from those i as wearing , tho those had holes and stunk of piss), The first thing i done when they had gone tho rules and showed me where everything was, was to take my clothes and spend a few hours in the shower. I still carried in my mind every incident of being abused, being forced to preform sex acts for somewhere to sleep, I still felt dirty tho.

I spent the next few weeks hiding in my room with the door locked and windows shut ( i didn't want bad people in there) , i only had food because a member of staff brought it to my room, i had lived like a savage for so long i never knew how to have a normal life (whatever normal means). They tried to get me to go to school but they hardly get me out my room ( i used to shower in middle of night or early morning so i could avoid people).

It took me about a month before i met another resident, this was awkward, i panicked and run into my room, i had got used to being in a room that i could control, people had scared so much in life that i hated people.

After two months i finally had courage to go down and ate my dinner with other residents, I lasted 10 Min's , then back to my room ( they were all nice, but that view was to be smashed a few weeks later). So over next few days i spent a little bit longer outside my room and with other residents.

One day a resident asked if i wanted to go to one of their friends place for a little while ( i had been over to shops so felt over confident), I said yes and of we went, the booze quickly come out when i got there, Hell i was back where i had come from, i had my clothes taken off and in no time i was being abused sexually, i was a bit drunk but still remember the penis get forced up my arse and in my mouth. I was given a drink by the person that brought me there and they said "you are used to it so stop complaining", i was then threatened, punch and kicked out.

I went back to the children's home, i never told them what happened , i haven't told many people.

This is just one incident that happened while in children's home..

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Labour snatched deafet when they could have won.

Labour ahead in most polls, an unpopular government and massive gains at a local level but why couldn't they win London Mayor race?

The simple answer is Ken, A man who was rejected at the last Mayor election after two terms in office. I thought it showed massive contempt for voters that the Labour party to try and say they got it wrong last time.

Now apart from all the baggage that Ken carries from previous years he had a gaffe prone campaign, In fact there as not a group of people that he didn't insult (perhaps labour voters?) , Then we had the whole tax affair (which he himself started) mess (to which he never did fulfil his promise to come clean). He claimed he wanted to run a positive campaign, That again turned out to be untrue.

Ken played politics not of this time, he run on such a negative campaign that i felt i had to vote for Boris just to keep Ken away from City Hall.

If Labour had picked virtually any other candidate they would won easily (If say Kate Hoey had run i might have voted for her instead of Boris), I ask this to all Labour party members, would you go into the next general election with Gordon Brown as party leader? No you wouldn't, you changed, you have Ed Miliband.

So why not the same for London?

As i mentioned Ed Miliband i just want to add that the egging yesterday was taken well by Ed and the bloke that done and run away like a little girl i thought showed how childish he was.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Great result last night!

Did you miss it?

Amongst local elections, Question Time and last minute campaigning there was a fantastic result in Wales.

Yep, West Ham won 2-0 at Cardiff in first leg of playoff, The mighty Hammers have hit form at just the right time of the season. A great team performance with two goals from Jack Collinson (it could have been more) , which sets us up nicely for the home leg  on Monday. Big Sam got tactics spot on and the support that followed the Hammers into another country was fantastic.

So when the home tie comes on Monday lets make Upton Park a fortress and back the team, Lets roar them to victory and then plan for the final.


Oh and in local elections red spend-a-holics take seats of blue and yellow spend- a-holics.

As you were readers.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


So polling begins at 7am in the morning.

Yep lucky Londoners will get to choose who they elect for Mayor.

well the campaign has been going for ages and i am bored with it. I could argue for or against a candidate but what you do in the polling booth is your business.

anyway this is about leaflets.

Normally people get bombarded with leaflets (from all candidates). My vote was floating, I asked Kens team, Green Party and Back Boris team one question (apart from asking about Kens tax affairs like everyone else), Only the Greens and Kens team responded (Greens saying a freeze on Mayors pay and Ken saying he would take it back to 2008 levels).

But has anyone else missed the lack of engagement? I have received just one leaflet during this whole campaign. Is my vote not worthy, are you skint?

The idea of political parties is that they work for your approvel, not the other way around.

Oh the only leaflet i got was from the Boris camp.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Have i missed something?

I see some of our members of parliament have decided that they are the seal of approval of who is fit to run a private company.

don't worry, there is no typo or got it mixed up, they really do!

These Mps are ones that over saw the country raking up massive debts and deficit? serious, are they having a laugh? Not fit to run a business they say?

How much debt does Murdoch owe?

How much have our politicians done so on our behalf?

Let me be clear, if any crime has been committed then it should be brought to justice without fear or favour!

Anyway, i blogged a while ago about politicians adverts well know they want to choose who owns their own company? Bloody hell what type of state does this?

Back on to Mps, These are parties that said Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, a government that claimed to have ended boom and bust. Who the bloody hell do the thing they are?

People like Tom Watson enjoyed the Murdoch backing when it was going on, as did the Labour party, In fact Gordon Browns wife had a slumber party with Wendi Murdoch (before Gordon declared war on Murdoch)

So where does it end? will we have to get state approval for speech, expression and thoughts? Oh wait....

By the way about 50% of Mps repaid money after expenses, not a sign of guilt of course, a honest mistake...

That Fly.

I cant concentrate, there is a fly in the room.

I was half way through writing a blog when this fly appeared, it was that moment when it stopped my flow and thoughts in one go, i say to myself the other blog would have been a blockbuster but that fly is still there.

I cant get my thoughts back. the fly is taking libs, i am having to keep an eye in case it invades my drink.

I shall send a e-mail to my MP to request that a law is passed to fit all homes with a fly killer thing (like they have in your local chippy) to prevent this madness happening elsewhere, I will start a campaign! On line at first, lobby MPs and alert the media to my cause! if there is a cross party consensus and support in the media then this could happen.

The fly is the focus of attention, i don't want it here (it doesn't pay rent), i didn't even invite it in!

Back to the campaign, If Mps refuse to act then i will take this to highest court in the land, then Europe if i have to, i will shout, campaign, lobby and bug politicians about this.

Something has to be done now, Its needs action and it would be the right thing to do.

the cost would be covered by a small reduction in your wages but it is the right thing to do, i don't want anyone else to suffer like i have!

Or i could just remove the fly myself.....