Sunday, 30 September 2012

Howletts Burn-t

Another gaff by Ben Howlett , writing for theblueguerilla he has an interesting nickname for Liam Bryne

            ""Labour's message has not changed since Liam Burn left the letter saying there was "no money left" on the Treasury Desk. "

Back to school Ben ;)

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Caption Contest

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Rubbish post!

I have heard about burying your head in the sand, but......

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David who?

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You are a disgrace Mr Miliband

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Romney voters only!

Q&A with Tom Watson

Balls is a cheat! (but we knew that anyway)

Why shocked? Ed Balls is a politician* and will therefore go to any lengths to win!

*Politician = To lie, cheat , steal and deceive voters

See more here

The next thing Nick will have to say sorry for?

Nick Clegg on the draft communications act

I think we will be hearing another "I`m sorry" tune before the next election...

Sundays car crash interviews

Its Sunday and also conference season so its time for a car crash interview from a politician.

Todays offering comes from Labour Deputy leader Harriet Harman

Both Video via liarpoliticians

Whoever in the Labour party thinks that Harriet is good on TV is really on another planet tho this is the party that advised Ed Miliband to "Speak Human" , lets see how that is going.

Saturday, 29 September 2012


Is Ed about to meet Karma?

Reading this piece in the Daily Mail i came   across this bit

         "The absence of Ed and wife Justine from a birthday party hosted by David and Louise Miliband for their son Isaac confirmed the worst fears of friends: the brothers’ relationship had so deteriorated that it had impacted on the entire family. Their mother Marion was said to have aged by several years."


    " David is still ‘psychologically scarred’ by losing, claims a friend of Ed. ‘The number of grudges he holds is unbelievable."

 No wonder David is going to snub his brothers conference speech 

Not so honest Ed!

Has Ed Miliband learned the lesson from Nick and not promising stuff he cant deliver? 

That was from the Guardian just under 12 months ago, so was Andy Burnham lying then?

It was still policy a few days ago.

I think this is going to rumble on.

Well Comrade Jones has had his say

Piers who?

Bumble is by far my favorite cricket commentator, and this is an example why :)

Alan Jones claims PM`s dad "died of shame"

Up the Workers!

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Friday, 28 September 2012

The Fox News post

It was deleted as you tube pulled the video

This is another version

Update this is what happened after the ad break


So Question Time returned last night and with it live chat ( i will return to this in a bit) , to be honest i didnt know how much i had missed Question Time ( despite the panel ) , anyway an apparent "comedian " was on the panel and he seemed to talk mostly bollocks all show, but what was great that one of his fellow panelists told him he was talking bollocks

Well said!

Video via liarpoliticians


It was so long ago that i last played trumps that i can barely remember how to play, however, something just came down my timeline that made me smile , it was on this blog and as down the road to me i thought i would share it with you :)

Here is the set

    Fourth in on the top row is the local MP Stella Creasy

A rant rating of 89 means Stella is one not to mess with :)

And as a tribute to Stella and her constituents i will now play them a song by one of Walthamstows  greatest exports

Good American poltical advert

Short, to the point , quite good!

Cold Obama voter

Wow, so cold and heartless!

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This page 3 debate

So i clicked on the link to the article and found the relevant piece

   I wrote about this issue in April and to be fair my views have not changed, What you do with your on body is none of my business and likewise what i do my body is none of your business, I have had a pop at UKIP before over their policy of banning the Burka  for dictating to others what they should and should not wear (Tho not sure if this is UKIP policy anymore as i think they are struggling to work out what libertarian means).

Back to this "nomorepage3" , lets just understand what they are doing, they are dictating to others how they should feel about a topless woman picture in the Sun, they want to take away your choice whether to view such pictures , they are removing the freedom of choice for a young lady to earn money using her own body if she wants. For some reason those at "Nomorepage3" seem to believe that they know best and that they are right and that they can read the minds of every single woman in the country.

But where is this taking us? What next?

If topless female pictures are deemed unacceptable what about men (equality and all that),  would pictures like this be banned ?

Now i find that picture much more attractive than anything i have ever seen on page 3 but by the logic of "nomorepage3" that should not be allowed unless some animals are more equal than others?

Just some advice for those at "nomorepage3", if you don't like the Sun then don't buy it!

Picture via LimerickCat who is a member of #teamtits for feelemfriday_ a group of people doing what they can to raise awareness of breast cancer , here is a video on how to check your boobs and moobs

PC Pleb


In the Sun today they have this story

To be fair i am not looking forward to Eds speech either, but remember what was leaked a week or so ago about Eds policy and speech

One thinks he may have to sort out his own relationships before lecturing others on theirs?

My advice (not that Ed will listen) is to say in plain English (human terms) what he represents, He needs to stop putting out silly stuff like "pre-distribution " and "relationship society" and just come out and say that he is a socialist and that if elected to government he will implement a socialist agenda.

But then maybe, this is what happens when you have 3 main parties all fighting over the so-called "centre-ground", If we had a genuine left wing party and genuine right wing party then we could claim to have democracy not this sham we have now.

   "If voting changed anything they would ban it"

Thursday, 27 September 2012

test 3

One of the 47% speak out!


More Clegg waffle

David Letterman (Full show including David Cameron)

(Cameron bit starts around 15 mins )

Ed Miliband joins the reality based community

President Obama advert

No austerity for our Politicians

I just came across this story in the manchestereveningnews

Thats not good, however it reminded me of something i read earlier this month

 Oink Oink!

There is no austerity for politicians!

Graphic borrowed from Guido Fawkes  


I forgot to add this little story from July 

Cameron on Letterman on gun control and the Euro

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The Cleggster good on delivery, but shit on content

And so today the deputy prime minister gave a speech to his loyal sandal wearers, this speech had a little side event, Harry Cole threatened to join the Lib Dems if Nick Clegg entered of left the stage to the I`m Sorry remix.

Nick Clegg gave a good speech (if you base on delivery ), he came across confident , clear and not to long.

However! On content, the speech was a load of bollocks and i want to pick just two issues out of it to blog about. The first one is debt, according to  debtbombshell our debt will have doubled since coalition came to power

Nick, you nor the coalition are dealing with the debt!

OK, politicians lie and spin, i can cope with that to a degree, but then Nick had the nerve to have a pop at libertarians, he claimed you could as free if more free as a Lib Dem, Sorry Nick now you are proper talking crap!

Remember this moron Nick? It happened on your watch, he got locked up for writing words that others found offensive

Hey Nick still want to have a dig against libertarians?

Just for you Nick i will explain in simple pleb terms to you the freedom of speech and expression

    You see Nick when it comes down to it actions speak louder than words, and today your words have been found to be bullshit and you actions to be even worse.

But you knew all this anyway.

Video via liarpoliticians

Egyptian President adjusts himself!

Not in the loop Mr Turner?

Why the question mark? ;)

Do not vote Lib Dem!

Earlier today i posted this story

Well i like others tuned in, hoping to see Nick walk in or out to the music, and like he did with students he let me and others down.

I guess we can all conclude that "Nick aint listening"!

Sorry wont cut it this time Nick!

Democrat goes wild!

According to foxnews this Dem went over the top :

Its a good thing she is not in a position of power ;)

Libyan President says anti-Islam film had nothing to do with attack!

Maybe President Obama should take note

Jeremy Browne on NewsNight

Video via liarpoliticians

Did someone mention a car crash interview?

Clegg says Vote Labour!

I think many will Nick!

Another Idiot Football "fan"

And this a few days after another Liverpool "fan" wished the ref would die of cancer

 Real classy!


You can always rely on a politician to hype up the facts.....

Can we make it happen?

I mean Lib Dems are needing more members

Come on Lib Dems, you know you want too ;)

Funny Photobomb of the day

President Obama and the First lady on the View

Part 2

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

How will the unions take this?

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Footage from Madrid

Via journodave

Gays are ugly?

This was via pinknews , you have to listen till the end to hear the American agree with I-Am-A-Dinner-Jacket!

Who scored?

Or is it

Hey, he is the "Eye candy" ;)

President Obama worse than President Bush?

Patrick O`Flynn at UKIP

Another classy Left winger

Fellow plebs

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Andrew Mitchell (Chief Whif edition)

Via cynicalbobby

Madonna digs President Obama

Madonna claims "We have a black Muslim in the Whitehouse" .

Update. Later in the same concert Madonna said

    "“When Obama is in the White House for a second term I'll take it all off,” she said to cheers and whistles from the audience."

Beakers speech to sandal wearers

Via liarpoliticians 

Lord Sugar calls Clegg and Idiot

Its hard to disagree.... 

Funny picture time!

Pic via paulturner67

President Obama speech to UN

Headline of the day!

Tony Blair on Syria and the anti-Islam film

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy 

Any excuse to publish this photo again ;)

Did Nick blush and then admit it?


Video via SuperSam25

Hugh Grant comes out in support of Same sex marriage

Via Out4Marriage

Full interview between Piers and I-am-Dinner-Jacket

Monday, 24 September 2012

Israel walk out but the US stay!

Piers chats to I`m-a-Dinner-Jacket

Police Officers notes on Mitchell

The Telegraph have the notes

There you go then!

Is he right?

If Mr Flynn is right then that is a disgrace!

New Mitt Romney advert

Romney shows his green credentials

Via Univision   

Quote of the day!

Mitt Romney on Aeroplanes

           " and you can’t find any oxygen from outside the aircraft to get in the aircraft, because the windows don’t open. I don’t know why they don’t do that"

Oh Nick!

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My thoughts on Mitchell

Video via liarpoliticians

And as you can be sure of night following day the debate after the interview (on twitter) centered mainly on one topic, not Andrew Mitchell nor Tom Watson but Harry`s hair, Personally i like the hair, its individual and funky!

Onto the subject of Andrew Mitchell , I am rather tired of this story (in fact i was rather tired of it about 20 mins after it come out) , I blogged the other day about the Labour Councillor that felt the same way as i do, a while ago i worked in hotel kitchens and the language used there by Chef was far worse on a daily basis, If anything this makes those that moan about appear out of touch with "normal" people.

The failure here is at Number 10/Andrew Mitchell, this story should have been all sorted a lot quicker, its being allowed to dominate news when it should not even be a footnote, I mean, its not as if anything else important happening in the world like Syria "government " killing its own people right?

Lets just get some perspective on this, he lost his rag, he apologized and it was accepted (according to his statement earlier), Is it really still worthy to be top billing on the news?   

President Obama on campaign adverts

This is a interesting story from the States, according to Pat Dollard CBS didnt show a clip of President Obama talking about campaign adverts. this is the missing clip :

Labour would not make things up surely?

Vince tells a joke

Via liarpoliticians

Nick Clegg on BBC (video)

Via liarpoliticians

Time travel?

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Another By-Election coming?


Once is a mistake, twice is a coincidence....

"LibDead" Is he wishing his opponents dead?

But what else doesn't help was the person that RT`d it

I mean its not as if Mr Turner has form for this, he tweeted a picture with the words "Tory, bastard, scum" on it and accused a young lady of having a "crush" on him!

Ed Miliband must rate him as he is "PPS Shadow Attorney General."

Don't you just love Ed Milibands "New generation" ?

Full Nick Clegg interview from the Andrew Marr show

Via liarpoliticians

He is right! (Updated its a parody account)

I agree, i have heard much worse from Chef in a hotel kitchen.

There is more


It is a parody account, you may now laugh at me! 


Altho it took some longer to notice than others 

It seems the tweet has been deleted....

John Terry retires from International Football

Did not see that coming , well maybe i should have

Sick twat of the week!

It seems he has deleted his tweet.

The Internet never forgets.

Lineker nails Piers

Really respectful Mr Reed!

Really Mr Reed?

 So on the day that both clubs asked for respect Mr Reed thinks its ok to mock a referee that has just fought  his own battle against throat cancer.

Real classy!


Clegg watches his spoof video with Andrew Marr

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Thanks Mr President

Meet other world leaders or go on "The View" , what did President Obama choose?

A bit out of touch?

Unless there has been a news blackout in Wolverhampton?

Pickles proud to be a pleb (video)

Via liarpoliticians

Back to school Owen

One does wonder how Owen knows what a "chutzpah on speed " is like?

Unless he is just talking rubbish again ;)

Saturday, 22 September 2012