Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Crime Committed At Fortress Chelmsford

Essex`s batting was nearly as criminal as the Australian Cricket team, no wonder "999" was called for ;)

Toadie Is A Tit

Well according to this tweeter :

Lets hope being a tit is not illegal in Scotland, if so KT would advice Toby to avoid Scotland......

SNP Leader Defects To Labour

A politician attempting to deceive? KT is shocked!!!!!

Monday, 29 July 2013

Labour Pledged To Introduce "111"

According to thier manifesto that is :
via Jamin2g

Who would have thought that?????

Tory Councillor And The 11 Year Old Disabled Child!

Via ZZChannels

Anyone that thinks any party has higher ground on this issue is either a party troll or deluded.

Labour Dep Leader And The Incest Link

via TruthTube451

Now about Operation Ore and P.I.E Harriet and Labour!

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Labour MP Threatened With Rape

What a vile and sick tweeter, i hope they face the consequences for their threat of violence!

Its True! Global Warming Is Happening

Via ColettoV

Told ya! ;)

Fox News Cringe Worthy Interview

How dare someone write about other religions and cultures, in fact how dare anyone write about anyone else!!!


Via KeithCutey

As you were  ;)

Daily Star`s Mixed Message

Via hendopolis
Reporting "boozy antics" yet offering readers a "2-4-1 on cider" , Some might say a tad awkward.......

Friday, 26 July 2013

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Red Ed`s Labour Follow New Labour And Ukuncut

The other day KT showed you how Ukuncut are hypocrites when it comes to tax avoidance ( Link ) (KT`s favorite was them moaning about tax avoidance in the tax avoiding Guardian)

But today the Times shows another spot of hypocrisy, They say the the Labour party has avoided tax :
Lets see what Ed Miliband said about tax avoidance a little while ago :

So Ed Miliband (tax avoider) leads a party that tax avoids and promotes a tax avoiding media out let (The Guardian)  yet claims tax avoidance is wrong, round KT`s way that`s what we call a hypocrite!

Update : Here is a Labour shadow minster on tax avoidance row a few years ago :
via liarpoliticians
So will Ed and Labour pay "their fair share" and "come clean"  or claim that as it is "within the rules" its OK for them.....

That Aint No Roses Match!

So KT had poured himself a ice cold glass of coke (other soft drinks available) and got ready to watch highlights of the Roses T20 match from yesterday evening on Sky Sports Ashes channel, KT was quite surprised when this greeted him :

KT is not enjoying this summer of cricket on Sky Sports Ashes......

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

UKUncut , Deceiving You Like New Labour

KT has blogged about the hypocrites at UKUncut before , back then KT exposed them for writing about tax avoidance in the tax avoiding Guardian :

But that is not all, they keep on promoting the tax avoiding Guardian

And today
Yet on there blog this post appears :

But it treats readers as complete fools by adding this at the bottom :
And here is Guardians Tax avoidance

Via Guido Fawkes

UKuncut are nothing more than hypocrites that protest some tax avoidance but have no problem with promoting the tax avoiding Guardian, Just like New Labour, deceiving the public at will

They might have a future if they have some principles that not only they preach but they practice!

Its All Us Poofs Fault!

Via MidweekPolitics

From linking us to peados and blaming events on the past us, this bloke needs to removes his tin foil hat and try to judge people on MERIT!

Via Nero

Note : This may be a spoof

One Nation Royal Baby

KT come across this posted by Labour on Facebook , Labour posted a "congratulations" message, the response from Labour members was not to welcoming :

There were more but KT has one question for Ed Miliband, How is that "One Nation" policy working out?

Monday, 22 July 2013

Didnt See That Coming Daily Mirror

With the news that Kate has given birth to a baby boy (congratulations) it would be nice to see how the Daily Mirror called a while ago
Via TheHappySlapper

About as accurate as those infamous "Iraq troops abuse photos" eh?

Notts Bowler "Who Does This White Boy Think He Is?"

Notts cricketer Ajmal Shahzad tweeted this :

It was then deleted, casual racism and homophobia...........

Stop T20`s Tacky In Play Interviews

Readers are aware the KT is a cricket fan, KT loves test cricket and even tho not so much of a fan KT watches ODI cricket and domestic T20 (KT believes that cricket should be a fair contest between bat and ball, in ODI cricket the bias is in favor of the batsman and therefore not a fair contest between bat and ball), however KT does buy into it as it does attract younger fans and is great entertainment, KT can buy into the dancers,the bouncy castles and the off field entertainment.

Ultimately the one thing that will make sure that people come back is the product, the game, the batting bowling and fielding and this is where i have a beef, before the game starts you have the coin toss and interviews with captains at the end of each innings a player is interviewed so why on earth do we have in play interviews with players? First of all i like the Umpires being miked up and listening to what they say (the exchange between Lancs bowler and umpire a few weeks ago), but players? how much more tacky can we make this? What other sport interviews players while they are playing, we are forever told that players take T20 seriously and with the IPL contracts on offer there is a lot riding on it.

I mean seriously imagine suggesting Messi while on the pitch for Barcalona or Andy Murray in between sets at Wimbledon should be interviewed by people commentating on the game. How are players meant to concentrate 100% when at any moment Nick Knight suddenly comes through in there ear? Last week we had Nick Knight suggesting field positions to player on field which makes this look amateur and a joke.

The product on the pitch is what will make people come back, let the players give 100% in taking part in that and then after the game interview them.

Let the players play and the commentators commentate but please stop this tacky and crass section of the coverage.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

That Awkward Moment When Your Club Scarf Makes You Look A "C*nt"

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It was always bound to happen ;)

Nick Clegg On Scottish Independence

via filmclips1000

It was nice to see that David Cameron let him out on his own for a change.....

EDL "Racist Scum"

Via Sweporfin95

Lets face it, the EDL and their supporters are not very bright!!

GMB Leader Takes A Swipe At Ed Miliband

KT heard this the other day, it was an interesting interview.

Paul Kenny of the GMB union (Who are two faced on council tax freeze and not friends of Israel ) talked to Hardtalk

Via ludvan67

Now if you go to 7 mins and 15 seconds you will hear Mr Kenny have a dig at "New Labour", he says that "New Labour filled the Commons with special advisers".

The current leader of the Labour party Ed Miliband has worked as a special advisor/speechwriter for labour since 1993 before standing for Doncaster North in 2005 where he was elected the MP.

A shining example of "New Labour", will the GMB keep sending the money someone who represents New Labour? 

Comrade Trump Turns To Comedy

Exposing the State actions makes you a traitor( as Trump has Tweeted ) and should be punished via death, KT likes to call it transparency and finding out how the state spends our money,It is no good being "safe" if you are not "free", If politicians dont like it then they are free to resign and move to the socialist paradise of North Korea!

Video via liarpoliticians

Saturday, 20 July 2013

What To Do If You Miss PMQ`S Over The Summer

Politics in Parliament will take a break over the summer , well KT has found a cure to your PMQ withdrawal symptoms :

Via PatTheDevilishTyger

Just play this every week and your fix will be sorted (and its cheaper) !

Ed Balls Day Endorsed By Former Socalist Leader

After the success of "Ed Balls Day" some of the praise and comments were missed, In fact we all missed one of one of the most famous socialists ever celebrating "Ed Balls Day" , Adolf Hitler :

Via iamthomashearmeroar

KT can see why Hitler would support Ed Balls :

Ed Balls.

Pics via Guido Fawkes

Introducing An EDL Moron

This is via junayed_ , beware you will end up laughing at this moron :)

Friday, 19 July 2013

So How Do Socialists Have A Good Time?

This video was shot last year at "Songs for the 99% benefit Social for the Trades Union and Socialist Coalition candidate for Chorlton Manchester Mark Krantz" :

via bradleykrantz

KT doesnt get how saying "I want to fuck Margaret Thatcher" ( who was alive at the time tho ill) is funny, must be a socialist only joke i guess........

Is That David Cameron Skinning Up?

via TheGetjiggy

Doing an interview and skinning up? now thats what you call multi-tasking ;)

Bad Taste : David Cameron Having A Stroke

The maker of the video (PrimitivePresents ) says on the page "I'll probably take this down soon" :

M.C Cameron

Via KinkyTrellis

Well, I think its a spoof ;)

David Cameron Did Not Lie, You Were Just Not Listening

Via funnyparsnip

See! ;)

Introducing The "Obama Rule"

In October last year President Obama in this video says "We refused to let Detroit go bankrupt" (about 50 secs in)

via whitehouse

It is now July 2013 and this news has just broken :

"The US city of Detroit in Michigan has become the largest American city ever to file for bankruptcy, with debts of at least $15bn (£10bn).
State-appointed emergency manager Kevyn Orr asked a federal judge to place the city into bankruptcy protection.
If it is approved, he would be allowed to liquidate city assets to satisfy creditors and pensions." 

Maybe we should have an "Obama Rule" , When the President claims something bet on the opposite being the truth.

Via allanholloway

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Labour : Men Only Clubs Bad, Women Only Clubs Good

Today on the news Harriet Harman went around complaining of "Men only golf clubs" :

via liarpoliticians

As always with Labour it does not take long to expose them for double standards, KT took a little trip to the Labour website and found this :

Its the page for Labours "National Women`s Conference" , and it says this :

"National Women’s Conference is open to all women members of the party, whether you are planning to attend Annual Conference or not."

So you can only attend if you are the right gender!

One Nation double standards.

Back To School Eamonn!

Mr Gove will be cross!

Via @liarpoliticians

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Register To Vote Or Lose Your Benefits

That is according to this Labour MP who introduced this ten minute bill :

"People who are not registered to vote should not expect to get state pensions and other benefits, says a Labour MP."

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"She said it would restore millions to the electoral register at a stroke and "ensure they engage" in democracy."

But even more breathtaking is this :

"If you don't like living in a democracy, fine, but don't expect all the good things that democracy offers in return," she said." 

First of all the right to withhold your vote (consent ) is also part of the democratic process(KT is a supporter of the "None of the above" option), it allows people who think all parties are corrupt and full of lairs (and people who dont care about politics) to not consent to being governed by thieves.

The other point i want to make is this, what happens if you dont register to vote, The MP says you wont get state benefits, does it mean that in return the state will not tax you, will allow you to keep your own money and make your own choices? Is this really an "opt out" of the state?

 ""If you don't like living in a democracy, fine, but don't expect all the good things that democracy offers in return,"

So if i dont consent (register to vote) then i wont receive benefits and i wont be taxed, if so KT is attracted to this. If KT would still be taxed then the idea is one sided and will only benefit the state!

Via McnabbTeddy 

Labour MP`s Attack Labour MP Over Plain Packaging

So Labour rounded on coalition over decision to scrap plain packaging on fags,


Well in that case that also makes this MP a "poltroon" then

Even the local paper say : 

  "  Bradford South MP Gerry Sutcliffe (Lab), a former Fields employee, and Shipley MP Philip Davies (Con) have opposed the plain packaging proposals."

Local Businessman said it was "common sense" , Something which the Labour front bench clearly lack.

Ed Balls Has A Fan


Ed would be proud i am sure :) 

Via Mr_Eugenides

Labour : Fight Club

Well thats what happens after a selection meeting, according to Evening Standard after Hampstead and Kilburn selection trouble kicked of :

"Police are today investigating a brawl outside a Labour selection contest which left a man needing hospital treatment after being head-butted.
The 53-year-old was taken to hospital by ambulance after the incident yesterday afternoon.
The assault is believed to have taken place when demonstrators protesting about housing issues clashed with Labour members leaving the meeting, held to determine who represents Labour in Hampstead and Kilburn for the 2015 election." 

I see those caring "One nation" socialist are setting a good example!

However, In an unfortunate incident the Standard rub it in a bit :

"Ms Siddiq, who is a cabinet member at Camden, beat fellow councillor Sally Gimson and Sophie Linden, deputy mayor of Hackney council and former special adviser to Labour big-hitter David Blunkett."

A bit of "beating" and "big hitter", anyone would think that Labour are taking advice from Eric Joyce......

Via OliverCooper

Another Cock Up

via LimerickCat

It doesnt have to involve Tory Mp`s you know ;)

Wrong White Powder Officer!

via LondonStudentOnline

The white powder you are looking for is in this location ;)

Via VoluntaryAnarch

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

David Cameron "Talk To The Hand"

That is SOOOOOOO last decade Mr Cameron!!!

Via liarpoliticians

Labour Are Still Lost

The former labour candidate is clearly out of touch with some of the working class as all the people i know eat ribs with there fingers!

Proof British PM David Cameron Is A Leftie

Via cricinfo
Told ya!

Cameron Chucks His Blackberry

Via NewVideoSource

Good to see we are in safe hands....

Hitler The "Superhero"...

In Haaretz it reports that a graduation mural didnt go down to well :

"Thailand's prestigious Chulalongkorn University issued an apology on Facebook Monday for a mural on campus that depicted Adolf Hitler and was used to mark recent graduation ceremonies."

KT hopes that whoever thinks Hitler is a superhero grows out of it.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Liam Bryne Says The Benefit Cap "A Good Idea"

Liam Bryne Says the Benefit cap is a good idea, the fact that cap is roughly the average wage in the UK seems to have missed most people....

Video Via liarpoliticians

Owen Jones Goes To Glastonbury

Via CNDpress

At least he is not wearing a checked shirt for a change ;)

Quote Of The Day : Brett Lee

Who can forget that awesome picture from 2005 Ashes?

Via espncricinfo

Can Adults Stop Setting A Shit Example!

via martysoffice

Can we stop this? 

Can we stop judging people on skin color/gender/sexuality/religion/country of origin/background and actually treat people on merit, Are we not better than this? 

There is good and bad in all races/religions/gender/sexuality etc , can people stop being pig ignorant and actually see that people are individuals and stop lumping people into stereo types.

How can we expect young people to respect others when adults are setting such a shit example.

Forget politics and actually act and behave like a decent human. 

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Greece Trans Update

The other week KT brought you this story about Trans abuse in Greece :

KT himself was horrified and shocked about this and tried to do find out more about this and if possible highlight it, in doing that KT sent the original blog post to Michael Fabricant MP who returned with this reply :

True to his word Mr Fabricant did table the questions , these are the questions and replies :

Michael Fabricant (Lichfield, Conservative)
To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs what reports he has received on Operation Zeus in Greece; and what discussions he has had with the Greek government concerning the treatment of EU nationals affected by this operation.

David Lidington (Minister of State (Europe and NATO), Foreign and Commonwealth Office; Aylesbury, Conservative)
I have received regular reports form the British embassy in Athens about Operation Zeus and the wider migration issues faced in Greece. The British embassy in Athens has not been alerted to any cases of EU nationals being affected by Operation Zeus.
Both the Secretary of State for the Home Department, my right hon. Friend Mrs May, and the Minister for Immigration, my hon. Friend Mr Harper, have discussed Operation Zeus with the Greek Minister for Public Order and Citizen Protection."

And the other one :

Michael Fabricant (Lichfield, Conservative)
To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs what discussions he has held with his Greek counterparts regarding human rights abuses in that country; and if he will make a statement.
David Lidington (Minister of State (Europe and NATO), Foreign and Commonwealth Office; Aylesbury, Conservative)
All EU member states have committed to respecting human rights through the Treaty on EU and the Charter of Fundamental Rights. The British ambassador in Athens regularly discusses human rights with Ministers and senior officials, including issues around racism and the asylum process. In recent months the Greek Government has taken positive steps to tackle racism with the introduction of a directorate within the police force dedicated to tackling racism and legislation aimed directly at combating racism and xenophobia. We also expect Greece's recent efforts to develop further their system of processing asylum claims to improve conditions for migrants.

KT is still concerned about this story, when a country is in chaos like Greece the rights of minorities can easily be brushed aside! 

KT would also like to thank Mr Fabricant for keeping his word and taking time out to ask the minister of this concern (despite this blog publishing Mr Fabricants embarrassing  "Cock Up" the following day), Thank you Mr Fabricant :)

Please Piers, A Lot Of People Would Pay To See That!

KT would pay to see that on pay-per-view! 

Obama Rubbing Our Faces It In!

via BarackObama

No words needed!

Caption Contest (Whats The Joke Edition)

Do your worst ;)

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Er Miliband

A few years leading the labour party an his MP`s cant even get his name right ;)

Say Those Pilots Names Again???

Via Timcast

I thought they said that..... ;)

Awkward Advert! (Board Game Edition)

Via JohnDonoghue64

Not the first cock that has featured on this blog ........

Friday, 12 July 2013

Galloway Egged

Via MarianeyTV

No doubt he will blame Israel for it for the egg attack, Mr Galloway does not like people that support Israel !

Note : KT believes in peaceful protest and does not condone throwing eggs at politicians, whatever there views.

Lib Dems "Let This Ship Sink"

Well thats what Medway Lib Dems tweeted :

Via cgi365

Nice to see Lib Dems in positive mood! ;)

Consent And The State

Just think about this.......

Video via WakeUpToTheNWO2

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Andrew Brigden Wants A Payrise

KT suggests that Mr Brigden leaves the job if he is unhappy with the terms and conditions or as KT suggested the other day he could ask the consent of the voters !

listen to ‘Con MP Andrew Bridgen tells @beckmilligan on #wato about 'hate mail' he received when he spoke out on MPs' pay.’ on Audioboo 

KT suggests that Mr Brigden leaves the job if he is unhappy with the terms and conditions or as KT suggested the other day he could ask the consent of the voters !

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

William Hague "Stupid Woman"

via liarpoliticians

Calm Down Dear! 

Update : KT should point out that the Labour MP in question has featured on this blog before, it was when she tweeted The Good DR as fact , Maybe Hague has a point then.....  

Polly Thinks Her Followers Are Idiots

Polly sent this tweet out :

 KT would suggest that Twitter may have taken part in tax avoidance, But what KT does not understand is Polly showing outrage? 

After all she does write for the tax avoiding Guardian !!!

MP`S Ding Dong over Eds Speech

KT suggests you grab some popcorn and a cup of tea and enjoy :)

Video via liarpoliticians

Another Shandy Rihanna?

Video via pudelek

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

No Boris Island

via markreckless1

Anyone surprised?

Labour MP Compares Owen Jones To Nick Griffin

Monday, 8 July 2013

Famous People And Politicians Wish The Ashes Team Good Luck

Lets hope none of the politicians cursed it......

Is New Labour Being "Wiped Of The Map?"

Via liarpoliticians

Channeling Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, how "odd".......

Unhappy Ed

via thetimes
Not so strong and assured look from Ed.....

Photobomb : Salmond On Cameron

via HuffPostUKPol

Probably the most blue David Cameron will politically see in Scotland ;)

Get Paid For Not Going To Work? Only In Politics.

Via liarpoliticians

I am sure all those "Hard working families " that Labour bang on about will take note.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

MP`S And Second Jobs, A Solution

Via liarpoliticians

Ordinary people in politics? Dont be so silly!

David Dimbleby "Put That In Your Pipe And Smoke It"

Via liarpoliticians

He is not the first person to get put in their place by the host of Question Time !

You Had 13 Years To Prepare Home Office!

After years of trying the UK Government finally got rid of Abu Qatada to Jordon, once on a plane the Home Office released the well prepared Press Statement , Well KT says well prepared :

Two different spellings for "Secretary"..............

The Home Office had 13 years to get the press release right, 13 years!

Via cgi365 

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Trump Fires Obama

This is via breitbart

Tory MP In Fab Cock Up!

Awkward! (bottom right).

Update : The MP is a bit embarrassed 


Friday, 5 July 2013

Huff Post Blogger Compare Baroness Thatcher To Myra Hindley

As Volitare is quoted "I may disagree with what you say but i will defend to the death your right to say it", But KT thinks it is a low blow.....

Greece Make Trans People The New Jews

KT is disturbed at this story from Greece , actually disturbed is not the word, KT is fuming about this :

"There are now at least 5,000 people languishing in these hellholes simply for existing — and this month, while warning trans* men and women to "return to normal" or else, the Greek government announced that camp capacity is about to double."

 Now Greece is a member of the EU which says :

and :

KT suggests that any money due to Greece from other EU members is withheld until this barbaric policy is halted and those responsible held to account! 

Via RobertHamling 

Update : An MP has said that they will table a question to Foreign Sec :

KT will update readers with the reply!

Metro`s "Public Lice" Problem

The Metro published this story

Anyone spot the mistake?

All becomes clear in the first few lines :

"Sex And The City may have sent sales of Manolo Blahnik shoes soaring while also making Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall household names.
But one threatened species has been on the wane ever since the US show hit the screens in 1998, scientists say – pubic lice." 

Maybe that is the view from Metro towers tho ;)

Via julesmattsson

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Speaker Gove?

Pic via DouglasCarswell

Good thing they take running the country seriously ;)

Baron Prescott On Message!

After the Dan Hodges V Owen Jones exchange and rumors that labour people were getting behind Owen this tweet came down from Baron Prescott :

 Strong and assured Baron Prescott,Strong and assured.....

Owen V Dan

The other day left winger ( who is also cute) Owen Jones had a debate about welfare on Daily Politics :

  via liarpoliticians

It didnt go well....

Then when Dan Hodges had the audacity to criticize young Owen The Labour Party rallied to support him, Well today on the Daily Politics Dan Hodges had his say :

Via liarpoliticians

As an outsider KT would suggest that Labour listen to Dan Hodges rather than Owen if they want to win the next election, but what do i know.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Hang On Gary, Andy Won!

via Beanyman62Sports

Well played Andy!

Restore The 4TH And Fight The White Bunny Rabbits!

Via julesmattsson

White rabbits and a purple octopus? Takes me back to young and wild days.....

Egypt : "It`s Mary`s Fault"

Thats what Sky News say :

Always blaming the women eh? what a cheap shot!

Via MSNSteveJ 

Update : The page has changed

Easy mistake to make right?