Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The Dark Side Of The Sun

Front page of the Sun :

Where do we start?

OK, first of all the Sun have the right to free speech and the freedom to print what they like (within the law) as i have and exercise the freedom of choice not to buy the Sun.

Now the "story", so what? every Christmas we are shown the Royals go to church, mass is shown and that inflames no-one ( that i have seen), KT himself does not care for sky fairies of any persuasion (If a "God" did exists then they have one hell of a sick sense of humor) but believes that you should all have the right to believe in religion that you choose (as long you dont force it on me).

If you think you could be "offended" by Channel 4 showing this then CHANGE CHANNELS (and possibly ask why others may be denied the same freedom you have, if you are a Christian) its that simple, if you think this will lead you to cause violence on others then its you with the problem!

Now onto why the Sun is bigging this up? to pander to the loonies in EDL and BNP? Surely sales aren't that bad? No seriously, do they run one just before every Christmas?

Maybe one day everyone we understand that all tribes/parties/fans/cults etc have extreme members and nutters (some more than others) but can we also see that the majority of religious people are decent people who feel the same sickness when they see their religion hijacked , People moaned that not every Muslim condemned the murder in Woolich , well did every person working in Stuarts Halls profession have to come out and condemn his sick crimes? Does every Catholic have to come out and condemn every act of child abuse done by someone else in their church?

Unless you hold Muslim`s to a higher standard than other religions and groups???

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